Play Money Online Casinos

Play money online casinos are a great way to have some fun gambling without the stresses and strains that come with the usual swings of fortune. Since there is no way to withdraw any funds from these online casinos, the focus of each player shifts from making money to having fun, which is the way gambling should be done. Throughout this article, we will examine what exactly these sites offer and what you can do to have the best experience possible while playing on them.
In the list below we have included links to all of our play money online casino reviews so that you can do more research on a specific site you might be considering. Keep in mind that all of these play money online casinos are owned and operated by established brick-and-mortar casinos of the same name so they are extremely trustworthy and the gameplay is guaranteed to be fair. Be sure to check out features such as the deposit bonuses for any site you wish to play on so that you can maximize the amount of fun you have per every dollar that you spend.
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Hollywood Play Money Casino

Games Offered in Play Money Online Casinos

Nearly every play money online casino you will come across will offer hundreds of slot games while excluding most other types of games. Even though the house edge is notoriously high in slot games, it doesn’t really matter because you are gambling with play money so don’t be afraid to let the good times reel!
The most unique part about the game library of these play money online casinos is that when you first make your account you will only have access to a handful of the hundreds of slot games available. The only way to earn the ability to play all of the games offered by the site is by playing in the unlocked games first in order to level-up your account. This turns the whole experience into an adventurous video game of sorts where you have to beat the early levels before you can move onward and upward.

Mobile Apps for Play Money Online Casinos

Every single play money online casino we have reviewed offers a mobile app that can easily be found in your mobile device’s play store or app store. This means that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can still play in any of the games these sites have to offer as long as you have your mobile device on you.
We were heavily impressed by the apps that these play money sites use because of how quickly they download and how smoothly they run. You will be able to access the same number of games from the app that you would be able to access from your personal computer, and the graphics are always very crisp and clean compared to some other online casinos that we have seen.

Promotions in Play Money Online Casinos

No matter which play money casino you decide to join, there will be a handful of promotions for you to take advantage of. Once again we feel the need to state that since you cannot withdraw any funds from these play money online casinos, the purpose of a play money promotions program is to give you the chance to have more fun for every dollar you deposit.
The most important promotions to pay attention to on each site are definitely going to be the sign-up bonuses and the deposit bonuses. Sign-up bonus promotion will usually reward you with free credits just for making an account on these play money sites, which is great because it gives you a chance to test out the games before you even deposit. You might notice that the more money you deposit, the better deal you will get on a credit per dollar basis so be sure to choose wisely.

Banking Options in Play Money Online Casinos

As we have already stated above, the only banking option that you will have on play money online casinos is to deposit funds. Withdrawing money is simply not an option on these online casinos, so be sure to act accordingly and don’t do something silly such as deposit your whole bankroll. These sites are meant to be played for fun so you will not be winning a life-changing jackpot that involves real money no matter how much you deposit and play.
As far as deposit options go, they vary from site to site pretty widely. However, almost all of these sites will accept Visa or Mastercard as a viable method of depositing funds. Some other sites will allow ACH bank transfers or PayPal transfers as well but there is no real advantage to using one deposit method over another when it comes to the credit per dollar rate you will receive. The one way to make sure you get the best deal possible is to deposit the maximum amount allowed for one transaction since this is where you will receive the best credit per dollar rate.