Negative Seo, Casino Slots and Channel Giveaway

Negative SEO

Negative Seo, Casino Slots and Channel Giveaway

Negative Seo is a very real animal and the CR Video Blog for 15th May 2017 covers this particular area, with unfortunately our very own personal experience of this black hat activity.

Since the fall from grace of the Club World Casino group and information coming to light of their involvement with AffPower, which we at CR published on the site and our YouTube Channel. Well it seems that we have pissed off a shower of shits who hail from Israel.

Yep, that’s right, the assholes at AffPower have resorted to doing what they do best and that is by using underhand and downright illegal tactics due to feeling slighted. Well, the only person or persons slighted are those webmasters that you have ripped off, you bunch of numpties!

So not content with being subjected to a distributed denial of service attack on 4th April, we at CR have now been subjected to a massive site scrape and negative seo campaign, using our very own content against us.

Negative SEO

This first came to light last month, when logging into our Google WMT account, I noticed we had a large number of inbound links from the domain ‘’, in excess of 7000 to be precise. However, this has now grown to over 32,000 inbound links across 66 of our pages.

Ok, so this in itself is bad enough, omitting the fact that whoever has done this ( Affpower – I will join the dots shortly ) has gone to the trouble to register the .download TLD of CR. This does raise a flag of a potential Negative Seo attack. But worse it does get.

You see, upon examining the source code of the .download domain throwing thousands of links to some 66 pages of CR, it becomes apparent that they are using the content of

Yes, that is correct, so that DDOS attack we encountered in April, could well have been the perpetrators of this Negative Seo attack scraping our content. To use our content in this manner.

So why do I assume or come to the conclusion that those wankers at Affpower are behind this? Well I have been very critical of their involvement with the Ferster brothers who have managed to destroy Affiliate Edge and the Club World Group. Furthermore, both our blacklist pages for Affiliate Edge and also Affpower rank highly within google for their brand names.

Additionally we also have been flattered by someone setting up a YouTube Channel also called, around the same time the news concerning Affiliate Edge came out.

But this in itself is not concrete, cast iron proof that the Casino Doyens ( surely that should be wankers ) from Israel who own and operate AffPower are behind this underhand Negative Seo campaign against CR.

Well there is the small fact that they left a calling card. Of course, these are the type of individuals who want and crave the notoriety that their actions cause. They were probably creating a massive circle jerk when Latest Casino Bonuses exposed them for the casino software hackers that they were. So placed is their ego.

Well the proof is that the .download site that is linking en masse to CR immediately redirects to one of the blacklisted casinos that make up the Affpower Group. Make of this what you will. Word to the wise though, I’m not the type of person to roll over and have my belly tickled.

Free Play Slots

Enough about negativity, lets focus on something positive, whereby I discuss a few more slot games added to the free play slot machines located here on Again as and when time permits, this resource will continue to grow.

Channel Giveaway

Finally, upon recording this Vlog on the 15th May, the YouTube Channel has 139 subscribers. I discuss a channel giveaway  featuring prize money of £100. Which will be enacted when the channel reaches 200 subscribers.

So if you haven’t already subscribed to the channel, please do so and if you know anyone that would like the content, get them to subscribe too.