Louisiana Online Gambling

After a bittersweet history of gambling, Louisiana has been inching towards legalizing gambling, including the online gambling sites in the state. However, as it stands the state has yet to legalize online betting. Only a few online gambling sites are open to Louisiana players.

We will explain to you everything you need to know about gambling online in Louisiana, from finding the best gambling sites to throwing light on the state’s gambling laws. Keep reading for information on the best online casino sites, sports betting sites, and online poker sites in Louisiana. Start making real money online today!

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Is online gambling legal in the state of Louisiana?

This has been an ongoing though inconclusive debate. Apparently, Louisiana looks gambling-friendly, but a closer look suggests the lawmakers are against all forms of online gambling. Strictly speaking, aside from daily fantasy sports, online gambling is not legal in Louisiana. In fact, Louisiana is one of the only US states which specifically criminalizes and prohibits online gambling in its laws. A section surrounding online gambling from Louisiana states:

“Gambling by computer is the intentional conducting, or directly assisting in the conducting as a business of any game, contest, lottery, or contrivance whereby a person risks the loss of anything of value in order to realize a profit when accessing the Internet, World Wide Web, or any part thereof by way of any computer, computer system, computer network, computer software, or any server… Whoever commits the crime of gambling by computer shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, or imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.”

This law applies to all forms of online gambling, including online casinos, online poker rooms, and online sportsbooks. However, despite this law, we have not come across any individual being prosecuted for gambling online in Louisiana to date. The law is not meant to persecute gamblers. Instead, it is aimed at protecting the land-based casino industry. Therefore, there are a number of legitimate offshore gambling sites that accept Louisiana residents. However, this is a “gray market” and we recommend you seek legal opinion before playing at online gambling sites in Louisiana.

There is some hope that online sports betting could be coming to Louisiana in 2021. Following the annulment of PASPA by the US Supreme Court in 2018, the state has made attempt to legalize sportsbooks. A bill put forward in 2020, seeking to regulate both land-based and betting sites is under review. However, for now, no sites operated from Louisiana are available, monitored, or regulated.

Are these Louisiana online gambling sites legitimate?

With the state specifically prohibiting the use of online gambling sites, from a legal aspect the use of Louisiana online gambling sites carries some risks. However, if you do choose to play at an offshore site there are plenty of legitimate, albeit illegal, options.

Perhaps, the easiest way to ensure safety is by visiting the site and checking out its cashier page. All the reputable sites clearly mention the forms of payment they accept and offer secure payment methods. Another way is by reading reviews of the website from multiple reliable resources. These are a great indication of not only the legitimacy of the site but also how the site performs and the games that are available. Moreover, despite Louisiana not regulating online gambling sites, reputable sites will all be regulated by the country in which they are based.

For help on finding a safe and reputable online gambling site, take a look at our online casino, sportsbook, and poker room reviews.

What online sportsbooks are available from Louisiana?

Louisiana, as with many other states, is in the process of trying to legalize sports betting both offline and at retail sportsbooks. If the current bill is passed, we could see sports betting come to Louisiana next year. However, for now, the only for of legal online sports betting in the state is daily fantasy sports tournaments. This is a recent development in the works since 2018, with the most recent DFS bill passing in June 2020.

For betting on all your favorite sports teams from Louisiana, the only option is using offshore websites that accept Louisiana residents. Thankfully, despite the laws, several international sportsbook websites are open to Louisianans. We have reviewed many offshore sports betting websites available to you to help with your search. These websites provide not only great coverage but also interesting wagering options, simple navigation, and impressive bonuses. Take a look and start betting on all your favorite teams today for real money.

What online casinos are available from Louisiana?

Unlike many other states where online casino gambling is more popular, the reverse is true in Louisiana. A large number of popular land-based casinos are operating in the state. Probably, the state’s crackdown on the online gambling market has suppressed the growth of online casinos in Louisiana. However, despite the state-led persecution, more residents are playing casino games today than before. Many offshore online casinos and casino sweepstake sites accept residents from Louisiana.

For help in choosing a good offshore casino, take a look at our recommended sites. These sites promise secure and fun gambling. They provide a huge array of casino games, more comprehensive than even some of Vegas’ land-based casino properties. You can also benefit from the site’s bonuses on offer for new players and make real money online. We also offer tips on selecting the correct online casino for you! Whether you are interested in playing baccarat, fancy your hand at online roulette, or wish to play your favorite slots online, there is an option for you.

What online poker rooms are available from Louisiana?

Online poker is becoming increasingly popular throughout Louisiana despite unclear laws surrounding online poker. In fact, many international poker sites are catering to US players, including the residents of Louisiana. Most casino sites here offer online poker options, although specific poker room sites are also available to residents. These Louisiana online sites organize regular poker tournaments offering massive cash prizes, cover a range of poker variations, and cater to all levels. Ensure you select a legitimate site when playing poker online. For added assurance, use one of the sites we recommend so you can gamble without the worry of your personal information being hacked.

The Final Word

Louisiana is strict when it comes to online gambling and prohibits the use of Louisiana-operated and international-based sites. From Louisiana, the only online gambling legally available is betting on daily fantasy sports. However, there are offshore casino and sportsbook websites that do accept Louisiana players, if you wish to chance it. At present, we have found no arrests or fines for Louisiana online gambling players. Ensure any site you use is safe and legitimate, and for added assurance try one of our recommended websites. Whether you are wanting to make real money from online poker, casino games, or sports betting, have fun and stay safe!

Louisiana Gambling Sites: FAQs

Is online gambling legal in Louisiana?

No – the state has specific laws that prohibit online gambling from Louisiana. However, there are several offshore gambling sites that accept Louisianans and there have been no records of players from Louisiana being sent to jail for gambling online.

What is the legal age for gambling online in Louisiana?

The legal age for all forms of online gambling in Louisiana is age 21 or older. Do not attempt to gamble online from Louisiana if you are not of legal age.

Can I win real money gambling online in Louisiana?

Yes – there are plenty of international gambling websites that allow residents from Louisiana to play for real money. Make sure the site you use is secure to keep your financial information safe and rest assured you will receive your winnings.

How do I know if these Louisiana online gambling sites are safe and legitimate?

All the Louisiana online gambling sites we recommend are reputable and can be trusted. If using your own site, always look for positive reviews from other players and only use secure payment methods to deposit and withdraw funds.

How can I withdraw my winnings from a Louisiana online casino, sportsbook, or poker room?

Mostly, the best Louisiana online gambling sites allow transactions through debit and credit cards. We also recommend you join websites allowing Bitcoin payouts, which come with a minimal fee.

Who should I contact if I have an issue with a Louisiana online gambling site?

Always contact the Louisiana gambling site directly if you have any issues. If you are using a legitimate site, problems are usually easily resolved. If not, contact player advocates who can help mediate a solution.