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BitStarz Review


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BitStarz Review

Let me start off by saying that anyone who is researching because they are interested in making a deposit on their website, please be sure to read our review in its entirety and save yourself the headache. They are a huge scam and abide by extremely unethical business practices. I experienced this firsthand, and recommend that you read my review to learn more about what happened to me and why I’m so mad about it.

Depositing Bitcoins at BitStarz


So, I guess I’ll start this review by saying I’m relatively new to bitcoin. I ended up buying a few of them last weekended so that I could buy a new crypto-currency I heard about called Ethereum. So anyway.. I bought a bunch of this new Ethereum stuff, and it wasn’t doing much price-wise. Being the sicko that I am, I thought that maybe if I sold half of my Ethereum and converted it back to Bitcoin, I could run it up at an online casino. My plan was that if I could run it up, I would then use it to buy even more of the new crypto currency.

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I ended up stumbling across BitStarz somewhere on the internet, and I don’t really remember why I chose it over other options. Needless to say, I ended up depositing a pretty small amount of bitcoins on (roughly 0.5 btc or ~$200 USD at the time of the post). When I sent the bitcoins to my wallet on BitStarz, it went through without issue. My funds were available in my account within about 5 minutes of being sent, so not bad in that respect. They do list that virtual-currency deposits can take up to a few hours to confirm in some cases, but it appears that generally it is instantaneous.

Casino Game Offering & User Interface


After my Bitcoin transfer went through, I ended up browsing around their website and familiarizing myself with the interface. Overall the user experience is sub-par, not completely terrible but definitely not terrific. They use software from a few different companies including SoftSwiss, Amatic Industries, Betsoft, Ezugi, Microgaming, Leander Games, NetEnt and Endorphina. They offer many virtual variations of popular table games including blackjack, let it ride, three card poker, roulette and a few others. They also offer a few standard online slot machines like Mr. Vegas and Tycoons among others, which are nothing special.

Although the games I played at are somewhat irrelevant to me getting scammed, I figure it will give you a fuller understanding of the entire situation. As per my experience here, I started off by playing some multi-hand blackjack and did ok. I was up about 1 bitcoin I think. Note that the maximum bet at any of their blackjack games is only 40 mbtc, which definitely limits your upside. After that I played Let it Ride, where after just a few minutes I hit quads and had a few other good hands. Once I was up a bit here, I somehow managed to destroy the roulette table and was up to about 20 bitcoins overall, from my initial 0.5 btc. I was mostly just betting like a phsyco on random color/even/odd combinations, which I would not recommend. Well, needless to say I was amped that I won 20 bitcoins (which was about $8,000 USD at that time). I was excited about all the possibilities that $8,000 opened up for me, not to mention that I could now pay my rent for 6 months! But that is where the fun stopped.

Hitting Quads at Let it Ride

Even though I was gambling like a sicko, I played fairly and didn’t do anything that was against their terms and conditions. I didn’t open multiple accounts, abuse any bonus codes or do anything else that would potentially jeopardize any of my winnings. Like I mentioned, I hit quads at Let it Ride within like 20 minutes (which was about 6 bitcoins). After that I played roulette and a few other table games which were pretty swingy. I was playing for over 5 hours; ample time to have alerted me of the issue I would later learn.

Cashing Out at BitStarz

Anyway, back to my story; when I was up to 20 bitcoins I decided to cash out and go to bed. I started with a test of 1 bitcoin and sent it to my wallet just to make sure it would go through smoothly. Very shortly after I did this, my account was disabled, the withdrawal was “discarded” and a live chat popped up from a person named “Mike.” At this point, things started to go downhill fast. I had a gut feeling that they were going to try to swindle me out of the money I won; and I was right.

BitStarz Casino Bonus Scam

In live chat “Mike” said that I had violated their terms and conditions, and my winnings were “confiscated.” I asked him why they did this, since I read the terms carefully before playing and did not violate any of them to my knowledge. He said it was clearly outlined that you cannot bet more than 25 mbtc at any time when utilizing their bonus.

