New DC Casino National Harbor Arriving Just in Time for Christmas

People residing in and around the Washington DC area will soon have brand-new, state of the art casino to take advantage of. Casino giant MGM, which has a strong footing in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, is set to open the National Harbor Casino in our nation’s capital. The biggest draw the casino claims is that the gambling floor consists of more square feet than the White House does. Of course, there is much more than just a large casino floor for guests to take advantage of at this state of the art, one of a kind establishment.

Unique Design and Experience

If you have been to any of MGM’s other properties, the experience at National Harbor will be nothing you are familiar with, believe it or not. Instead of the glitz and glam regularly associated with Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos, guests will be greeted by a more historic atmosphere that does well to tie into the local fabric of monuments, statues, and other historic landmarks. mgm1

Though this is coined a Washington DC casino, it will actually exist in Oxon Hill, Maryland, which is just across the Potomac River. The casino will offer a nice view of many historic DC landmarks, too.

Marketing to a Variety of Audiences

With at least 2 international airports located in close proximity to National Harbor, MGM is hoping to capitalize not only on US tourists interested in taking in DC’s history, but also the millions of international travelers who come to visit the area each and every year. What’s more, this will be Maryland’s 6th casino, making it one of the best states for gambling on the East Coast.

According to MGM’s CEO and chairman Jim Murren, though there are plenty of casinos on the East Coast, only a select few exist as casino resorts. He went on to say that in addition to this fact, National Harbor is able to offer a much more complete experience than most of the others. Noting that the sheer variety and number of restaurants, shopping locations, and other amenities is beyond reproach.

The casino floor itself is 125,000 square feet and has a host of table games as well as more than 3,000 individual slot games. There is also a concert hall at National Harbor which is capable of seating more than 3,000 people. In addition, MGM has already booked some of the world’s top performers and singers for the next year and beyond. As if that weren’t enough, there are more than 70 unique works of art displayed in and around the site. The most talked-about piece being a piece by the legendary Bob Dylan.

As for the hotel, there are more than 300 rooms. In addition to all of this are a host of restaurants, bars, shops, and even a spa. For business meetings and other conventions, there exists a massive, 50,000 square foot meeting space dedicated to hosting conventions and any other gatherings large or small. With very few casinos in the immediate surrounding area coupled with the massive number of tourists visiting DC annually, it is difficult to envision this casino not having success. In the less than 10 years that Maryland has allowed for the existence of casinos the industry has brought in millions and millions of dollars in tax revenues. We are expecting that National Harbor will only add to these revenues.