Online Casino Gambling Jurisdictions

Another important aspect to be aware of is the actual licensing jurisdiction of the casino you are playing at resides in.

Covered on this page are all the main territories where online casinos currently operate from. Not just the jurisdictions where the casinos we recommend reside in.

Knowing the country of origin of the casino that you play on is important, especially if a problem arises and you require third party assistance. is committed to only featuring those casinos which allow access to a third party such as the territory’s regulatory authority to make impartial decisions if and when required.

This means there is an assurance of safety for players in the unfortunate event of resolving any dispute between player and casino property that may arise.

With UK based players, since 2014 the UK Gambling Commission is responsible for issuing licenses to those online casinos that which to accept UK residents. That said there are still many casinos which readily accept UK players, even though they do not have a UKGC license. All of the online casinos which are listed as UK Facing on have the relevant UKGC license.

Alderney – Offshore Gambling Territory

AlderneyOnline Gambling Operations which are based on the Channel Island of Alderney are regulated by the Alderney Gambling  Control Commission, or AGCC for short. Alderney and the AGCC are arguably the most stringent offshore gambling licensing jurisdiction in the world, even more so than Gibraltar.

As a result, Alderney is only home to a select few gambling companies. Should any disputes arise between players of online casinos located in Alderney, the AGCC will act as a mediator, with their decision and rulings on any outcomes having to be adhered to by the gambling company.

Alderney is also regarded as a whitelisted jurisdiction for advertising purposes by the UK Government. With all the casinos operating out of Alderney which is recommended on, also holding a UK Gambling Commission License.

Because of the above, Alderney is deemed as a very attractive territory for online gambling operations to locate to, this and the low tax regime the territory implements.

Also with close travel and communication links with the UK, Alderney is also seen as an ideal location for operators to base themselves on. In addition, the channel island is also very close to France and mainland Europe.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission was established back in 2000 and is an independent and nonpolitical body made up of a Chairman and three members. Its remit is to regulate and oversee the iGaming operations which are located on the Island.

For further information on the AGCC please visit their website by clicking here.

Curacao eGaming


Curacao eGaming, well what can we say about Curacao? They are in essence an offshore jurisdiction for online gambling operators, but alas Curacao has proven to be a toothless jurisdiction. Certainly, this appears to be the case, if their inaction of AffPower’s use of stolen casino software is anything to go by.

Indeed Curacao’s inaction and ‘don’t care’ attitude to the behavior of AffPower and their online casino operations, has meant that they have come in for some heavy criticism.

However, with the above all said and done, all hope is not lost for those operators which reside on Curacao that make it onto’s online casino reviews pages. With any and all online casinos being listed directly below for your reference.

As with all the other casino operators which have been reviewed and recommended throughout the site, all are good to go and are upstanding operators. Of which we have personally played at and in many cases still do so.

Anyhow, Curacao has been ‘regulating’ eGaming Services since 1996, some twenty years, something which their website proudly boasts, yet fails to provide any information on addressing player issues, should they arise.

However, if you happen to fall foul of a Curacao Operator and would like to try and contact them, you can by all means send an email to Please by all means let us know on the CR Facebook Page your issue and any response and action taken by Curacao.

Gibraltar – Offshore Licensing Jurisdiction

Gibraltar is home to many of the leading UK Facing iGaming companies, with the likes of 888Holdings, Ladbrokes and 32Red all operating their online casinos, sportsbooks and other iGaming offerings from the small British controlled offshore territory.

With an area of only 2.6 square miles, Gib as it is referred to locally is one of the most densely populated territories in the world, with a population of over 30,000 people vying for space. Since 1999, the iGaming Industry has become the largest single private employer on the Rock.

The infrastructure to enable gaming companies to operate from Gibraltar has improved more than ten fold since the time Dave Sawyer of was based there during 2000 – 2006.

Regarded as one of the most stringent offshore gambling jurisdictions, Gibraltar has received ‘White Listed’ status from the UK Govt, which in turn means that those operators based on Gib are able to apply for a UK Gambling Commission license. Thus allowing them to accept and serve UK based players.

Gambling licenses issued to operators wanting to host their services in Gibraltar used to be governed by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority or GRA for short. For an operator to have been able to obtain a license in Gibraltar, a series of stringent due diligence tests were performed by the GRA.

Whilst in the past the GRA came in for criticism from the player community – due to an issue with Gibraltar Licensee Betfred using a purported ‘rigged’ game.

However all Remote Gaming Licenses issued in Gibraltar now fall under the remit of the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, which is currently overseen by The Hon Albert Isola MP – Minister for Financial Services and Gaming.

Currently at the time of updating the information on this page ( May 16th 2016 ), Gibraltar currently licenses a total of 34 companies, who are allowed to operate and offer remote gaming facilities from the British Territory.

Of these companies, several are reviewed and recommended here on, with each recommended Gibraltar licensed online casino, also having a UK Gambling Commission License. Thus allowing them to accept UK Players.

In general licenses to operate from Gibraltar are extremely difficult to obtain and this is one of the reasons why the British Territory is regarded as one of the best licensing jurisdictions in the iGaming Industry. Indeed the following is taken directly from the Remote Gambling page of the Gibraltar Government Website:

“The Licensing Authority will only consider licensing blue chip companies with a proven track record in gambling, licensed in a reputable jurisdiction, of good financial standing and with a realistic business plan. Licences are generally difficult to obtain. “

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is responsible for the licensing and regulation of those online casinos which operate out of and are based within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake.

Established in 1999, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the ultimate recourse for players who may have a grievance whilst playing at any of the casinos which are licensed there.

