On the Up & Up

It’s February, and there is so much going on that truly excites me. This is a good month.

For one, this issue of the magazine is getting around. Literally. It’s being distributed at four industry conferences—iGaming North America, Florida Gaming Congress, the American Bar Association’s Gaming Law Minefield and the World Game Protection Conference. It’s thrilling for me to see the reach CEM has and the new audience we’re gaining.

Two, we’ve got some great content packed into this issue. You know me—I love politics and economics, and so a new section we’re debuting this month really tickles my fancy. Union Gaming Group debuted its Wall Street boutique services a couple years ago, and I really admire what those guys are doing. Now they’re bringing their unique expertise to our magazine with an index and analysis of the major gaming operators. We think this really complements quite well the AGEM Index we run each month about the major suppliers.

Our feature article this month is focused on a topic in the industry that’s got everybody buzzing. That’s right, it’s Internet and mobile gaming. You may be for it; you may be against it, but whatever your stance, we’ve got a great read for you. We gathered the cream of the crop experts on these two topics and asked them to have a conversation about all of the related issues. The conversation was enthralling. Please, turn to pages 26-32 to read it.

There’s also a lot to look forward to in the coming months. One of the absolute most exciting things I have to share is our new partnership with the folks at WhiteSand Gaming. We’re working with them to produce the Gaming Technology Forum this year. It’s the 11th edition of the show previously known as the Gaming Technology Summit, and we’ve got some great plans in the works. Everyone, please mark your calendars for June 17-19 and come out to the Mirage in Vegas to attend this amazing show. We’re of course gathering the industry’s best to serve as speakers, and it’ll be a show you won’t want to miss.

I feel like G2E just ended, and now NIGA’s already knocking on my door. Time sure flies when you’re an old guy! Regardless of my age—or let’s call them years of knowledge and fine tuning my craft—NIGA is a show I always look forward to. CEM has always had a close relationship with Chairman Stevens and various other tribal leaders, and this trade show is a proclamation that Indian gaming is strong. It feels great to be a part—and proud supporter—of that.

Here at CEM, we continue to try and make ourselves better, looking to the next step for us. A brand new conference partnership we’re excited about is with the HITEC show, put on by HFTP. This year, it’s right in CEM’s backyard too, in Midwestern Minnesota. We’ve been increasing our coverage of the hospitality industry because there is so much overlap between it and gaming, so my team and I are thrilled to head there.

I’m also proud to report that our series of Audio Edge programming is on the up and up. Since August, we’ve had more than 31,000 listens. More than 2,000 of those were for a single show that featured Williams Interactive. We continue to cover the topics that matter most on these radio shows, and this growth only shows our organization’s vitality in these changing times. That makes me a very happy publisher.

Peter Mead,
Casino Enterprise Management

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