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First off let me say that this was definitely not clearly outlined in any way, as I looked over the terms and conditions pretty carefully before playing. Also, I did not even select to receive a bonus, it is apparently applied to your deposits automatically. If i knew you could only bet 25 mbtc when utilizing the bonus, I would not have accepted the bonus or would not have bet more than 25 mbtc. This is also very absurd, because if you play on their website and place even 1 bet for more than 25 mbtc, they can just confiscate all of your winnings.

Live Chat at


So anyway, I asked Mike where it said there is a max bet and why it let me bet more than 25 mbtc if it was not allowed (since I obviously did not see it or I would not have bet over 25 mbtc). He then said it was in their “bonus terms and conditions” which I had no idea even existed before playing. This is absurd, and is obviously just a cheap ploy for them to not have to pay people who actually win real money at their bitcoin casino.

This information is buried deep on their website and very hard to find. It is not clearly outlined to stand out in any way, and it is my opinion that they bank on this in order to confiscate the winnings of anyone who plays there. This, in my view is a completely predatory practice that is unacceptable. The guy in live chat; “Mike” essentially did not offer me anything for my troubles, and in less words told me to go away after stealing over 20 bitcoins from me.

I also feel that I did not abuse their bonus in any way, as I deposited my own money and was not taking advantage of any of their terms in my opinion. I feel more strongly that they are in fact the ones abusing their own terms and conditions to scam players on their website for the sole purpose of not having to pay out winners. After they scammed me out of my winnings, I later learned that the same exact thing that happened to me also happened to countless other individuals.

If you are reading my review and are thinking, “ok, so I am still going to play on, I just won’t use their bonus.” Let me first say that if you do this you are basically gambling with your money before even placing a wager on their website. If they have used this unethical practice to scam me out of over $8,000 USD, then what’s to say that if you win big you will ever see the money. Additionally, if I had lost my 0.5 bitcoins while “abusing” their bonus terms, I’m nearly 100% sure they would have kept quiet and taken my money.

BitStarz Scam Analogy

In case you don’t understand just how messed up what I have described above is, picture this: You go to a casino in Las Vegas and sit down at a table. The maximum bet allowed at the table is $50. You then manage to bet $150 per hand for several hours with the casino knowingly and purposefully allowing it. At the end of the night, you end up winning $8,000 without the pitboss saying a word, just watching silently. You color up your chips and then go to the cage, excited to cash out your winnings. When you get to the cage, the lady says sorry, we are confiscating your chips – you violated our terms and conditions by betting more than the table max.

The 25 Mbtc Max Bet Scam

I guarantee that if I lost my bitcoins, they would not have credited me back my losses because I “violated” their terms and conditions. This is such a scam, and I hope that whoever reads this chooses a different casino if they do end up betting online. If they are going to have a limit of 25 mbtc, they should enforce it directly on the games so it is not physically possible to bet more than this amount. Instead they hide it within an extra terms and conditions section that is located in an entirely different area of their website from the standard terms and conditions.

The exact part of their Bonus Terms which states that you cannot bet more than 25 mbtc is actually located in sub-section 12 of the third main section. For your reference, this is about 3/4 of the way down the page, making it almost impossible to spot. In no way is it made “clear” as was their argument to me. It is not bolded, and is intentionally buried to blend in so that people miss it and they have the “right” to confiscate their winnings.

Avoid at All Costs


Even if you are fortunate enough to have been able to find my review before depositing money onto and are aware of their extremely absurd bonus rules and scammy tactics, it just goes to show you what kind of people they are and how they run their casino. They obviously have no regard for their reputation or for running a legitimate and respectful operation. Their only motive is apparently to make money any way possible at all costs. This is terrible for the player, and I hope will lead to their downfall.

I would not trust them with any amount of money, and would definitely not trust any of their associated online casinos. You should avoid BitStarz at all costs. When all was said and done BitStarz swindled me out of over $8,0000 USD (or 20 bitcoins). If you are going to gamble online, I would highly recommend that you find a casino that follows more ethical practices than BitStarz. I was so angry at what happened along with their cookie cutter responses, that I did not sleep and have spent all night writing this review in hopes that it will help others avoid this shady online casino.