In the past Kahnawake had somewhat of a ‘not bothered’ outlook when it came to policing their licensees. However, over the course of the past 5 years, the territory  has certainly changed it’s outlook and is now rightly regarded as one of the better offshore gaming jurisdictions. With the territory now responsible for overseeing and policing in excess of 50 operators.

The primary function and goal of Kahnawake is to ensure all operators provide a safe, secure and fair environment, thus providing players at the casinos which operate there protection.

As well as offshore online gaming, Kahanwake also licenses and regulates land based gaming operations. On the 26th September 2016, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission announced plans to enhance their ‘Regulatory Environment’. This in essence concerns operators who apply to be licensed in Kahnawake who accept US based players.

Through the Gaming Commission’s website, Kahnawake also provides annually the breakdown of Player Self Limitation and Self Exclusion that has occurred among the player base of those casinos which are licensed there. With the territory being an advocate of responsible gambling.

Should a player have a grievance with any of the online casinos that are based in Kahnawake, players can file a complaint with Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Grievances and complaints dealt with by the Gaming Commission cover all aspects of the online gambling operation, from advertising and marketing, to unfair treatment and player dispute issues.

To contact the Kahnawake Gaming Commission please click here.  Below you will find a list of those online casino which have been reviewed here on and who operate with a license issued by the KGC.


Malta Gaming Authority

Malta is the home of the Malta Gaming Authority, formerly known as the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, with the Mediterrean Island being home to a considerable number of online casino operators.

Malta was one of the very first European Territories to regulate online gambling, with the first Malta licensee to accept online bets occurring back in 2000.

In the past Malta has had somewhat of a flaccid reputation when it came to regulating and overseeing their licensees.  However, I am pleased to report that over the past couple of years, the MGA has upped their game considerably.

Responsible for the governance of all gaming activities and operations that occur on the Island, the MGA have over 100 companies which currently hold a license. These include software developers as well as Online Casino and Remote iGaming operators. With the Remote Gaming Sector falling under the provisions of the Remote Gaming Regulations.

The Malta Gaming Authority website which can be accessed here, offers recourse to players at Malta licensed online casinos, should they have a complaint with an operator, with an online gaming support form for players, available here.

Furthermore the MGA has written a Player’s Charter which lists the rights and obligations of players. Indeed, this is a vast improvement on the former Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, which used to oversee Remote Gaming on the island. Having developed a reputation of being somewhat flaccid.

Several of the reviewed casinos here on are licensed and operate from Malta, with each of them also holding a license issued by the UK Gambling Commission, thus allowing them to accept UK Residents. For your convenience, all such online casinos are listed directly below, with links to their own dedicated review pages.

Each licensee has to nominate a Key Official whose role is to liaise with Malta Gaming Authority and the company issued with a Malta license. The Key Official also has to be a director of said licensee company, must reside in Malta and also must keep abreast of all the operations undertaken by the licensee. Ensuring all operations are supervised and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations set down by the MGA.

An advantage for players at Malta licensed operations is the fact that the MGA has procedures in place to protect player funds. These can involve a licensee providing a bank guarantee in the MGA’s favour in order to protect player funds.

In total there are currently four ( 4 ) classes of Remote Gaming Licenses issued by the MGA. These all cover all aspects of remote gaming.

UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission is responsible for issuing licenses to online casino operators to allow them to accept players from Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

With the UK Gambling Commission coming under the Ministerial Auspices of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Since 2014, any online casino that wishes to accept players from the UK has to have a license from the UKGC.

All UKGC Licensees have had to assess themselves against three categories of protection for customer funds: basic, medium and high.

Licensed operators, both remote and non-remote, are required to clearly convey their Level of Protection Rating to customers as part of their terms and conditions.

Any and all online casinos which have a UKGC License offer a further level of protection and regulation for players and a real recourse should a problem with a casino occur.

Established as a result of the UK Gambling Act 2005, the UK Gambling Commission assumed full powers in 2007, taking over the role of the former Gaming Board for Great Britain.

Since October 2013, the UK Gambling Commission has also taken over the function of overseeing the UK National Lottery, replacing the National Lottery Commission.

The UKGC as it is often known as, has an important role to play in monitoring and regulating those casinos which accept UK players. However, players please be aware, there are many many operators out there on the internet, that readily take UK players, who have not been awarded or have applied for a UKGC license.

All the online casinos which are reviewed here on which accept UK Residents as players, have an appropriate UKGC license, in addition to their offshore license where they operate from, if applicable.

Player Protection and the UKGC’s Role

So what protections if any are players afforded by the UK Gambling Commission when playing at those casinos which have a current and valid UKGC license?

Well the stated aim of the UKGC is as follows: “to keep crime out of gambling, to ensure that gambling is conducted fairly and openly, and to protect children and vulnerable people

To this end, all operators who have a UKGC license also have to meet and adhere to laid down Responsible Gambling criteria set by the commission. One such notable change is the implementation of the ‘Take a Break’ facility, or TAB as it is sometimes known as.

TAB or Take a Break allows players to basically ‘self exclude’ themselves from an online casino for a limited amount of time. In most instances, this can be done automatically and straight away within the casino software – whether it is a download client or via a web browser no download casino.

Furthermore the UKGC continually monitors and oversees it’s licensees and can and do visit any operator with a license, to undertake financial and regulatory audits.

Finally, the UKGC also appoint Alternative Dispute Resolution Services for players to use and go to, should a dispute arise between them and a UKGC licensed online casino. One such service is the one provided by eCOGRA.

For UK players, playing at an online casino licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission is a big plus.