New Products, August 2012

Casinos are now venues visited for more than gambling, becoming avenues for dining, shopping, vacationing, nightlife, events and much more. While comps are still highly valued, customer loyalty programs such as couponing, promotions, discounts, gift and stored value cards for use at the property’s many amenities are also important as they appeal to a market that chooses not to gamble. The MICROS iCare Solution is a CRM module that provides casino and resort operators a full view of guest activities from one central database, interfaced with the casino management system, showing information from locations visited to total non-gaming dollars spent and down to individual items purchased or ordered. This detailed information allows operators to reward not only high spending gaming customers, but those who are visiting the properties’ other outlets as well. Casinos can bring in additional sales with MICROS iCare by influencing consumer behavior through implementing programs such as targeted e-mail marketing with serialized coupons specific to a customer, region, frequency of visit, etc. Designed to attract new, less frequent and non-gaming customers, MICROS iCare provides tools to improve a casino’s ROI on marketing dollars spent with a system that is fully integrated to the MICROS POS and easy to implement and use. For more information, visit

MOBOTIX—S14 FlexMount
The S14 FlexMount from MOBOTIX, the world’s first flexible double hemispheric camera, is available in both mono (S14M) and dual (S14D) versions, features miniature lens units and offers a wide range of application opportunities. The S14D can be equipped with two hemispheric lens units with integrated microphones that connect to the main housing via cables. This makes it possible to fully secure two rooms located next to or on top of one another with a single S14. The slim design of the module units, which are available in white and black, permit an extremely discreet installation. The S14 FlexMount offers the option to set up two hemispheric lens units simultaneously in order to completely cover two adjacent rooms with just one single S14D. When installed in a certain way, the S14D can also see around corners or secure indoor and outdoor areas at the same time. The two sensors allow the S14 to generate two distortion-corrected, high-resolution 180 panorama images, each with a resolution of 3.1 megapixels. All other MOBOTIX lenses, from super-wide angle to tele lens, will be available in the near future in day or night versions. For more information, visit

Wilkin Marketing—Casino CodeKase™
The first and only electronic device designed for direct mail promotions has been unveiled. “Casino CodeKase interacts with the simplest of human emotions,” said Rusty Donohoo, president of Wilkin Marketing. “It illuminates and intrigues consumers.” Wilkin Marketing’s Casino CodeKase (a variation of CodeKase) is an LED lit plastic poker chip that attaches to a direct mail piece. Activated by pulling a tab, a promotional message or code will appear when the device’s screen illuminates. Donohoo stated that clients who utilized the original CodeKase have experienced a 39 percent higher response rate from consumers compared to previous mailer promotions. Casino CodeKase compliments WebTrax, a web-based software technology that allows vendors to track their promotional results in live time through a customer-facing kiosk, social media page or the casino’s website. The WebTrax software engages consumers through interactive games, revealing prizes and identifying potential grand prize winner(s). Wilkin Marketing creates awareness and brings together consumers and vendors, making way for effective communication that increases ROI, intrigue and motivation of consumers. For more information, visit

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