Nu Flow’s Non-Invasive Solution is Jackpot for Casino

Casinos have a continuously large cash flow. If the casino isn’t open, it is not making any money, so almost all casinos are open 24 hours a day. When this Nevada casino experienced failing drain lines, the customer knew that casino and restaurant closures were not an option. Nu Flow’s in-place pipe lining technologies, Nu Drain and Nu Main, were the perfect solutions for Western Village Inn and Casino because they prevented revenue loss for the casino.

Project: Rehabilitate aged sanitary drain lines throughout the casino’s restrooms, employee changing rooms and several restaurants without causing destruction or disruption to normal casino operations.

Site: Western Village Inn and Casino located in Sparks, Nevada. The property includes a vibrant casino, hotel and resort.

System: More than 1,000 feet of 30-year-old cast iron sanitary sewer drain lines and mains, which have diameters that range 2″ through 8″. The pipes are located beneath slab, mostly on the ground floor of the building, running beneath the casino’s slot machines and several restaurants.

Problem: The casino experienced frequent drain system backups, so after an inspection that revealed several areas of compromised drain pipes, the customer knew it had to find a long-term solution. The drain pipes mostly ran through high-traffic areas of the casBefore and after images of a structural liner.
Before and after images of a structural liner.
ino and several dining areas, so the customer looked for a solution that would not disrupt normal operations.

Circumvention: If the customer had chosen a traditional and messy re-pipe instead of Nu Flow’s non-invasive solution, the casino would have experienced severe disruption. Some of the failing drain pipes are located beneath slot machines and unique carpet on the casino floor, so in order for the pipes to be dug up and replaced, those areas would have to be destroyed, the slot machines would be moved and the customer would lose revenue.

Nu Flow Employees working on structural liner.
Nu Flow Employees working on structural liner.
Solution: While the casino was undergoing a renovation, the customer wanted the aged and failing drain lines rehabilitated. Nu Flow continued to find more compromised drain pipes, and was then able to line all of them without destruction, disruption or revenue loss for the casino and restaurants. Our technicians even worked at night when there were fewer patrons walking the premises of the property.

Nu Flow’s patented Pull-in-Place technology was utilized to line the pipe systems in place. Nu Drain was used for the drain pipes with smaller diameters, and Nu Main was used to rehabilitate the main lines with 8” diameters. Because of our innovative pipe lining solutions, the customer avoided kitchen equipment removal, restaurant closures, slot machine removal and casino floor disruptions.

There’s no gambling on our solutions – our unique and eco-friendly processes will save your commercial, residential, industrial, municipal or federal property money, mess and inconvenience.

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