March Sees Casino Revenue Records Broken in Maryland

March was a record-breaking month as far as Maryland casino revenue was concerned, and there are very few people who are surprised by this. Equally unsurprising is the fact that MGM National Harbor accounted for a large majority of the state’s gaming revenues.

Ever since being opened a few months ago, MGM National Harbor has proven not only that it is one of Maryland’s best casinos, but also one of the best casinos this side of the Mississippi as far as revenue is concerned. Of course, many people are attributing this early success to the site being new, suggesting that perhaps the allure of the casino will fade over time. Others, however, feel as though MGM National Harbor will continue to perform well being that it is the best casino for folks visiting Washington DC, as well as for those who call the area home.

A Record Month for Maryland

According to the Business and Finance section of WTOP, MGM National Harbor far outpaced other Maryland casinos by bringing in a record $51.5 million during March. This number is tabulated based off revenue brought in from both slot and table games. Even though MGM Harbor has not been open for an extended period of time, March was its largest revenue-earning month.

Maryland Live!, which was dethroned by MGM as the state’s biggest and best casino, was not too far behind National Harbor, having accrued $46.6 million in March revenues. Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore contributed with revenues of roughly $27 million, while the state’s other 3 casinos accrued revenues totaling just over $15 million. In total, the state of Maryland saw its casinos bring in $141.2 million during the month of March. This is not only the best single-month performance we have ever seen, it beats the previous record (which was set this past December) by almost $10 million.

If you can remember, last December saw such massive revenue spikes due to the fact that it was also the month when MGM National Harbor first opened its doors. Since that point in time, there was an expectation that revenues would drop off, and drop off quickly, but clearly that has not proven to be the case. As we go further into the year, and the number of tourists to Washington DC increases, there is a strong feeling that these revenue figures very well might be repeated.

If you are wondering why visitors and residents of Washington DC matter to a Maryland casino, the reason for this is simple. Even though MGM National Harbor is, technically, a Maryland casino, it is located within close proximity to DC, which is why it is often referred to as Washington DC’s casino.