BitStarz Scamming Tactics at a Glance

So here is how the scam works:

  1. – You Deposit bitcoins or money to your account
  2. – Just before doing so, you get an automatic bonus of 50% – 100%
  3. – You have the option to decline the bonus, but why would you… it is free money, right?
  4. – This leads to the user almost always accepting the bonus
  5. – You are now bound to the “bonus terms and conditions”
  6. – After already thoroughly read the regular terms and conditions, you quickly glance over the bonus terms and everything looks ok.
  7. – But little did you know that buried within the bonus terms and condition (more than half-way down the page in small letters) is a tiny little section that says you can’t bet more than 25 mbtc at any time.
  8. – Note that many of the table games here have a max bet that is much above 25 mbtc, encouraging you to bet more than that amount. This is true even when you are utilizing a bonus, further encouraging you to “violate” the rules you do not know exist.
  9. – Not knowing this you place several bets above this amount and, if you are lucky, you win!
  10. – Excited, you go to cash out — but wait — your withdrawal is under review
  11. – You then receive a live chat/email from their support saying they are confiscating your winnings due to a violation of their bonus terms and conditions.
  12. – BitStarz confiscates your winnings, and does not have to pay you.

And that is the type of dirtbaggery committed by BitStarz and their scamming owners. This has not only happened to me personally but also countless other individuals as I am now learning. These rules are put in place and implemented in such a way that BitStarz is at a huge advantage over all of their players(above and beyond what is normally acceptable from a casino). There are several easy ways they can fix this, but they intentionally choose not to as they benefit too much from it. In my instance, they gained 20 bitcoins from this backward system.

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After looking over some of their website stats via Alexa, it seems they lost some rankings on Google recently. This could mean they are hurting financially, potentially creating a website that will do anything to stay afloat; whether that means following unethical practices, or whatever else. If this is true, I would highly recommend avoiding them at all costs, it’s just not worth the risk. Instead, we recommend joining either mBit Casino, Bitcoin Penguin, or BC Casino.

BitStarz has said that this sort of thing is “pretty common” but I can tell you, it is not (at least by reputable casinos). They have also defended themselves as saying it is to “protect them against abuse.” I can also tell you this is a lie. Needless to say, they will go out of their way to find anything to use unfairly against their users so they do not have to pay them.

36 thoughts on “BitStarz Review”

  1. I have been playing at bitstarz for over a year now, and I have made over 2,000 deposits, and still have yet to win anything over a couple hundred dollars. There is certainly something fishy about the contract between them and betsoft. And it happens to be the testing of the slots software is done right in Malta, where their livechat and casino is handled out of. From someone who has made thousands of deposits and spent much money, I can tell you that if you win, cash out immediatly and dont do any tests, cash it all out , specailly if it is bitcoin. The chat guy Mike even says that you can never prove anything when mentioned about the rigged slots, that rarely will ever produce a big win in a million spins. Statistically speaking, it is insane how you can never win out of thousands of deposits and betting small and big every day of the week. Most interestingly they do not release their rtp percentages, and i think i know why, it is because they are far below the 90 percent average of online slot play.

  2. Andrius Užkalnis

    My initial deposit was 0.58 bitcoin (or over 300 euros). Received 100% bonus with 40x wagering requirement as promised. Got lucky, won a few bigger bets on slots. My balance grew up to 9 bitcoin at one point. I was so happy, wanted to cash out it as quickly as possible, therefore I raised my bets up to the max. All the time while betting I was monitoring my balance and wagering indicator in %. Everything went smooth, and within few hours I managed to reach 40x requirement with over 6 bitcoin in my balance. Decided to cash out and went to bed. Just to wake and read an email from Bitstarz that I breached their terms and conditions of betting more than 0.025 bitcoin per roll, therefore all my winnings has to be forfeited. There’s so many ways they could make it right, but they simply refuse to do so. They could make their platform so that it wouldn’t be possible to make incorrect bets. They could make so that bets over the limit wouldn’t count towards wagering requirement. Even after the fact, they could discard just the offending bets, but leave the other. But instead what they do they just steal your rightfully earned money. I feel like someone had stolen money from me.

