Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune Progressives Both Hit

The Wheel of Fortune and Megabucks progressive slot machines can go months without being hit. In fact, they can go much longer than this. Nevertheless, both managed to pop within a week of each other. Perhaps most interesting about this story is not the jackpots themselves, but instead where they were hit.

The Megabucks machine was not hit at a mega resort on the Las Vegas Strip, but instead at Fremont Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. 

The Wheel of Fortune Progressive wasn’t even won at a casino at all. Instead, the machine was hit at McCarran Airport. Coincidentally, this isn’t even the first time that the WoF progressive was hit at McCarran. It was also cracked for $933k in early 2016.

The winner of the Megabucks progressive at Fremont walked away with an $11.8 million win. This is pre-tax, of course, which will see a sizeable amount of the jackpot total reduced.

The Wheel of Fortune progressive was at $1.6 million when it was hit. This is nearly 2x as much as was paid out when it hit over a year ago.

Both of these machines are known for their volatility, but they are both relatively low limit games, with max bet sizes under a few dollars. In order to win either of the progressive top prizes, the max bet must be wagered on each spin. If the right symbols are hit for the progressive, but max credits are not bet, the win will only be a few thousand instead of potential millions.

If you are curious, the odds of winning the progressive on either of these machines are astronomical, in the tens of millions to one. In addition, it is possible that it takes years for a progressive of this size to be won.

Once hit, these machines will reset at much lower numbers until enough play takes place for the jackpot to grow to these same numbers. Don’t expect to see a much larger jackpot, however. The largest jackpots of all time have been from Megabucks, ranging from $10m to nearly $40m.