Mexico has decided to rein in the casino industry by halting new licenses and probing whether or not previous licenses were lawful.

Known for its incredible beaches, cuisines, and casinos, the North American Country is an obvious choice for gamblers who love to visit the place. However, it looks Mexico casino industry is being shut down temporarily.

It is reported that a huge number of unlawful gambling licenses have been awarded here during the 2000s.

Lawmakers Want Updated Gambling Laws in Mexico

The United States boasts one of the biggest gambling industries in the world. Just south of its border, we can find some weird gambling laws.

Mexico is infamously known for some confusing set of gambling laws in place.

During the early 20th century, Mexico was home to huge and successful gambling industry. However, it was an unorganized industry, and the authorities found out casinos indulging in crime.

In 1947, a piece of legislation almost killed the country’s gambling industry temporarily.

However, it is no longer the case today. Nowadays, there are nearly 300 casinos scattered across Mexico regulated by the government. Interestingly, all casinos are found near major tourist destinations.

In addition, sports betting is also legal here. Many leading multinational sports betting entities have broken into Mexico. Sports gambling is more likely to grow more popular in the country over the coming decades.

Some lawmakers feel that Mexico should now embrace legalized gambling in all its forms. The differing laws between states have complicated things further. Sadly, the legalization attempts have mostly failed over the years.

Meanwhile, new gambling establishments are continuously popping up throughout the country.

President Halts Further Casino Industry Expansion

However, some people in the country are not happy about the ever-increasing number of gambling venues in the country. 

President Andres Manuel Lopex Obrador recently asked the concerned authority to probe whether or not there were illegal casino licenses awarded in the last decade. The president believes some irregularities might have taken place under Vicente Fox’s tenure during the 2000s.

Mexico’s casino industry has been under scrutiny during the last years. During the past few months, the country has been witnessing a huge spike in coronavirus cases. Many have demanded the closure of all crowded places, including casinos.

While commenting on the new plan to halt issuing casino licenses, President Obrador said:

“We’re going to clean up the government. There is a problem, and we will solve it because we are coherent and persistent. We want no more casinos to open and no more permits to be granted.”

While referring to the licenses issued during the previous government, he said,

“Some (casinos) that began during Vicente Fox’s administration were not adequate. We’re not going to grant such permits. Some licenses may have been issued, but that is because we want to clean up the government…but we’re not done yet.”

The visibly perturbed president said, “It is sometimes noted that for each authorized casino, about seven million pesos are obtained.”

It is evident that the incumbent government is reviewing the country’s gambling laws. Casino supporters believe the new measures could eventually lead to a ban on all gambling venues.

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