CR Commences Legal Action Against Affiliate Program

Court Action

CR Commences Legal Action Against Affiliate Program

9th October 2017 – It’s late on a Monday evening and it has gone past 21:00 already, yet I am still in the office, having just filed legal proceedings against ITC Ltd, the parent company of Affiliate Edge, who owe just shy of £5,000.

Ok, so those of you that thought I was bullshitting, please hold your hands up, get a plate, a knife and fork and have a large dose of humble pie.

For those of you not aware of the back story, take a minute to read Can’t Pay We’ll Take it Away and watch the accompanying video on that page.

In all seriousness, the action I am taking is I believe unprecedented when it comes to iGaming Affiliates. Affiliates should not have to stand for retroactive terms and I am hoping the courts will see it the same way as I and also my peers do.

As I have been for the past four of five weeks, I will be keeping you all up to speed as to how my claim against Interactive Technology Corporation is faring. You never know, Stuart Ferster and Warren Ferster might even get reacquainted with their moral compass and actually pay me what is rightfully owed.

Brief update, short and to the point. The next fourteen days will be interesting.

Let Battle Commence