New York Online Gambling

New York State does not have legal online gambling websites for residents other than horse betting and DFS. The state is known as being very unfriendly toward online gambling. However, there are no laws that state online gambling is illegal in New York, and nothing stopping players from gambling at offshore online gambling sites. If you want to play at online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms legally, you can.

We offer readers an insight into the basic online gambling laws for New York State and a list of offshore internet gambling sites that are legal for residents. If you are a resident of New York State that wants to gamble online you should consult our list for the safest, most trustworthy internet gambling sites around. You could be making real money online today!

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Is online gambling legal in the state of New York?

The only forms of online gambling offered and regulated in the state of New York are online horse betting and daily fantasy sports. Unfortunately, there are no signs of the state legalizing any other sort of online gambling in the near future. However, when taking a closer look at New York’s laws, there is nothing specifically referring to online gambling as a crime. This means the state cannot prevent residents from gambling at offshore internet gambling websites. You can, therefore, access offshore casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms completely legally. New York does not authorize or license online gambling sites operating from inside the state and it is crimes to operate one so please do not try this.

New York State is strict about enforcing its legal gambling age for all residents. You must be 18 to take part in bingo, state lottery, and dog and horseracing. Residents of New York that are 21 are legally permitted to play in casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks. These ages apply to both online and offline gambling. Please adhere to the legal gambling age when gambling online or offline.

Are these New York online gambling sites legitimate?

Offshore gambling sites that accept New Yorkers are, in the most part, legitimate and safe. However, there are sites out there that will either:

  • Steal personal and sensitive information
  • Provide unfair odds and rigged games
  • Keep onto your deposits and withhold your winnings

We want you to have a good online gambling experience. For that reason, we offer you reviews of offshore online gambling sites that accept New York residents and are licensed and secure. Peruse our list of offshore gambling sites that accept New York residents and you will be pleased with this large selection. If you want to use another site, ensure that it can be trusted before creating an account or depositing funds. These tips can help identify legitimate sites:

  • Read Reviews: Multiple good reviews from players indicate a trustworthy site
  • Check Payment Options: Only use sites offering secure and encrypted payments
  • Read Site Policies: Sites that have large fees or insubstantial explanations should be avoided
  • Look for Good Customer Support: If any issues do arise, it is important you can easily contact the site

What online sportsbooks are available from New York?

New York State has only recently legalized sports betting in the state. In July 2019, sports betting became legal at retail properties. However, despite several pushes, New York does not permit or regulate online sportsbooks. Hopefully, it will not be long until New York follows the likes of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other neighboring states. For now, the only option available to New Yorkers for making sports wagers online is through offshore sportsbooks. These sites provide the opportunity to bet on your favorite sports teams from anywhere in the state.

To help get you started, we have tried and tested all top sportsbooks legally accessible from New York. The listed online sportsbooks provided offer security, live betting, mobile betting, and up to date news and scores. New York residents can enjoy a special bonus with their first deposit and regular bonuses and promotions almost every day. View our listed internet sportsbooks and start wagering today.

What online casinos are available from New York?

There are land-based casinos that are available to New York residents that offer a multitude of casino games and entertainment. However, these are mostly based up north which makes online casinos a popular option for New Yorkers. The only option currently available is offshore online casinos that accept New York residents. The state does not monitor these, so be certain you choose a safe and fair site.

To help out, we have compiled a list of the top online casinos accessible from New York. Our listed offshore internet casinos offer as many games as New York’s land-based casinos and hours of entertainment. The listed internet casinos we provide you with are legal, licensed offshore businesses that accept New York residents. They also offer secured transactions, protected information, and various casino games to choose from. Join one today for a special bonus with your first deposit.

What online poker rooms are available from new York?

New York does not offer its own online poker rooms, nor does it regulate or monitor them. However, there are many online poker rooms available to New York residents that operate offshore. Safety should be the top of your priority list when gambling online, so use one of our recommended sites for the assurance you are in safe hands. Our online poker rooms are legal, licensed, secure, and trustworthy websites. Your transactions and information are never at risk of reaching the wrong hands.

Aside from reputation and safety, our sites also offer the best online poker going. You can play at any level from beginner to advanced, play any style of poker games, and quickly receive your winnings. Browse and choose one of our legal, licensed internet poker rooms to begin playing today.

The Final Word

Although the gambling laws in New York appear to be against all online betting, residents will be pleased to know they can legally wager at offshore websites. Many of these accept New Yorkers and there are plenty of legitimate and safe online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms to choose from. When gambling on the internet, always remember to choose your site carefully so you are not at any risk and always follow the laws of the state. The article should help you understand your rights and point you in the direction of some of the leading websites out there!

New York Gambling Sites: FAQs

Is online gambling legal in New York?

Yes – internet gambling is legal for residents of New York as long as you stick with legal offshore gambling websites, are of legal gambling age, and do not operate a site yourself.

Will I be arrested for gambling online in New York?

No – in New York State there have been quite a few arrests for running an online gambling website but never for playing at one.

What is the minimum age for gambling online in New York?

In New York, to bet on sports, play poker, or play casino games you must be at least 21 years old. For racebooks and online bingo, the legal gambling age is 18.

Can I win real money playing on New York gambling sites?

Yes – most offshore websites that accept New Yorkers have games for real money. Only play on trusted sites so that you do not have issues receiving your winnings and receive fair games.

How can I be sure a New York gambling site is legitimate and safe?

To remove the risk of gambling on an unsafe website, use one of the legit sites we recommend. If using another site, only play on sites with good reviews, secure payment options, and good customer support.

How do I withdraw my winnings from a New York casino, sportsbook, or poker room?

Common withdrawal methods New York gambling sites offer include ACH, check, or PayPal. Bitcoin transactions are also safe and often come with lower processing fees. Check each individual site’s policies as the methods available do vary.

What should I do if I have an issue with a New York gambling site?

The New York gambling site can usually help with any issues, so always contact their customer support as a first step. If you cannot agree on a solution, player advocates can be contacted to help form an agreement.