Indiana Online Gambling

Indiana has an open stance when it comes to gambling laws. The state is home to multiple casinos and sportsbooks, and also permits playing bingo, the lottery, and bets on racing. However, gambling online in Indiana is slightly stricter. Online sports betting is legal, and there are several Indiana sports gambling sites live. However, online casinos and poker rooms have not been made legal. Nevertheless, the law does not prohibit Indiana residents from gambling at offshore casinos. Therefore, all forms of online gambling are legally accessible to Indiana residents.

Here, we delve into the laws surrounding online gambling in Indiana and how safe these websites are. We also provide lists of online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms you can use which offer legitimate and safe online gambling to Indiana residents.

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Is online gambling legal in the state of Indiana?

In Indiana, the only form of legal online gambling is sports betting. This is a relatively recent development after a bill changing the law was passed in 2019 which allowed sportsbooks to launch in the state. Under this new law, online sports betting is legal, and several regulated and monitored Indiana sportsbooks apps are available to residents.

Conversely, Indiana has not legalized any form of online casino gambling. This means that websites operating for casino gambling purposes in the state of Indiana are illegal, and any online casino operator will face criminal charges. However, the law does not mention the use of offshore sites for real money. Therefore, there is nothing prohibiting players from gambling on the internet from Indiana using offshore sites. With this in mind, despite the lack of Indiana online casino sites, residents can wager at offshore sites that accept Indiana players. Plenty of options are available, providing sites for online casino games and poker rooms. Residents can also access offshore sportsbooks from Indiana. You can use these sites without fear of arrest and no one has ever been prosecuted for gambling online from Indiana.

The state of Indiana requires that its residents meet the legal age requirements before gambling online or offline. Indiana residents that are 18 or older can play bingo, lottery, and bet on horse and dog racing. Residents that are 21 or older can play casino games, poker, and place sports bets. Ensure you are of age before registering for any Indiana gambling site.

Are these Indiana online gambling sites legitimate?

When it comes to Indiana sportsbooks, all state-regulated sports betting websites and mobile apps are guaranteed to be safe. They all offer fair odds, secure systems, and safe withdrawals.

However, as the state of Indiana does not monitor or regulate online offshore gambling, you must be sure the site you are using is legitimate. There are legitimate offshore sites out there that are licensed and regulated in other states or other countries. However, unfortunately, the internet is also full of scam sites that will obtain personal information, bank details, and withhold funds.

To help you find a licensed and legitimate online gambling site that you can play from Indiana, we have reviewed many websites. All of the websites we recommend promise safe gambling from trustworthy providers famous for their quality gaming options. If you do decide to search for your own online site, follow these tips to identify legitimate sites:

  • Read online reviews from other players
  • Ensure the site offers secure payment options that encrypt your card details to prevent hackers from stealing your information
  • Check for licensing and regulation in the country which the site is based
  • Look for comprehensive customer support options

What online sportsbooks are available from Indiana?

Online sports gambling is legal in Indiana. You can find many Indiana sportsbooks available that provide the options to place bets on all your favorite sports teams. Whether you are an NFL fan backing the Indianapolis Colts or back the Indiana Pacers at basketball, online sportsbooks will provide bets for all your favorites. Currently, the following sportsbook sites have gone live in the state:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • FanDuel Sportsbook
  • BetRivers
  • BetMGM
  • BetAmerica
  • PointsBet
  • Caesars Sportsbook

From Indiana, you can also access offshore sportsbooks. We have reviewed the popular online sportsbooks available in Indiana to help you find a reputable site. The online sportsbooks we have selected always accept Indiana residents and provide benefits such as a sign-on bonus, 24-hour customer care, secure deposit options, and fast payouts. Whatever your favorite sport is you will find it on one of these sites and can start wagering on it right away.

What online casinos are available from Indiana?

There are online casinos that accept Indiana residents that operate offshore, which are legal for residents to use. Online casinos have it all: poker, roulette, baccarat, slots, and more! When selecting an online casino, check the site is reputable and safe.

To give you a helping hand, we have reviewed several top online casinos available to Indiana residents. Our offshore online casinos are licensed, regulated, legitimate, and accept Indiana players. You will be happy to learn that our online casinos offer a welcome bonus with your first deposit and that all financial transactions are secure. To learn more about our online casinos, peruse our list and join one today for hours of online casino entertainment.

What online poker rooms are available from Indiana?

For Indiana residents specifically wishing to try their luck at online poker, there are ample offshore poker rooms to satisfy you. Alternatively, you can play poker at most online casinos that offer a variety of games alongside poker. More online poker rooms make it to the internet every day, so it is essential to use a safe site and steer clear of websites with a bad reputation.

We offer residents of Indiana online poker sites that are legal, accept Indiana residents, and offer a variety of poker games and playing options. Take a look at the online poker sites we suggest and choose one today. You will not be disappointed and will find these poker sites are friendly and entertaining.

The Final Word

Indiana has legalized online sports betting and several internet sportsbooks have gone live. However, Indiana residents can also legally and safely place wagers online using offshore gambling sites. These include online casinos, online poker rooms, and online sportsbooks and many accept Indiana residents. The state does not monitor these websites, so make sure you choose a reputable and legitimate site to gamble on. Our reviews can point you in the right direction in finding a site that offers entertaining, secure, and fair online gambling. What are you waiting for? Signup for an Indiana gambling site today and start making real money from anywhere in the state.

Indiana Gambling Sites: FAQs

Is online gambling legal in Indiana?

Yes – although only online sports betting is legal in Indiana, there is nothing written in Indiana laws that prohibits the use of an offshore gambling site from Indiana. This means Indiana residents can also legally access online casinos and poker rooms.

Will I go to jail for gambling online in Indiana?

No – Indiana residents that gamble online are not likely to be arrested because there are no written laws directly relating to online gambling.

How old must I be to gamble online in Indiana?

In Indiana, residents age 18+ can gamble on bingo, lotteries, and horse and dog races. For all casino gambling, poker, and sports betting, you must legally be 21 years or older.

How can I be sure an Indiana gambling site is safe and legitimate?

All the sites we recommend on our site are safe and legitimate. Moreover, all Indiana sportsbooks are regulated by the state and promise safe gambling. If you are using a different site, always look out for secure payment options, great customer support, and good online reviews. These can all indicate that a site is legit.

Can I make real money using Indiana online gambling sites?

Yes – many gambling websites that accept Indiana players are for real money. Ensure the site you use is legit so you are guaranteed winnings.

How do I withdraw winnings from Indiana online gambling sites?

Each Indiana gambling site will have its own withdrawal methods so check the site’s individual policies. Common options include ACH, check, or e-wallets. Cryptocurrency is also gaining popularity across the states.

Who should I contact if I have an issue with an Indiana gambling site?

Always reach out to the Indiana gambling website first as usual issues can be resolved this way. Player advocates can be contacted if you cannot fix the issue who help to mediate a solution.