Provably Fair Casinos

Online casinos have completely revolutionized the way in which people are able to gamble, but even to this day people approach these sites and the games they offer with caution. Though online casinos are able to offer all of the games you find on the floor of a brick and mortar casino, there lacks a sense of transparency. No matter how reputable the site, there is always going to be some reservations on the part of the player with regard to whether they are being cheated or not.

The following will explain to you what provably fair casinos are, and how they go about proving the fairness and legitimacy of their games. It is easy to explain that an online casino is fair and should be trusted, but this will explain exactly why the site is fair and how you can go about validating the trust you place in the site.

How Provably Fair Functions

There are many different implementations of “provably fair,” but the most common one works with three different variables. For one, there is the server seed. The server seed is provided by the site at which you are gambling. Next is the client seed. The client seed is created by your browser and can be adjusted by you (we will explain more of that later). Finally, there is a nonce. The nonce is nothing more than a number that increases each time a wager is placed by you.

Immediately before you play your first hand of blackjack or make the first spin of the roulette wheel, you will receive an encrypted hash made up of the server seed. The fact that you are receiving the server seed means that the online casino cannot change it, but the fact that it is encrypted means that you cannot pick it apart and determine the results of upcoming hands, spins, games.

The online casino will provide you with a hashed server seed, but you are responsible for providing the client seed. This is done by way of your browser, By using both the encrypted server seed and your generated client seed, the outcome of your game is determined.

Once you have finished a session of online casino play, the once-encrypted server seeds can be unhashed so that you can, quite literally, go back and verify that the results of your games matched those in the seed. Once again, because the server seed is transferred from the online casino to you before you begin playing, there is no way by which the online casino can affect the outcome of your results. There are many online programs and methods you can use to physically go back and check that the results match.

Can Casinos Still Cheat Players?

Like we said before, the occurrence of casinos cheating players out of money has dropped off dramatically as the internet has advanced. For one, the immediate spread of word nowadays means that it would be quite difficult for a casino to cheat players without them knowing about it.

Beyond that, it is possible for casinos to cheat their players. This happens by way of games whose results are simply proven, rather than provably fair. If a site tries to skirt around providing provably fair games, they will more than likely offer games that are solely provable. This means that while you can go back and see that the encrypted server seed results match up with the results of your play, there is nothing there proving the games are fair. To make it simple, the online casino can give you server seeds that are set up in such a way where you lose more than you win. In doing this, the games are provable, but that does not mean that they are fair. For this reason, we encourage you to only play at those sites who have provably fair games. What’s more, a site simply saying that they have provably fair games is not enough. You should do research to ensure that the online casino in question can elaborate upon how, exactly, they prove the fairness of their games.

If a site does not offer you the ability to calculate your results on your own, stay away. This is shady and should be an immediate red flag. Any online casino that is, in fact, provably fair, will do everything in their power to explain how game results are calculated in a fair manner.