New Products, October 2011

Agilysys—Guest 360® Property Management System
Guest 360® PMS by Agilysys is a leading edge, cross-database and cross-platform property management system that utilizes Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to provide a highly scalable and flexible solution for hotels and resorts of all sizes, as well as multi-property operations. SOA enables the Guest 360 solution to be tailored to a hotel’s business processes and allows for seamless integration with other software solutions. Features include an attributes-based, flexible inventory engine, an innovative offer and rating system and Guest Hub, a centralized guest profile. The result is a solution that provides a true 360-degree view of the guest. The Guest 360 solution is the perfect tool for both the power user and the new employee due to its flexible screen design. The navigator streamlines access to various subsystems and is customizable, enabling users to integrate preferred options into their individual workspace. With Guest 360 PMS, users can transform feature icon tools that are used the most into “big buttons” within the navigator, creating shortcuts for easy access. In addition, the PMS supports multi-tasking, so it’s simple to manage various pieces of information—such as reservations, groups or activities—concurrently by keeping multiple panes open at once. Users don’t need to exit the application to retrieve their Internet bookmarks, Microsoft® Word or Excel documents; access is built into the program. With Guest 360 PMS by Agilysys, users can work the way they want to rather than conform to a standardized work structure. For more information, visit

Cummins-Allison—JetScan iFX™ i200
Cummins-Allison recently unveiled their latest advancement in currency processing—the JetScan iFX™ i200 currency scanner. The two-pocket currency scanner utilizes revolutionary imaging technology to denominate notes more quickly and effectively, resulting in greater productivity for the cash room. The compact two-pocket scanner is small enough for the cage, yet powerful enough to process slot cassettes in the soft count room. The JetScan iFX i200 counts, sorts and faces 1,200 mixed bills per minute—at least 20 percent faster than other desktop scanners. In addition to its speed, the i200 features two sorting pockets and the lowest note rejection rate in the industry, resulting in fewer stops when processing large batches of currency. The JetScan iFX i200 is part of a Cummins-Allison family of products built upon a breakthrough imaging technology platform. Imaging is a superior method to read and denominate notes, resulting in less downtime due to rejects and no-calls of poor-quality notes. For more information, visit

Gary Platt Manufacturing—Kaylee Chair
Gary Platt Manufacturing is pleased to announce the development of a new custom chair. The “Kaylee” is being introduced into the company’s designer series of chairs. Gary Platt’s custom design studio can turn a concept into a finished product ready for the casino floor. Custom design no longer means sacrificing quality and comfort. All Designer Series chairs incorporate Gary Platt’s X-Tended Play technology. The new chair was designed for Fortune Valley Casino in Central Valley, Colo. Fortune Valley Casino requested a new Gary Platt Designer Chair for their bar area. Gary Platt was able to fulfill their request with the Kaylee chair from the beginning of the conceptual idea to the finished product. The project was completed in less than three months. Gary Platt strives to work with its customers to meet their requirements. Gary Platt is always excited when new ideas are requested of them. The goal is to make casino customers more comfortable. The Kaylee brings an edgy, sleek look to the casino floor and is the first in the series to feature a round seat. For more information, visit

IGT—Universal Slant Cabinet
The IGT line of cabinets is designed with style, functionality and the player in mind. Turbo-charged AVP® (Advanced Video Platform) performance delivers content to the game efficiently and easily. New models are designed for easier serviceability, and all are server-based-ready for ultimate flexibility. The Universal Slant supports the following display options: 22-inch MLD® (Multi-Layer Display™), 23-inch LCD or mechanical 3-, 4- or 5-reel configurations. In addition, the Universal Slant features streamlined ergonomics, premium sound and more personal space. This is the only cabinet that has the ergonomics of a slant and the merchandising capabilities of an upright. All of this combines together to create an immersive player experience. The Universal Slant supports the multi-game library, allowing the player to choose among multiple themes from the IGT game library. For more information, visit

JCM Global—PayCheck 4™
JCM Global has proven that its new PayCheck 4™ Thermal Printer is the better, faster, stronger printer for the casino gaming industry, with unrivaled speed and durability. The new PayCheck 4 also has the most memory of any type printer, giving operators more power and flexibility to communicate directly with their customers. PayCheck 4 has 8 MB of standard memory, and that huge amount of memory empowers operators to store more fonts, images, logos and barcodes so they can personalize their players’ gaming experience. Instead of printing in text only or in one color only, only PayCheck 4 can print complete graphics and text in full color. PayCheck 4 has an average life span of 640,000 slot-type tickets—twice that of other printers. Placed end-to-end, PayCheck 4 could print more than 60 miles of tickets before the print head expires. With its unrivaled durability and speed, PayCheck 4 can print twice as many tickets, three times as fast. PayCheck 4 prints at an astonishing 250MM (9.8 inches) per second in text mode with 500 dots per line, or 203 dots per inch. That means the printer completely prints a ticket faster than a player can reach for it, keeping the game fast and player satisfaction at a premium level. JCM’s PayCheck 4 is perfect for traditional casino slot gaming, VLT devices and Class II devices, and is available now for most global jurisdictions. For more information, visit

Morse Watchmans—KeyWatcher® Touch
Morse Watchmans’ new KeyWatcher® Touch is a powerful enterprise-level key control and management system with a 7-inch touchscreen on the front panel. Innovative new features include the time-saving KeyAnywhere capability that allows the return of a key to any KeyWatcher Touch system within the enterprise. Also new is the FindKey feature that quickly enables users to locate which KeyWatcher Touch a specific key is in, or determine who has it out. Other convenient features include access via an optical fingerprint reader or card reader interface (complete with alarm and access control integration capability), as well as an easy-to-use interface with large buttons that offers step by step instructions. Keys available to a user can easily and quickly be called up on the screen. “Find Key” and “My Keys Out” are additional new features that provide users with the location of a specific SmartKey, and information about SmartKeys that have not been returned and when they will become overdue. Key reservations and notes can now easily be entered at the KeyWatcher Touch screen. The unified “KeyWatcher Site” design allows a network of KeyWatcher Touch systems to share a single database, which can accommodate more than 14,000 keys and 10,000 users. All control and management of the system, including programming, remote functions and reporting is done utilizing the all new KeyWatcher TrueTouch software. The KeyWatcher Touch is designed around the latest in technology, with USB connectivity, built in Ethernet, audio output jack, and a bright, full color, 7-inch display. For more information, visit

NEWave has unveiled its newest innovation, myCloudSolutions™, a delivery method for all NEWave solutions, and a software suite that enables casinos to store their information in the Internet cloud, thereby streamlining operations and increasing efficiencies. NEWave’s myCloudSolutions combines the power of NEWave’s solutions with benefits that come from cloud-based storage and retrieval, namely, the ability to safely store key data offsite, and anywhere/anytime access to that information via a secure log-in. NEWave selected some of its most popular software for its myCloudSolutions suite, including: Check Prove, a check-cashing database that enables the cage to pull essential data from the cloud and data from a pool of other subscribers; eDeposit enables electronic depositing of check images directly into bank accounts for increased efficiency and security; Document Manager for safe, encrypted storage of documents and e-deposits, if required; Tax Forms, which streamlines completion by aggregating disbursements and automatically populating forms; eFile Gaming Tax Form, which empowers casinos to electronically file IRS tax forms; TINCheck, for verification of a wide range of patron information; Gaming Watch List with OFAC, which delivers real-time information and notifications, checking against known terrorists and other information indicating that patrons could be on watch lists; and ID Manager for quick verification of age, expiration and banned/state-issued data. The cloud assures data is up-to-the-minute accurate. For more information, visit

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