  3. I can read here that several people has had the same experience with fishy business practices at Bitstarz. I do not think this is a serious casino as they use every opportunity to scam their players. I deposited with a third party bank card. I should not have done that I realize now but they let me do it, and they let me play with the money. When I wanted to withdraw though. then it suddenly became a big issue and I had breached all sorts of terms. I tried to explain the situation and have any type of verification from me and the owner of the card, but no they confiscated all my money. Watch out they will let you breach their terms as long as you lose, but if you win they take your money anyway.

  4. I have been a player of BitStarz for a few years now, and as you can see on the attached screenshots below, I have been quite an active player, almost on a daily basis with hundreds and hundreds of transactions (both deposits and withdrawals) in Bitcoin.
    Over the last years, i’ve never had any issues with their casino, until last night, I decided to withdraw 0.9 btc which was shown as processed but never credited to my wallet. After communicating with their live chat support, we realized the issue was with their payment provider and turns out I got credited less then 3 hours after..
    I decided to play again this morning, and once again, was lucky and won over 5 bitcoin (3 000$ US), I’ve decided to withdraw part of it, and was told by live chat support Mike that verification was now needed…
    I don’t mind providing address, bill utility (as I already did), bank account statement, but they are asking me for credit card proofs of deposits done in over 1 year (which I threw out as they were prepaid, or with old bank accounts…) (I made about 5 deposits (2 CAD, 1 USD and 2 EURO and these were made months and years ago). I was not asked for any proofs until I won today..
    I deposit using Bitcoin almost on a daily basis, and receive promotions (free spin and such) 2-3 times a week. I have attached all of my transaction history on img (BIG files, need to zoom in) as I wanted to show my account history.
    Now BitStarz refuses to pay, states their ToS, when it’s literally fraud. If my account was such a problem, why would they have been accepting my deposit for the last year and approved all of the minors payments I receive.
    Why would verification of my credit card, used 1 year ago and more is now needed?

  5. Well after just talking to customer service. They took my 2.7 btc out of my account because I bet over .025 197 times out of the thousands I rolled. Their software shouldn’t even allow a bet to go through that breaches their terms of service. The feeling is kind of sickening and makes you feel like you’ve been stolen from. Make sure that you disable bonuses if you are going to use the site or that you only bet small amounts if you use the bonus. It’s seems like a terrible business model to take a players entire balance for just using their software as intended.

  6. The exact some thing happened to me I am new to bit coin as well as on line gaming I fully entered with the expectation of loosing the 64 dollars I entered with however when I became about 80 dollars ahead I stopped playing and looked to relieve my earnings to my dismay I was unaware able to retrieve them. I reached out to the online chat where I was told in order to receive my 144 dollars I would have to play 2 bit coins worthe of games. Outrageous for my 64 dollar investment in gaming I am expected to give them almost 2600 dollars in game play to retrieve my profits of $80 as well as my initial investment of $64 please beware of bitstarz it is nothing more than an outrageously priced arcade game

  7. Kenneth greenland

    I have been a player there for 8 months been depositing and depositing and then I finally won 4 bitcoins which is around 17000 usd and then I went to withdraw and then they asked for docs even though I deposited with bitcoin I submitted them and then boom the confiscate my funds disable my account I was not playing with a bonus when I won or anything if you win big there they do not pay you. And if u deposit with bitcoin then u can’t reverse charges either I deposited around 500 that day gone and the 17000 I won. Here is a link to chat transcripts and screen shots

  8. This summer I won about 3500SEK, then I wrote with support and they removed my winnings and said I only had access to about 1500SEK but I did not have access to verify my ID because I have been homeless for 4 years and have explained it to support then.
    I never managed to get the money out then.
    By then I logged in and had a sum of 50mBTC (8000SEK) and I demanded support and they said I could try to verify me again and had to deposit 200SEK to get the money out. Then suddenly it had been removed to 25mBTC (4000SEK) at the moment.
    I logged in today and wrote to support, and suddenly they had SEND again to 5mBTC (97 $) (800sek ~)
    But how are they going to change my amount all the time if bitcoin is a mobile currency, and I was entitled to $ 200 from the beginning this summer and only for bitcoin increased, I only get 700kr? There is something that does not match

