Montana Online Gambling

Although internet gambling is not something for which Montana is known for, residents have been developing interest in online gambling sites. Things particularly began to change since May 2018 when the Supreme Court struck down PASPA.

At present, Montana has a flourishing charity gambling industry, with more than 290 gaming venues in the state. However, unfortunately, online gambling has not received similar acceptance in Montana. In fact, the state has harsh laws against online gaming. But there are still offshore sites accepting Montana residents!

Here is everything you need to know about Montana gambling laws and what online sites you can gamble on from inside the state.

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Is online gambling legal in the state of Montana?

Montana is one of the few US states that explicitly prohibits online gambling in its laws, which were amended in 2005. Other states have many loopholes in their online gaming laws making it technically legal to bet online through offshore sites. However, Montana’s written law is comprehensive. They describe online gambling as follows:

“Internet gambling, by whatever name known, includes but is not limited to the conduct of any legal or illegal gambling enterprise through the use of communications technology that allows a person using money, paper checks, electronic checks, electronic transfers of money, credit cards, debit cards, or any other instrumentality to transmit to a computer information to assist in the placing of a bet or wager and corresponding information related to the display of the game, game outcomes, or other similar information.”

23-5-112 (21)(a) of Montana’s Internet Gaming Laws

This law applies to online casinos and poker rooms. The only exception to the rule is online horse racing which is legal at online betting sites. Additionally, mobile sports betting through the Sports Bet Montana site is legal. However, this is only available at specific locations which is somewhat limiting.

Luckily, despite these strict laws, offshore sites still accept Montana players and it is unlikely you will be face prosecution for using them. The state is more focused on catching and prosecuting owners and operators of illegal sites operating from inside Montana’s borders. If using these sites, be sure you are of legal gambling age. In Montana, the legal age for gambling is 18. However, most offshore online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms need you to be at least 21 years old.

Are these Montana gambling sites legitimate?

As there are no state-run online gambling sites aside from horse betting sites and one sportsbook, placing bets at offshore sites does carry risk. Many sites that allow Montana residents to join are legitimate, but there are unsafe and unreputable sites out there. Due to the state’s legal stance on online gaming, you will not receive any protection if you do end up in a tough spot. Therefore, it is essential you only play at legitimate sites, like the ones we recommend.

For more information on all of our recommended online gambling sites, read our reviews that you can find here. It is always a good idea to read online reviews of any site you look to use to check for legitimacy before you sign up and deposit funds. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Safe and Easy Payment System: Always ensure the online gambling site has a safe payment system. We recommend those sites allowing transactions through debit and credit cards with low fees. For withdrawals, Montana casino sites generally offer Bitcoin payouts, which is perfectly fine.
  • Viable Customer Support Options: This is the only channel that may help at times of need. We usually recommend sites offering instant messaging feature and the phone line support. You should avoid those sites sticking to email support as queries may take weeks to answer.
  • Proof of Regulation: All trustworthy sites will be licensed and regulated in the country that they operate from.

What online sportsbooks are available from Montana?

Before the striking down of PASPA in 2018, lawmakers had been sticking to the conservative mindset toward online gambling and sports betting was illegal. This applied to both land-based and mobile sportsbooks.

However, in May 2019, Governor Steve Pollock signed a sports betting bill into law, making sportsbooks legal. Montana sports betting is monitored by the state lottery and launched in March 2020, both at licensed retail properties and via the Sports Bet Montana website and mobile app. But there is a catch: you can only access the Sports Bet Montana mobile app and website while in legal sports betting establishments. This means, unlike most online sports betting in the US, you can only access your account and place bets at specific locations throughout the state.

Sounds like a pain? Thankfully, many offshore sportsbooks also accept Montana residents. You can play these sites from anywhere in the state and can receive safe, secure, legitimate, and entertaining sports betting! Check out our sports betting page here to find the best online sportsbooks available. We also offer tips on choosing the right sportsbook for you, details on the types of wagers you can place, and more useful information.

What online casinos are available from Montana?

Undoubtedly, online casinos are the most convenient option to play casino games in Montana nowadays. You do not have to drive miles to a casino offering few gaming options like bingo and keno. Casino sites in Montana allow you to make wagers from your home, or anywhere in the state with a huge variety of games. But what online casinos are available?

Luckily, there is plenty of choice! While Montana does not have its own legalized and regulated online casino websites, many offshore casinos accept Montana players. These sites will offer all your favorite games such as slot machines, table games, and card games so you will never get bored. For all the top offshore casino sites, take a look at our casino page here. We will give you the low down on all the games on offer and links to reviews of all our best online casino sites so you can find the perfect site for you. What are you waiting for? There is fun to be had and money to be made! Take a look today!

What online poker rooms are available from Montana?

Montana is among those few states that address online poker and do not operate any internet poker rooms from inside the state. However, there are many online poker sites for residents of Montana to play that run from offshore. These poker sites offer unbelievable promotions and include a huge gaming variety as well.

As with any other offshore gambling site, always check the site’s legitimacy before creating an account. Using our recommended sites, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. What is more, our online poker rooms offer everything from Texas Hold’Em to Omaha poker, from one-off games to large tournaments, and from small to large stakes! Whether you are a newbie or a poker expert we have a site for you.

The Final Word

Although Montana is gambling-friendly, when it comes to online gambling it is a different story. With the only forms of legalized internet betting operating from inside the state being online horse race betting and limited mobile sports betting, many residents are turning to offshore sites. Although technically illegal, these sites carry minimal risk with the law. However, there are risks when it comes to site legitimacy and safety which is why it is best for you to use a site we have tried, tested, and recommend. Start placing wagers at online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms today and start winning real money!

Montana Gambling Sites: FAQs

Is online gambling legal in Montana?

No – online gambling is not fully legal in Montana. You can legally use online horse betting websites throughout the state, and the Sports Bet Montanna website and mobile app to place bets on sporting events at specified locations.

What is the legal age for gambling online in Montana?

The legal age for gambling in Montana is 18. For any state-run online gambling sites, you must be 18 years old. For the use of offshore online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms, most websites require you to be at least 21 years old.

Are offshore gambling sites legal to use from Montana?

No – Montana’s written laws mean gambling at offshore sites is not legal. However, it is unlikely you will be prosecuted as the laws are mainly written to target the owners or gambling websites.

Can I win real money by gambling online in Montana?

Yes – offshore gambling sites accepting Montana residents offer games for real money. Moreover, the state-run online horse betting sites and the Sports Bet Montana website provides real money wagers.

How can I know that a Montana online gambling site is safe and legitimate?

If using an offshore Montana gambling site, always use one we recommend as these have been thoroughly tried and tested and we know they are safe. If using another site, always read online reviews and only use websites that offer secure payment, good customer support, and that are regulated.

Will I go to jail for gambling online in Montana?

Maybe, as the state clearly bans online gambling. However, to date, we have not come across any person claiming to have been prosecuted for gambling through offshore websites in Montana.