Best Mexican Online Casino Sites

Here, we rank and review the best Mexican online casinos for real money. We also cover the legal aspects of gambling for real money in Mexico.

Mexico can be a bit of a confusing country to live in if you are trying to understand its gambling laws. In some ways, Mexico is ahead of its neighbours. Gambling is legal, and the country has over 400 land-based casinos, and gambling houses are present in the country. At the same time, there are no real laws in place regarding internet gambling, which makes gambling online something of a grey area. If you’re confused, you needn’t worry. By the time you’ve finished reading this piece, you will have a much clearer idea of the landscape. Let’s begin then, by looking at the specifics of Mexican gambling law.

Can I Gamble Online in Mexico?

Mexico has taken a different approach to its neighbours when it comes to online gambling. Many countries have gambling authorities which only issue licenses to national operators. Mexico has chosen to go down another route. Instead, they only issue licenses to casino operators which are based offshore.

At the same time, Mexico has taken a few steps to stop its players from playing at the very casinos that the state licenses. A scant few ISP (internet service provider) blocks are in place, but they are hardly extensive or effective. In fact, most Mexicans can get around these bans with just a semi-decent VPN (virtual private network). Mexico does not punish any of its citizens who do decide to wager at these offshore and foreign casinos, either. Naturally, this leads many Mexicans to do just that. 

A Look at the Early Gambling Laws in Mexico

Mexico has a colourful history with gambling. Long before the Mexican Revolution, there were brick and mortar casinos dotted across the country. French gambling venues heavily influenced these. It wasn’t until the mid-1930s that gambling officially became illegal. This was done following pressure from the Catholic Church and reformists. While amendments were made in the 1940s, gambling activities were still largely outlawed over the following decades.

Unsurprisingly, and as we can see in other countries, anti-gambling laws proved to be ineffective. By the 1990s, lotteries and sports betting were rife in Mexico. Rather than crack down on gamblers, Mexico decided to adopt new gambling laws which were far more relaxed. These laws came to fruition in 2004, when a new Mexican gambling act was passed. Today, all gambling regulations come from the Ministry of the Interior, or the Secretaría de Gobernacion if you want to use its full name. This authority has permission to issue licenses to land-based gambling enterprises in Mexico, as well as offshore casino domains.

Online Gambling in Mexico

Mexico has discussed putting some kinds of blocks on transactions involving Mexican players and significant online casinos. However, this has not yet come to pass. As such, having a punt on your favourite gambling games in Mexico is currently legal. At the same time, Mexicans can also engage in sports betting, horse racing, and other gambling activities in both the digital and land-based realms.

While the current system has worked well for Mexico thus far, there could be changes afoot in the future. Mexico may decide to implement financial restrictions to block transactions. They may also crackdown on the number of foreign sites offering games. It may also be that Mexico could legalise and create national online casinos. All these above are continually being discussed in the country.

As mentioned, though; for now, Mexican players can opt to play at seemingly any online casino which accepts them, without fear of repercussion.

Why Play at a Mexican Online Casino?

Mexican players (at the time of writing) can choose from a wide variety of online casinos. Mexican casinos shouldn’t be confused with those which are licensed out of Mexico. These sites are not open to Mexican players. Instead, when we refer to Mexican online casinos, we are really referring to those sites which accept players from the country, but which are not based there, the aforementioned foreign and offshore casinos.

There are many reasons why slot lovers might choose to play at these offshore casinos, and they include:

  • They are Outside Mexican Jurisdiction: These offshore and foreign casino sites do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Mexican gambling authorities. As Mexico does not punish its players for frequenting these online casino sites, you are free to do so at will. Moreover, you’ll have plenty of top sites to play at.
  • Spanish Gameplay and Mexican Pesos: Any foreign casinos which cater to Mexican players will go out of their way to make Mexicans feel at home. This means that they are likely to offer Spanish language gaming. Moreover, some of the live dealer games carried at these sites may also be playable in Spanish. On top of that, these offshore casinos will almost certainly accept the Mexican peso (MXN) currency. A good number of these sites will also serve up Mexican-friendly payment methods. This could come in handy if the Mexican gambling authorities decide to put restrictions on gambling transactions.
  • Bonuses and Promos Relevant for Mexicans: Mexican casinos will typically come with big-money bonuses and promotions. These will almost certainly include welcome bonuses, and often VIP/loyalty deals, re-deposit bonuses, free spins, and much more besides. As you can tell, you will find no shortage of top deals at Mexican casinos.
  • Mexico-Based Support Options: It is essential that players have access to top support whenever they need it. As well as being able to get in touch via live chat, e-mail and telephone, most top Mexican casinos will also provide this support for free and in Spanish. 
  • Top Games Aimed at Mexican Players: Mexican casinos have no shortage of games. Some of these sites may feature from one single software provider, or they can feature quite literally thousands of games from a myriad of providers. Whichever way you opt to go, Mexican casino will almost always carry all your favourite games from live dealer to slot games, video poker, bingo and much more besides.

