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**Private Table was a poker room that was proposed by the Iipay Nation Indian Tribe, but was never created** is a brand new online poker room, and one of the very first of its kind. Historically, United States poker rooms have been operated by companies that were located in distant areas, namely Malta, Isle of Man, Europe, and so on. Private Table, however, is based in California within the US and is managed by an Indian Tribe, the Iipay Nation.

Real money play is not yet live on, however players can download the client and participate in play money games. Though not yet finalized, common speculation has been that this room will indeed ultimately offer real money games, but that they will be offered only to residents of California.

Promotions at

One of the first promotions being run in an attempt to encourage prospective poker players to join PrivateTable is an offering of free iTunes and Google Play gift cards. Unlike usual bonus and promotion offers, there is no deposit or real money play required. Instead, all that is required to earn gift cards from Private Table is to simply create an account and participate in play/free money tournaments hosted by the site.

Signing Up

The first step to playing poker at Private Table is creating an account. To create an account, you will need to download the third party client which will then run on your computer remotely. From there, opening your own account is very simple. All that you need to do is enter your basic information including address, email, and player name.

As of now, in order to play poker at, the only option is to download the client and utilize the lobby interface. Some poker rooms offer play within browsers or as an app, but this is not currently an option, at least yet, though it would not be surprising to see an app based version of the room become available in the future.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Private Table Poker

One of the more unique elements of this new poker room is that players have the option to deposit real money either online as is traditional, or they can actually visit the tribe’s Smoke Shop which is located on their property in Santa Ysabal, California.

For the vast majority of players, the easiest deposit option for real money play at PrivateTable is by using their virtual account, named Finpay. The easiest way to understand what Finpay is would be to compare it to a service like Western Union, except it is built for easy online access. The minimum deposit allowed on for play is $5.

Cash Games

As real money play is not yet live on the site or client, it is impossible to determine what type of volume can be expected. With that said, given the demand for online poker in California in conjunction with the large player base, it is safe to assume that the cash game tables will be heavily populated.


Tournaments seem to be an area of emphasis for PrivateTable,com, even if only based on their promotions of play money activity as of right now. On their website, there are not any tournaments currently listed, but there is a section available that will likely host a breakdown of their scheduled events, buy in amounts, guaranteed prize pools and so on.

More Information about

Website URL:
Real Money Play: No, as of August, 2014
Deposit Bonus: None
Deposit Methods: Finpay and In Person at Tribe’s Smoke Shop
Withdrawal Methods: TBD
Players Accepted: United States
Minimum Age: TBD

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