San Manuel Play Money Online Casino Review

Those of you who live anywhere near Highland, California have probably heard of the popular brick and mortar casino named San Manuel Casino that is located on San Manuel Boulevard. A little known fact is that they also offer an online casino where you can buy play money chips for real cash and try to spin it up in various action-packed casino games.
Before we begin, it is important to note that you cannot withdraw any funds from this site as your money will instantly be converted to play money. This site is for fun ONLY and therefore it is 100% legal no matter where you are located.

Slot Games at San Manuel Online Casino

There is certainly no shortage of slot games to play here with a grand total of 148! At the top of the slot section, they give you the option to filter for the newest slot games and the most popular slot games, which is a very useful feature.
San Manuel also decided to give the High Limit slots their own section separate from the rest of the slot games, which makes sense since there are 66 of them. These high stakes adventures comprise almost half of the total slot library and what sets them apart is that the minimum bet per spin is set a little bit higher than the others. 
For those who are a huge fan of playing slot games against other players for long periods of time, San Manuel is also offering numerous slot tournaments under the “Tourneys” tab at the top of the game library. The minimum entry fee for one of these slot tournaments is 300 coins while the maximum entry fee is 50,000 coins. The guaranteed prize pool for each tournament is set at nine times the entry fee so you should try to find tournaments with less than 9 players signed up to take advantage of the overlay.

Table Games at San Manuel Online Casino

If table games are your cup of tea then you might be slightly disappointed to find out that there are only 9 to choose from on San Manuel Casino. Two of these games are blackjack variations and two of them are roulette variations.
Our favorite game in this category has to be the Bing-O-Poker Deuces Wild game which cleverly combines bingo with video poker to make a wild game filled with tons of action. In this game, you can bet anywhere from 50 coins to 100,000 coins for each bingo card as well as 50 coins to 100,000 coins for each poker hand.

Bingo Games at San Manuel Online Casino

The bingo library includes a total of six games, four of which are actually Keno variations. These Keno games were all made by Grand Vision Gaming and they all seem to be very similar except for their themes and graphics.
The two remaining games are bingo games that are named Empire Action and Fireball Action. These games will allow you to bet anywhere from 50 to 37,500 coins per card, and you can play up to four bingo cards at once.

Mobile App for San Manuel Online Casino

In order to play San Manuel Casino’s games from your smartphone, you will need to download the app named “San Manuel Slots” from the Play Store which only takes about 5 seconds. After over 100,000 player downloads, the app has an impressive rating of 4.6 stars.
Even though the name of the app is “San Manuel Slots”, they still offer other games outside of slot games. In fact, every single game that is accessible through a PC is also accessible through this app. In addition, the graphics on this app are just as good as when you access the games through your computer which leaves us with no complaints whatsoever about this free downloadable product.

Sign-Up Bonus at San Manuel Online Casino

Once you have made an account on San Manuel Online Casino you will instantly be rewarded with 5000 free coins, no strings attached. There is not much else to say about this promotion since it is very straightforward and you do not have to do anything to qualify other than create an account. This bonus gives players a great chance to test out the site and try some of the casino games before they even make a deposit.

Other Promotions at San Manuel Online Casino

Daily Log-in Bonus

Even if you do not have time to play any of the games each day, you can still log-in to your account and receive a certain number of bonus coins automatically for free. If you log-in on consecutive days, the bonus increases each day.
For example, on the first day you will receive 500 free coins, the next day you will receive 600 free coins, and so on. This continues all the way up to the 24-day mark where you will be rewarded with 2,800 free coins for every consecutive daily log-in. Once you reach beyond the 24-day mark, you will keep receiving 2,800 coins per day until you miss a day.

Club Serrano 10,000 Coins Bonus

If you simply connect your Club Serrano Card to your San Manuel Online Casino account, you will instantly receive a free 10,000 coins to play with. For those who do not already have a Club Serrano Card, you can apply for one by clicking here and filling out all of your personal information.
Not only can you win up to $1,000 just for signing up for this card, but once you link it to your account you will be eligible to earn local food discounts, entries into special blackjack tournaments, and free credits to play slot games. You will also be given private access to test out exclusive new games that have just been released before anyone else gets a chance to play

Fortune Wheel Bonus

At the top of any San Manuel Casino webpage, you will notice a colorful wheel that says “COLLECT” underneath it. Once you click on this wheel, you will be given one free spin to win anywhere from 100 to 1 million coins. The best part about this promotion is that you can take advantage of it repeatedly as long as four hours has passed after your last spin.

Leaderboard Challenges

Every single day San Manuel Casino is handing out 470,000 free coins to the 10 players with the highest earnings for that day. First place will receive a whopping 100,000 of these coins while 10 th place will receive 10,000 coins. In addition to the daily leaderboards, there are also weekly leaderboards which pay the top 50 earners for that week.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus

The refer-a-friend link on San Manuel’s webpage brings you to a form where you can list up to five of your friends’ email addresses. If any of these friends actually use the email link to sign-up for a new account, you will both receive 10,000 free coins! Most casinos make the friend deposit some money before any bonuses are given, so this is great to see and we hope it becomes a trend throughout the industry.

Deposit Options at San Manuel Online Casino

Already ran through your 5,000 coin sign-up bonus and itching to play some more? Luckily, there is no reason to panic since you can easily buy more chips using one of the seven deposit methods that are available on San Manuel Online Casino. It is important to note that once you deposit this money there is no getting it back since withdrawing funds from San Manuel Online Casino is not an option.
The seven options that are available include ACH Bank Transfer, PayPal, Visa Card, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express Card, or GAN. Using one of these deposit methods, you can spend anywhere from $99.99 for 280,000 coins up to $999.99 for 7,000,000 coins. If you happen to already be a Club Serrano member, then you will receive anywhere from $6.00 to $150.00 worth of extra coins depending on how much you deposit.

Customer Service at San Manuel Online Casino

If you have any issues while playing on San Manuel Online Casino you can easily give them a call at 1-800-359-2464 and try to resolve the issue. You can also click on the “Contact Us” link and fill out the form which will allow them to email you back as soon as they can. If you really want to talk to them face to face you can simply head to their brick and mortar casino that is located at 777 San Manuel Boulevard in Highland, California.
We tested out the phone number listed above and after pressing the number ‘0’ we were INSTANTLY talking to a friendly customer service representative. This phone number should probably be the default contact method that you use since it is impossible for the Contact Us form to beat an instant response time.

Final Conclusions

San Manuel Casino appears to be a very well-rounded online play money casino with a ton of games to play and a plethora of promotions for the players to take advantage of. There is something for everyone here no matter what your bankroll is, thanks in part to the numerous sign-up and log-in bonuses.
We were thoroughly impressed by San Manuel’s mobile app as well as their speedy customer service response times. Overall, we would highly recommend this online casino to anyone who is looking for a play money site to have some fun on.