Finding the Best Mexican Online Casinos

As you will have noticed thus far, players in Mexico have a variety of casinos they can play at, and each has its own selection of perks. However, before you rush into the first casino you see, it helps to know what to look for. Here are a few things which the very best Mexican online casinos should all be able to provide you…

  • Always Play at Licensed Casinos: One of the dangers of being able to play at so many offshore sites is that you need to pay attention to licenses. Ideally, you should opt to play at a Mexican casino which is licensed out of a reputable jurisdiction. You ideally want to avoid those sites which feature spurious licensing information, or those which aren’t licensed at all. The best Mexican online casinos will also feature solid licenses and offer responsible gaming.
  • Mexican Preferences: As mentioned above, many of the best Mexican online casinos will be able to kit you out with Spanish language gaming, and the Mexican peso (MXN) currency. These are essential if you want your online casino to feel like home.
  • Top Mobile Action: Mexican players love a spot of mobile casino gaming. It is no surprise then to see that most major Mexican online casinos are a dab-hand at serving up mobile casino action. With so many different casino sites to choose from, you might as well select one which provides this service.
  • All-in-One Casinos: Mexicans love to gamble on sports events. In fact, sports betting is arguably the most popular gambling market in the South American country. With that in mind, it is well worth ensuring that your casino also offers sports betting options. A good number of top Mexican betting sites you may come across should do.
  • Tried and Tested: If in doubt, it is always worth checking out reviews on selected Mexican casinos. These will generally give you a better picture of the level of security, service and fairness of a casino. Alternatively, you can use other resources to find top Mexican casinos. You’ll find more than a handful right here on this page.
  • Great Games: Mexican online casinos come with no shortage of games. Video poker and slot games are always popular in Mexican, as are table games. You can experience the works at top Mexican casinos. If possible, try to play at a site which offers games from more than one developer, as you’ll have a greater variety to choose from.

Yours Questions Answered: Our FAQs on Mexican Online Casino Gambling

Do you still have questions about betting at Mexican online casinos? Perhaps our FAQ guide can be of assistance to you…

  • How do I pick the best Mexican online casino?

One of the best ways to do your own homework is to measure and judge Mexican casinos based on the criteria listed above. Failing that, though, it is worth checking out to the top Mexican casinos listed right here on this page. 

  • Is it illegal for me to play at an online casino in Mexico?

Not really. While it is illegal for Mexican players to play at Mexican licensed casinos, there are no such laws preventing them from playing at offshore and foreign casinos. Mexican players are (at present) free to do just that.

  • How old do I have to be to gamble in Mexico?

The national gambling laws in Mexico state that you must be 18 to gamble in any land-based venue. As online gambling is technically not legal, there is no gambling age. However, most international sites have ages ranging from 18 to 21 years old.

  • Can I trust offshore casinos?

As always, whether an offshore casino can be trusted or not depends on where it is licensed and how it is regulated. Stick to casinos licensed out of reputable jurisdictions, and you should be fine.

  • What deposit/withdrawal methods can I use at Mexican casinos?

A few Mexican banks can be used to make bank transfers to and from offshore casinos. However, with Mexico eager to implement blocks on these transactions, you’re advised to use other options. Mexican casino sites typically offer VISA, MasterCard, OXXO and American Express options, as well as e-wallets and cryptocurrency options.

  • Can I claim bonuses at Mexican casinos?

Naturally. Many of the best Mexican online casino sites have no shortage of top deals to offer their players. These vary in value and size but are worth checking out. Always make sure you double down and read the terms and conditions of any bonus you claim, though, as these, too, vary wildly from site to site.