New Wynn/Encore Poker Room to Open May 26th

New Wynn Poker RoomSince its inception, Wynn and Encore have both been resorts that are synonymous with high class and luxury. The same can be said for their poker room. Over the years, Wynn has managed to secure much of the high limit action in the Las Vegas poker scene, offering a $1,500 max on their $2/$5 games (where other casinos have $500 or $1,000 caps) and no cap at all on action $5/$10 and higher. This has lured in many big players who have no problem losing $25k or even $50k at games as small as $5/$10.

Because of its somewhat prime placement (right next to the Wynn parking garage entrance/exit), news of the Wynn poker room’s pending move made many nervous. Currently, and for the next few weeks only, the Wynn poker room is located in the back left corner of the casino if you are entering from the front, and on the opposite side of the casino if you are coming from Encore. For reference, it is located directly across from the Ferrari store. A rail and open atmosphere allowed passers by the opportunity to see the action and potentially join. The Wynn poker room offered a unique combination of class and openness that most poker rooms can’t say they have.

Needless to say, Wynn has been hyping up the move to Encore over the past few months. The location will be somewhat buried in Encore, and there are varied opinions on how this will affect the quality and quantity of games. The less accessible the room is, the less “walk ins” it is likely to experience. Of course, the argument can be made that casual tourists don’t “casually” walk into a poker room to play, much less for high stakes. In addition to this, Steve Wynn had reduced his craps tables on the main floor to pay 2x odds across the board, so the implication would be that he is trying to squeeze more money out of his visitors, even at the expense of long time patrons. If this is true, it would seem that poker would not be a primary concern and this move would be for the worse. With all this said, only time will be able to accurately tell whether the new room is better or worse as a whole.

The most unique part about the new Encore poker room is that it will include a sports book window right within the room itself. This is a convenience that no other poker rooms in Las Vegas have (though Caesars sports book is immediately adjacent to their poker room), but this depends on whether you consider sports betting a vice or fun. Nevertheless, it is unique, and this will most likely draw in players, at least to see the new room, and it will be up to the Wynn/Encore poker room staff and management to keep them around. In terms of comps or other standard features at Wynn, all is understood to be remaining the same. The move will be interesting and you will be able to experience it yourself, in person, in a few short weeks.