  9. I found this totally disappointing after depositing a lot of money over a time and not using bonuses… as i heard too many bad stories, i used money not bitcoin, i won very tiny amounts compared to what i put in and it was just repeated and repeated and repeated that the wins were very small said “big win” to win some ridiculous amount, i dont know seems scammy to me.. how is it possible that there are barely any wins at all over weeks of depsoting each day and large amounts. Makes no sense to me, any time i have ever played anywhere this has not happened. I said i have not had one win enough to withdraw and have no bonuses so can there be some benefit for playing at least such as free spins, yes sure i can have spins but they must wager 40 times that amount, no loyalty program, no bonus for deposits. Nothing… very disappointed.. also i said i want my information deleted and was refused and told this is not possible.. is this not right? So my review is zero

  10. Rating is Zero from me
    1. I played a lot of money with such small wins constantly and continuously.. never won enough for a withdrawal. I know gambling is gambling but hey never come across this before.
    2. I chose not to use the bonus as the wagering was crazy and so many rules. So i said seeing as i have played so much money and had no good wins at all am i eligible for some free spins as like a loyalty perk. There are no loyalty perks. I was told i could have free spins sure.. but i had to ask then are you sure there is no wager attached, oh of course, there is a wager.
    3. I found that some things seem quite misleading like if you play Mondays you are offered free spins.. but they come with a wager, read the fine print. There is nothing given unless there is a wager attached.. Reading a lot of comments i chose not to take the wager bonuses.
    4. There were no rewards for my playing, i played good amounts, the wins were tiny in comparison. They looked like they should be wins but no they were not. Ive gambled many places and never seen such small payouts. Yes it was my choice to gamble but i cant help thinking something is amiss here..
    5. I asked for my personal information to be deleted.. i was told this is not possible. I am wondering if this is allowed, seriously.. i dont think this is right and will be finding out about it.

  11. I play there for a year now. I have a full page of deposits and not a single withdraw.
    Its impossible to win there. Its the mother of dead spins.
    The bonuses its ok but only in your dreams you can wager them.
    I am very disappointed with this casino.

  12. Been playing with them for over 3 years and have made daily deposits if not at least every other day or so. You could even see on blockchain that the address received is about 3 btc. That’s like 10k usd a year!
    Anyhow, yesterday I had an incident where I felt completely scammed out of for the very first time. I’m an easy going player. If I win, I win. If I lose, oh well. But when it comes down to someone trying to scam me of my money and whether it succeeds or not, were going to have a major problem. So I got the usual Friday loyalty bonus of .005 mbtc to play with and won up to .080 mbtc. I remembered 2 weeks prior I had a loyalty bonus and cashed out .058 mbtc the first time and it went through but the second time i tried and cash .085 mbtc they confiscated all of it and stated all bonus winnings from no deposit bonuses is allowed maximum of .050mbtc. So since I had remembered that, i decided to stop playing as the more i win would be confiscated anyways. I then check to see if I got the water requirement done, which I did. I started to withdraw .057mbtc. A little later I get an email from them stating that because my winnings were from a no deposit bonus that the max for btc players is 5mbtc. So therefore the rest is removed. The moment I saw that, I messaged live chat right away and landed with a representative by the name of Chris who was not only rude but talks with a sarcastic type of language trying to make me feel dumb or something.
    At this point i am not only feeling distressed from just being scammed of but here I have to talk to some rude customer support who talks like hes some smartass.
    When I asked about the removed funds, he obviously threw out their “terms & conditions” and made up whatever he needed to make up to validate their actions. I had mention to him why my previous withdrawal got approved and why wouldn’t it go through this time and his response was “it should have been confiscated as well”
    I actually enjoyed playing at bitstarz regardless the more losses I’ve had there then win, but after yesterday, I can honestly say, they’re unethical practices and “terms and conditions” is retarded and if they keep up their stupidity type of business, they’re going to lose alot of loyal players, like I myself is one of them.

  13. As mentioned in an above review, I too have made thousands of deposits and gave betsoft games a try numerous times over the course of a year and after playing daily it seems to be true regarding the RTP. More so, betsoft slots were actually never truly certified as the RNG was never tested while linked to a game or proper software, hence there is ample room left for their games to reject outcomes the RNG produces, and this is clearly written within the certification details on betsofts website. As well, it is worth noting that while many gamblers complain about patterns existing; all I can say is sign up there and play betsoft games regularly, and you as well will find what many players complain about regarding RTP and coin levels playing completely different(you can literally change your coin level up or down and watch the bet history and see frequency of wins change right before your eyes.

