Man Loses Jackpot and Friendship All At Once

The floor of a casino seems like an intimidating place for so many people, yet no one is not quite sure why. Is it all of the activity? All of the noise? Strange machines you have never seen before? The answer is never quite simple. With that being said, those that are intimidated by the prospect of gambling on the floor of a casino often do research to help themselves acclimate better to a situation that is, in most ways, entirely new.

The biggest pitfall of casino-goers—whether young or old—is that so many neglect to learn all that they need to know. In most cases, we are talking about someone neglecting to learn the rules of a particular game, but in this instance the following story came about as a result of a general casino rule being completely and entirely unknown to at least one of 2 individuals.

Money Comes, Money Goes

A story from Philadelphia’s CBS website documented the triumph turned tragedy that unfolded at a Florida casino not too long ago. Jan Flato and his close friend Maria decided that they would head to Seminole Hard Rock Casino, located just outside of Fort Lauderdale. Without being at the casino all that long, Jan pulled out $50 and deposited it into a slot machine in front of which the pair were sitting.

Feeling that, perhaps, he was not the luckiest of individuals, Jan asked Maria to hit the spin button for good luck. A few short seconds later, that $50 turned into a $100,000 jackpot that, in all likelihood, put a friendship to rest forever.

The reason for this is due to the fact that, while Jan deposited the $50, Maria was the one who executed the spin. In the eyes of Hard Rock Casino—and just about every other casino in the world, for that matter—the person who pushes the spin button on a slot game is the one who is, technically, placing the wager. As a result, the $100,000 won was awarded to Maria, even though the $50 deposit was not hers at all.

There are very few details relating to what, exactly, played out in the following minutes and hours after the spin, but according to CBS the duo are now describing themselves as “former friends.” Our guess would be that Maria took her winnings and was not receptive to the idea of turning them over to Jan.

This story, though odd and incredibly unique, does well to emphasize the importance of understanding the way in which casinos work. Our guess is that a lot of people did not know that the person who spins the slot is able to lay claim to any resulting winnings, but hopefully this taught many people a potentially life-changing lesson.