Caesars Games Play Money Online Casino Review

Everyone is familiar with the gambling industry heavyweight known as Caesars since they have a large number of brick and mortar casinos spread throughout the world and they have been a dominant force for a long time. However, not many people are aware that they also offer a play money online casino which is for fun only.
This online casino offers a ton of slot games for recreational players to enjoy without having to worry about the stress of whether they are winning money or not. Let’s now take a closer peek at what this online play money casino is made of and how they treat their players compared to other online casinos.

Slot Games at Caesars Games Online Casino

This collection of 153 slot games has such a wide variety of themes that Caesars Games decided to organize them by theme in the drop-down menu under “FREE SLOTS” at the top of their webpage. Some of these themes include adventure slots, fairytale slots, action slots, fantasy slots, tasty slots, jungle slots, dragon slots, holiday slots, and many more. However, the website is slightly outdated since they only list 72 of the 153 games and some of them are not available anymore.
The only way to get access to all of these slot games is to level-up your account by playing in the games that are available to you. The more you play, the more experience points you receive which in turn raises your account level and unlocks different games.
In the beginning, you will only have access to Tayanna’s Treasures and Wild Howl and once you hit level 2 you will unlock Pink Panther. After you have increased your account all the way to level 560 you will have unlocked Jackie’s Treasure as well as every other game that Caesars Games has to offer.

Progressive Jackpot Games at Caesars Games Online Casino

There are seven progressive slot games offered here with jackpots that reward play money coins only. These games will gradually increase the progressive jackpot amount until somebody wins it and then the jackpot resets back to the base amount. The jackpot amounts in these seven games range anywhere from 20 billion coins to 400 billion coins, which would cost a pretty penny to purchase on your own.

Video Poker Games at Caesars Games Online Casino

It is quite rare to find a play money online casino that offers video poker, and Caesars Games website says they offer a Jacks or Better game will allow you to play up to 100 hands at once. Unfortunately, once we logged in and checked out the game selection in the game lobby, the popular video poker variation was nowhere to be found. This means that they either deleted the game from their library or took it down for maintenance.

Mobile App for Caesars Games Online Casino

You can find the mobile app for this online casino in the Play Store or the Apple Store under the name “Caesars Slots: Free Slot Machines and Casino Games”. As long as you have an Android or an iOS device you will be able to download this app in no time and run it with ease. Once you have downloaded the app and logged into your account you will have access to all of the same slot games from your mobile device that you did from your PC.

Deposit Options at Caesars Games Online Casino

Before you are given the option of choosing a deposit method, you are asked to choose how many coins you wish to buy. These coins are not withdrawable and have no monetary value whatsoever after you purchase them.
The cheapest package starts at $1.99 and gives you 112,500 coins, assuming you have no active bonuses. The most expensive package will cost you $49.99 and you will be greeted with an account filled with 6.8 million coins, which makes it the best deal on a coin per dollar basis.
Once you have decided how many coins you would like, your next step is to use one of the two deposit methods to complete your purchase. The two options that are available are to either use your credit card or your Paypal account, and you can be sure that whichever one you choose will be a secure method of payment.

Sign-Up Bonus at Caesars Games Online Casino

All we did when signing up was link our email account with the Caesars Games website and once we logged into our fresh new account we already had 140,000 coins at our disposal. This is slightly over $2 in value if you were purchasing coins from the store, which is not bad for a sign-up bonus on a free site.

Other Promotions at Caesars Games Online Casino

Caesars Rewards Bonus

A great way to ensure that you get some extra benefits from playing on Caesars Games is to sign up for a Caesars Rewards account. This way you can earn Rewards Credits anytime you purchase coins with real money and these credits can eventually be redeemed for free rooms, free meals, or other perks at various Caesars brick and mortar casinos.

Playtika Rewards Program

Anytime you play in the slot games on Caesars Games Online Casino you will automatically qualify for this rewards program for free. The first level that your new account begins at is known as Bronze status and as you play more games the status of your account will increase to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Royal Diamond, and Black Diamond status. You will also receive additional status points every time you complete a purchase for play credits.
Some of the benefits that you will receive from this rewards program include access to some rare VIP games, free coins, and cheaper deals when purchasing coins. At the very top level, the Black Diamond status members will receive benefits that are not revealed until you reach that point. At the very minimum, the Black Diamond status must give better perks than the subsequent Royal Diamond status, which rewards you with 1,000,000 free coins per day, a personal account manager, and bonus gifts from the Caesars Facebook page.

Ice Breaker Deposit Bonus

One of the best parts of being a new player on Caesars Games is that they offer a 75% coin bonus for your first deposit with no questions asked. For example, instead of receiving 6.8 million coins for a $49.99 first deposit, you would receive 11.9 million coins. We recommend depositing the largest amount you are comfortable with on your first deposit to take advantage of this lucrative bonus and increase the amount of fun you can have for every dollar spent.

Bonus Challenges

In the bottom right-hand corner of the main lobby, you will see a “CHALLENGES” medal which will reveal a ton of bonus challenges once you click on it. These challenges reward you with free coins for checking off certain activities in the slot games and the objectives get harder as time goes on.
There are 3 different sets of challenges labeled Daily, Power, and Master challenges. The Master challenges are by far the hardest ones to complete but they also reward you with the most coins. They also plan on adding a fourth category here called Explorer challenges, which proves that they are still actively trying to improve the site and make it a better experience.

Customer Service at Caesars Games Online Casino

We found it impossible to contact the customer service team at Caesars Games. Once we click on the “Contact Us” button we are greeted by an error message that says “Contact Support Option is Available from Caesars Casino game”. However, once we are inside of one of these aforementioned casino games there is no option to choose which will contact the customer support team. If you have an issue your best bet is to visit their FAQ page which can be found by clicking on the “Support” button at the bottom of their webpage and then clicking on the “FAQ” button.

Final Conclusions

Even though their website is slightly outdated, Caesars Games online casino is a great play money casino for players of all bankrolls and experience levels. The most impressive part about this site is the number of high-quality promotions that they offer which gives everyone a chance to win massive amounts of free coins and earn rewards points for their Caesars Rewards account. The only real problem we can find is that it seems very tough to contact the customer service team but since you cannot withdraw funds from Caesars Games anyway this lack of support is not as important as it usually would be.