Massachusetts MGM Casino Reaches Milestone

Barely a quarter of the way through 2017, we seem to have been focusing a lot on New England’s efforts to expand the reach of legalized gambling. While New Hampshire and Maine are two battleground states looking for larger casino presences, Massachusetts has been quietly building its latest casino project. In fact, while most other state encounter issues with regard to establishing new casinos, Massachusetts is moving along smoothly.

Major Construction Crossing Point

Though it may not look like much as it stands, the latest Massachusetts casino—one to be located in downtown Springfield—is really coming along nicely. The MGM property recently saw the final steel beam lifted into place. MGM Springfield’s final steel beam not only marks a milestone in the construction of what will be a massive gambling and convention facility, it also signifies the fact that the construction project is right on schedule.

The more than $1 billion project has been underway for well over a year now, and though there is still plenty left to do, local residents and those close to the project can finally see things starting to come together. As it stands, MGM Springfield is set to open about a year and a half from now, in September of 2018.

While having a resort casino like this is a big step for any state, it is an especially momentous occasion for Massachusetts, as this will be the first ever “Vegas-style” gambling site built in the state. The construction of this site not only represents a feat on the part of the builders, it also represents a feat on the part of the many hundreds of people who put in the legwork to ensure that a site like this could exist in Massachusetts. Lest we forget, even 5 years ago, the idea of a Vegas casino existing in downtown Springfield is one that was seen as far-fetched, at best. Now, we are barely more than a year away from being able to go to Massachusetts and attain the same experience that one would get on Las Vegas Blvd.

In addition to the MGM facility in Springfield, Wynn Resorts is behind a project that will sit just north of Boston. That site is set to open its doors sometime in 2019, at which point Massachusetts will be one of New England’s premier gambling destinations. We will continue to monitor both these projects and report on any progress or setbacks that occur between now and when they are completed.