  14. F****** scam.. Made so many deposits and never won ANYTHING, the software is rigged and there is IMPOSSIBLE to win !! dont play there!! im playing online casinos for more then 8 years and i had never such experience..

  15. No good no good no good ……both withdrawals i attempted to make were “discarded” one for .146 btc = 930.00 ish dollars at the time and the other .2367 btc = 1600.00 is dollars at the time both transactions were discarded and replaced with .005 btc both time “Mike” said it was because a portion of the winnings were won during free spins?????? SCAM

  16. I would like to say I have no idea how Bitstarz won ask gamblers as the no 1 rated casino to play at. I have been playing here for a while, I deposit everyday and play everyday and you will not win no matter what game you try, some of the support agents are very rude., I don’t think there is any fairness at all at Bitzstarz I recommend you play else where as I have proven over and over again the games do not pay, the more you deposit here the more likely you will loose don’t waste your money trust me what I say and don’t trust them, very very unfair casino.

  17. Stay away from this casino. When depositing funds everything goes well, fast and easy all the time. BUT, when you want to cashout when you have finally won they always seem to have an excuse to deny your withdrawal.
    Never had so much problems with an online casino as with Bitstarz. Also even if you do play make sure you read their bonus rules as not all bonuses have the same rules and most of the time you can win a maximum of 20/30 usd with your bonus money…
    It is a very misleading site, close to being a scam. Definately advise everybody to not play at this casino!

  18. I deposited a 90usd and didnt know about the bonus wager. At first i’ve won about 1.5k USD and planning to cashout after that. That was the time that i just knew about the wager requirements. SO i got lucky playing online casino and won about 4kUSD. Then i’ve met the wager requirements of the bonus which is 3.8kusd. Right?? 100usd bonus but need to meet the 3.8uksd wager requirements. Anyways i’ve won and won until i met the wager requirements. SO i thought that would be already good to cashout, cause i have like 1.8kusd left and i want to withdraw it all instantly. Then they are asking for documents, sent all the selfie images they want with my passport, mastercard, the streetsign where i Live. Then they said i need to just wait. I don’t think they are planning to send it to my bank. In 888 Casino, i easily got verified without asking those documents. I withdrew there easily. SIGH!!!!

  19. Agree they will find any excuse not to pay.
    Read many horror stories.
    i suspect their largest payment has been to the Askgamblers endorsement site.
    Unscrupulous unregulated casino
    I believe in Karma, no-one deceitful is immune. The tables and demons will turn for them….

  20. Its no coincidence so many people complain.
    untrustworthy casino regulated by virtual curacao non existent office
    large payouts will only be to the askgamblers endorsemnt site for top rating
    they wont honour genuine playes withdrawals
    all positive reviews are by dummy accounts and review sites
    karma demons will get the deceitful operators

  21. Ok guys, I have to be fair…I deposited $150 with off bitcoin and my money grew to $1050 and when that happened, I decided it was time to cash out. Also, I had experienced playing in other casinos and their bonuses was ridiculous with all the playthrough/ requirements, so, in choosing a new casino top play in (bitstarz came out #1 in my searches) I decided I will not partake in any bonus at all, I don’t care if …..i’m given 100 free spins….I will not touch all the bonuses offered to me as I accelerated up the levels. So, to be fair, I in fact was given my money when I cashed out, because I used no bonus. Although having out bitcoin is generally 10-20 minutes they stipulate on their site but mine took 3 hours to go through. I had to use their online chat support to ask about why it hadn’t shown up. They just said they had to review it and if it any bonus attached to it. Bitstarz uses 40x wagering on any and all of their bonus. Also from from my experience from playing it for a full week, bonus is not automatic. You have to press the activate button. I read all the nasty reviews but I have to also say that they were fair to me. They sent my $1000 to my blockchain no problem. So guys, just don’t use any bonus because that will just complicate things!!! From now on, I vow to never touch a bonus. Bonuses are nothing but a huge trap. You’ll never get your money out because of the ridiculous playthroughs…. and that is for all casinos. So, I at this point ended up putting back all what I’ve earned in $50-100 increments….it just ate all my money back and now I wonder if they put a ceiling on my winnings because of my lucky first break. Not sure they can target one person, can they?? I was just wondering why I haven’t been able to win like I did the first time. So if you win $1000, don’t keep going back hoping to get more and more lucky…. just keep it in your bank!! Lol

