New York Casino to Create 1,400+ Jobs

Of all the places in the state of New York that might be suitable for a casino, the first place that often comes to mind is New York City. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, one could only imagine how well a casino might do in that general area. While that might be the case, a different part of the state is seeing a casino boom of sorts.

Upstate New York, as it is known, is slowly but surely drawing tourists in for more than its natural beauty. Casino resorts are popping up all over the rugged, mountainous landscape, and it are creating an industry that few would have thought would thrive. But thrive is exactly what these casinos are doing. The newest addition to the Upstate New York casino industry is a casino resort known as Del Lago. Opening in a few weeks, the casino just recently announced that its site would be creating 1,400 additional jobs for the region. Being that the economic recovery most of the rest of the country has seen has skirted over rural places like Waterloo,—where the casino is located—there is hopes that the casino will revive the town and surrounding areas.

Huge Job Creator for the Region

The Del Lago casino and resort is a spectacle in and of itself, but for local residents the financial impact it is already beginning to have is what really brings about the awe factor. In addition to the 1,400 jobs that were just recently announced as being created, the casino will have an additional 400 employees within upper management, the front office, and other white collar positions. In total, estimates are saying that as many as 1,800 employees will ensure the smoothness of Del Lago’s operations.

Speaking to local news source WHEC, the casino’s general manager Jeff Babinski was quick to point out all the benefits that come along with the new casino. He said, “We’re bringing jobs to the community, secondly 3.2 million visitors, thirdly, we’re going to drive tax revenue to the state and to the county. Once we open the casino it will be close to 1,500, and after the casino opens and we open up the hotel there will be another 200-300.”

If Babinski’s figures hold up, Del Lago will quickly become the largest employer in the area. What’s more, attracting tourists does not seem like much of a challenge. After all, the Finger Lakes region of New York is highly-touted as being one of the most beautiful natural regions of the US and already accounts for millions of dollars in annual revenue thanks to the many wineries and outdoor activities that are located in the area. With people already flocking to the Finger Lakes each year, getting some of them through the doors at Del Lago does not seem like it will be much of a challenge.

The real test will begin to unfold on February 1st, when Del Lago is set to officially open its doors.