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Most US states have one of three approaches towards gambling: never having allowed gambling, being very gambling friendly, or gradually legalizing gambling and seeing increased participation. South Carolina, on the other hand, started to make the change then ran back in the opposite direction. It is not a friendly state with strict gambling laws in place.

The goal of this website is run through these gambling laws to provide readers with the most recent online gambling updates in South Carolina. We also bring you the safest internet gambling sites that accept South Carolina residents. There are options for gambling online, but do so cautiously.

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Is online gambling legal in the state of South Carolina?

The gambling history in South Carolina has not been a pleasant story. Step back just over 20 years and the state was full of video poker machines, but a law passed in 1999 made these games illegal. This was triggered by a tragic story whereby a baby was suffocated to death as her mother played video poker. By June 2000, all video poker machines had been removed and the state, though once thriving, turned its back on gambling. Since this, South Carolina has made no attempts to bring back gambling. Their land-based laws are extremely strict, only allowing for the lottery and charitable gambling. No land-based racetracks, casinos, or sportsbooks are present. In fact, even owning a roulette wheel or poker table is illegal.

It is, therefore, no surprise that there are no legalized and regulated online gambling sites in South Carolina. The only option for gambling open to South Carolina residents is using offshore gambling sites. There is nothing in the written law that explicitly prohibits the use of overseas sites from South Carolina, thus technically speaking, it is legal. As a player of an offshore site, you will not be arrested. However, operators of illegal sites will be prosecuted. Residents of South Carolina that are caught breaking the state gambling laws face harsh penalties.

If you do choose to gamble online from South Carolina, do not attempt to do so unless you are at least 21 years old. This is the legal age for gambling in the state. All sites will require proof of age when you make an account.

Are these South Carolina online gambling sites legitimate?

As only offshore sites are accessible to South Carolina residents, none are monitored by the state. There are plenty of legitimate gambling websites out there, but also unsafe sites that will steal your personal details or money. This means that it is essential to be able to identify a safe site from a hoax site.

For a guaranteed licensed, legitimate, and trusted site, use one of our reviewed and recommended options. The online gambling sites we provide for South Carolina residents are offshore and fully licensed. They are safe to use both legally and financially from inside South Carolina.

When using another site, the advice we provide residents is as follows:

  • Only use sites that have multiple good online reviews
  • Always opt for sites that offer good customer support so that they are easy to contact if you do experience any issues
  • Only use sites that offer secure and encrypted payment methods so your details stay safe
  • Always check the site is licensed and regulated in the country in which it operates

What online sportsbooks are available from South Carolina?

South Carolina has not made any steps towards legalizing sports betting at land-based facilities or through mobile devices. Therefore, South Carolina residents only have the option of using offshore sportsbooks. Thankfully, there are many offshore sports betting websites that can legally be accessed from the state. Residents that enjoy a good game and winnings from wagering on it can do so legally with our quality online sportsbooks.

Our list of online sportsbooks gives South Carolina residents everything they could want from a sports betting website. We bring you quality real money betting sites that accept South Carolina residents. These sites allow you various betting options with secure transactions. Many also come with a mobile app. This enables you to bet right from your phone or tablet when you are on the move. You can join one of our online sportsbooks right now and start wagering.

What online casinos are available from South Carolina?

In South Carolina, there are no casino properties in the state. In fact, the only option to play all your casino favorites is aboard the Big M Casino cruise, or at online casino sites. Online casinos are appealing to most gamblers because they offer so many different games, promotions and bonuses, and can be played from anywhere in South Carolina. Many offshore online casinos accept players from South Carolina.

Use one of the best online casinos out there by opting for one of our recommended casino websites. These offshore online casinos are secure and provide you with hours of safe gambling enjoyment. We have everything from slot machines to table games for South Carolina residents with high-stake games and a variety of deposit and withdrawal choices. With our online casinos, South Carolina residents will enjoy the feel and excitement of a live casino.

What online poker rooms are available from South Carolina?

Online poker rooms are the only option for playing poker in South Carolina. Residents have the choice of many online poker rooms located offshore. However, there are not many legitimate poker rooms still available to online poker players. So here, we bring you the legitimate ones.

Our recommended online poker rooms have a variety of poker tournaments. We bring you many styles of poker games and diverse levels of gameplay. Whether you are an experienced player that loves five-card stud or a novice learning Texas hold ’em, you can play them all on our sites. They also offer a variety of bonuses, promotions, and poker tips to improve your game. If you have been looking for a legitimate online poker website you will definitely find it here.

The Final Word

South Carolina is not a gambling-friendly state, with some of the strictest laws surrounding gambling out of anywhere in the US. That being said, there is nothing that prohibits the use of offshore sites. Residents of South Carolina can access online sportsbooks, poker rooms, and casinos through such sites. In fact, due to the lack of land-based options, internet gaming is all that is out there for South Carolinians. Use one of our recommendations for all the best online gambling while knowing you are playing at a legal and legitimate site.

South Carolina Gambling Sites: FAQ

Is online gambling legal in South Carolina?

Yes – there is nothing prohibiting online gambling in South Carolina if using offshore sites, and you will not face legal problems when you join our quality gambling websites.

Will I go to jail for gambling online in South Carolina?

No – the chances of getting arrested and charged with illegal online gambling are highly unlikely. To the best of our knowledge no one in South Carolina, or the US, has been arrested or charged with a crime for gambling online.

What is the minimum legal age for gambling online in South Carolina?

Anyone wishing to gamble online from South Carolina must be at least 21 years old. This is the legal gambling age of the state.

Can I win real money gambling online from South Carolina?

Yes – many, if not most, offshore sites accepting South Carolina residents offer games for real money. Be sure to use a legitimate site so you can trust your financial details are protected and you will receive your hard earned winnings!

How can I tell if a South Carolina online gambling site is safe and legitimate?

Use one of our recommended sites to remove the guesswork from choosing an online gambling website. If you do decide to use an alternative site, only use licensed sites with good online reviews, good customer support, and secure payments.

What should I do if I have an issue with a South Carolina gambling site?

Always contact the South Carolina gambling site directly if you have any issues. Usually, the problem can easily be fixed. If not, contact player advocates who can help you come to an agreement.