  22. I recently signed up for the first time, after I won from the no deposit bonus and played through the required amount to receive a payout, the company then claimed that I had multiple accounts, confiscated all my winnings (which was over 100$ US), and blocked me. They did the same thing to a friend of mine upon his sign up. This place is a complete scam. Stick to a website like that will legitimately payout b/c these guys are 100% scammers. DO NOT waste your time here!!!

  23. They have disabled my account today saying I provided fake statement . I got my first withdrawal almost instant . But from then they started their fucking scam.
    Never play here please .

  24. Refused to approve documents (which were approved by several other casinos) and ignoring my emails just to keep the money for themselves.

  25. Been playing for about a year.
    I have cashed out thousands but not tens of thousands, so haven’t tested the upper end
    Occasionally been delayed by requests for documents they already had.
    Initial document verification can be made difficult but not too bad. Can see that small novice players may give up and play through their winnings…They demand hard copy utility statements which are almost non existent these days.
    Never opted for bonuses because I know they are a waste of time, but was still offered free bonuses.
    I tried once, turns out around free spins won me $70, with a wagering requirement of $3500, multiplied 20 times if you played table games ie $70,000. A max bet of $5 applicable to this, and a max payout of $100. Complete waste of time, might as well play Xbox. I’ve seen horror stories about deposit bonuses and can fully believe.
    Would recommend no bonus play and making small withdrawals up to $5k, as I don’t have confidence in large payouts.

  26. I’ve always had a positive balance and when I went to cash out they confiscated over $800 plus another $100 in my account. The money was won fair and square and they refuse to pay.

  27. I don’t usually write about my experiences with online gambling, but I want players to be very aware that you will never win at this casino !! Bonuses are a waste of time ( never win) you can deposit hundreds and hundreds of dollars and play everyday and your winnings will be capped at just over $100 dollars, it happened to me about ten times in one week, I could not progress any further than just over the $100 dollars no matter how high the bet, if I bet higher the less I won every time, Bitstarz to get accredited!!! there is more to a Casino than fast payouts etc I have been a long time trusted player and I have felt this casino has not looked after the average player so disappointed, and it sounds like there are a lot of disgruntled players as well, there are about 5 top players that play at this casino and they win the Jackpots all the promotions, year after year the same names are on the Leader Board ? Trusted Casino ? Let me save you the trouble there are lots of reputable casinos that play fair go else where……

  28. DO NOT USE. This casino has the worst odds I’ve ever seen. They give you a bonus, but first withdraw real funds then you play on bonus money. The odds are absolutely ridiculous. No matter what do NOT use this place.

  29. Bitstarz is the most straight up casino I ever played. They have gave me free weekly free spins and I cashed out over 200 on them before. They gave Me the money right away. There is no wait for cashout.

  30. Scammed by Bitstarz

    Today I played on bitstarz and received a notification that
    I had 200 free spins. I clicked on the notification, clicked on the “deep
    sea” game, and clicked auto spin. This slot was set to turbo spins from the
    last time I played free spins. I looked down after the spins started and noticed my
    balance was going down and I clicked stop – somehow the game was charging me
    instead of taking the free spins. I thought it was a visual error or
    something so I left the game and went back in, and my balance was indeed
    taken away for the spins. It was doing 0.9 MBTC (about $9) spins from my real balance.
    I tried to talk through chat but the person would not even listen to what I
    was saying or look into it, they just said I played the game and made the
    bets and completely ignored me. They even banned me from the live support chat, and somehow when I tried to email support the same person kept responding to my ticket and closing it out – refusing to let anyone else assist me or look into it. They were extremely rude. RUN FROM BITSTARZ – if something goes wrong the support is absolutely horrendous.

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