Best Finnish Online Casino Sites

Finland is often regarded as a great country to live in if you wish to play casino games online. Many of the internet’s top progressive jackpot wins belong to players who live in Finland. Moreover, it seems (on the surface) that Finns have access to countless online casinos, owing to liberal and free gambling laws. However, under the surface, there is more going on. How open is the Finnish online gambling market? What can Finns play and not play in their own country, and what do the gambling laws of Finland mean for its citizens? It is time to take a closer look at Finnish online casinos.

Can I Gamble Online in Finland?

The truth of the matter is that virtually all forms of gambling are legal in Finland. However, this is only the case because of specific gambling laws. In effect, to be fully legal in Finland, an online casino must be licensed by the state-owned Veikkaus Ltd company or another monopolised company. Anything which is not Veikkaus operated (or again, belonging to another Finnish monopoly) is technically illegal. However, as Finland’s offshore gambling laws are amongst the more relaxed in the world, the reality is that Finns can seemingly play anywhere in the world.

A Brief Look at the Gambling Laws in Finland

The Finnish Lotteries Act of 2001 and subsequent decrees made by the country’s government state that for an internet gambling site to be legal, it must be operated by Veikkaus, Fintoto or Raha-Automaattiyhdistys (RAY). These organisations span sports betting, lottery websites, online casinos, and much more besides. There is a fair number of internet betting sites for Finns to choose from which can all be classified as legal. 

Online Gambling in Finland

Despite the presence of Finnish online casinos run by the monopolies listed above, many Finns still choose to head over to offshore casinos. Why visit a foreign casino if you have locally licensed ones available?

The truth of the matter is that the game variance at Finnish online casinos is not quite as diverse as those found at external or remote casino sites. Moreover, there is nothing that really stops Finns doing this – at least, nothing which is legal.

The Finnish gambling laws only state where it is legal to play online gambling games. Unlike other countries, they have not specified that visiting unlicensed casinos is illegal. As is often the case with various things, just because something is not legal, does not necessarily make it illegal. It makes it unregulated or a grey-zone, and that is precisely where these offshore domains fall.

Many Finnish players regularly signed up to casinos which are licensed outside of Finland, and there is nothing the Finnish authorities can (or seemingly want to) do about it.

Why Play at a Finnish Online Casino?

Of course, there are reasons why a Finnish online casino might suit you better than an offshore casino. Here are a few of them:

  • They are Fully Licensed: Only Finnish licensed casinos are fully legal in the country. If you want to play at a casino which is totally legal (especially if the gambling law changes), then Finnish online casinos are the way to go.
  • The Collection of Games Is Not That Bad: The collection of games at Finnish licensed casinos may not be as diverse or as extensive as those found at offshore casinos. However, let us not make an issue out of something which is not really one in the first place. The array of games at these sites is still decent.
  • Gameplay in Finnish: Naturally, any online casino which is licensed out of Finland will offer gameplay in Finnish. Although many Finns can speak English, nothing beats playing games in your mother tongue.
  • Finnish-Friendly Banking Options: As they are licensed out of Finland, Finnish online casinos will feature all your favourite banking options. Options such as Euteller can link directly to your Finnish bank account and provide immediate transaction times when you deposit and withdraw.
  • No Sign Up Necessary: Some Finnish casinos rely on electronic banking as identification measures. Those that do will often allow you to play without opening an account. This usually means that you can have your withdrawals processed instantly, too.

Finding the Best Finnish Online Casinos

Now that you know a bit about what Finnish online casinos can offer, it might be worth taking a quick peek at what makes the best offshore casinos for Finnish players to join. Here are a few notable things you may wish to keep your eyes out for.

The best Finnish online casinos based offshore will typically be…

  • Safe, Licensed and Secure: They may not be licensed out of Finland, but any offshore casinos which you may wish to play should be licensed all the same. Moreover, they should be licensed out of reputable jurisdictions, feature responsible gaming policies, and be regulated.
  • Contain Fair Bonuses and Promotions: Many foreign sites tend to be feature far more extravagant offers than you will typically find in a Finnish licensed casino. This sounds great, but you should still take care. Some of these deals feature burdensome wagering requirements. The best Finnish offshore casinos will have fair and dare we say low playthrough rates.
  • Excellent Gaming Options: One of the reasons that Finns may jump ship to offshore casinos is to find a greater selection of games. There is not much point in playing at a remote casino if it does not offer you a more extensive selection of games than a typical Finnish site. You will want to see live dealer games, mobile games and much more besides.
  • Finnish Services: Lastly, just because a casino may not be licensed out of Finland, does not mean that they should not serve up top Finnish services. Players are still going to want to deposit, wager and withdraw using the euro. Similarly, they are going to want to access Finnish language games, and possibly even want to see Finnish banking options and customer support in at least English.

Yours Questions Answered: Our FAQ Guide on Finnish Online Casino Gambling

We will try and do our best to answer any last questions you still have on the Finnish online casino gambling industry below. Hopefully, we will have you covered. Let us find out now.

How do I pick the best Finnish online casino?

You can avoid all doubt by choosing an online casino which is licensed out of Finland. Alternatively, use our guide above to match the most important criteria. These represent the best Finnish online casinos you can join.

Is it illegal for me to play at an online casino in Finland?

No. It is fully legal for you to play at a Finnish licensed casino. Even offshore and foreign casinos are not deemed to be illegal under Finnish law.

How old do I have to be to gamble in Finland?

Finland’s gambling laws state that you must be aged 18 or over to gamble. This age applies irrespective of whether you wish to bet online, or in a land-based venue.

Can I trust offshore casinos that accept players from Finland?

This depends on where you plan on playing. Any offshore casinos which fit the criteria listed above should be fine to play at. However, you must do your homework to ensure that they are safe, secure, regulated, licensed and provide responsible gaming options.

What deposit/withdrawal methods can I use at Finnish casinos?

Many Finnish players opt to use Euteller to deposit and withdraw at casinos, as is caters explicitly to Finns. However, Trustly, PayPal, e-banking services, instant banking, and e-wallets are also popular with players in Finland.

Can I claim bonuses at Finnish casinos?

Yes and no. Locally licensed Finnish online casinos tend to feature very few promotions and bonuses if any at all. However, those online casinos which are based offshore often carry a wealth of top promotions and bonuses. Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions of any offer before you decide to claim it.