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Lexicon Technologies Enterprise LED™ Provides Greektown Casino-Hotel with Superior, Energy-efficient Lighting


Greektown Casino-Hotel is Detroit’s premier gaming property. Management and Facilities are continuously seeking ways to reduce their energy consumption and maintenance costs. Lighting was the clear choice due to the rapid return on investment based on the 24/7 operations of the property and high maintenance costs associated with continuous relamping. Factors examined in the evaluation were available utility rebates, tax deductions, maintenance, improved lighting, color rendering, dimming and compatibility with the existing CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems. Safety was a paramount concern due to the incessant relamping of areas with high ceilings.

Greektown Hotel and Casino decided the 100,000 square feet of gaming space and 400 well appointed guest rooms and suites were ideal candidates to replace the existing 50w Halogen’s with MR16 LED lamps.


After exhaustive competitive and complex product research and beta testing, Lexicon was chosen for the retrofit project. The EnterpriseLED™ offers the latest in Solid State Lighting technology and is commercially designed for 24/7 hours of continuous operation. It features superior thermal management and the industry’s highest lumen output, efficiency, color rendering and single light source optical performance. When compared to the incumbent halogen technology, up to an 88% energy reduction can be realized with lamps lasting 50,000 hours compared to 2000 hours of halogens.

The Environmental Effect3

Overall, the project will save Greektown Casino-Hotel nearly 2 million kilowatt-hours per year, the equivalent of:

CO2 emissions from 63,208 gallons of gasoline consumed.
CO2 emissions from 13,880 barrels of oil consumed.
The End Result

Following a simple installation across all areas of the property which included gaming areas, elevators, corridors, entrances, bars, restaurants and guest rooms, the retrofit project reduced their maintenance costs (no need to change another lamp for 5 years compared to every 2 months) and an energy reduction by 88%. Because lost revenue due to outages above the gaming tables was eliminated, table action increased resulting in greater revenues. The EnterpriseLED™ delivered a higher color rendering which complimented the architectural theme, provided more uniform lighting distribution and a remarkable dimming range down to one percent without disruption to the CCTV surveillance systems. Greektown Casino-Hotel qualified for a $70,000 DTE Energy utility and is eligible for a significant federal tax deduction (EPAct).

Project Snapshot
Daily Hours of Operation: 24
Locations: 1
Incumbent Luminaire: MR16 50W Halogen PAR30 75W Halogen
Replacement Luminaire: MR16 6W LED PAR30L 14W LED
Model Number: LED-MR1635D-6W30-I27 LED-P30L75D-14W30-I27
Energy Reduction (%): 88 81
Total Number Of Existing Lamps: 2500 1600 4100
Annual Savings
Watts Removed: 135000 97600 233735
Annual kWh Saved: 963360 854976 1.8M
Savings Per Year: $141,474 $109,422 $250,896
HVAC Reduction: $19,272 $17,099 $36,371
Labor: Not Included Not Included
Total: $160,746 $126,521 $287,267
Utility: $70,000
EPAct (Federal Tax Deduction) $72,000 (estimated)
Total Incentives: $142,000
Simple Payback: 8 Months

Optimal Visibility
– Excellent Color Rendering

Reduced Energy Consumption
– Saves up to 95% energy when compared to halogen lamps

Reduced Maintenance
– Eliminates the need for ongoing re-lamp frequency

Green Energy Tax Incentives
– Qualifies for Federal, State, Local government and utility based deductions1

– Allows for complete ambient control2

– Contain no harmful gases, mercury, sodium or lead

– Exceeds Energy Star Requirements
– TUV certified and tested to UL 1993 & UL 8753
– IES LM79 & LM80 Approved

Additional Benefits
– Exceptional light distribution
– Integrated high efficiency driver
– Enhanced passive cooling system allows for reduced junction temperatures, extending the life of the lamp
– Complies with ANSI standard MR16, PAR20 and PAR30 form factors
– No heat emitted in direction of light
– No UV or IR radiation
– FCC Certified

Common Installations
– Automotive
– Building and Real Estate
– Gallery and Museum
– Health Care
– Hotel and Casino
– Residential
– Restaurant and Bar
– Retail Stores
– Salon

Notes: Energy Grants are subject to availability and vary from state-to-state.
HVAC Source Data: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Figure represents the difference between the decreased cooling load and the increased heating load.
1 Vary widely from state-to-state in incentive levels, annual budgets, installer and equipment requirements, installation results, and other features.
2 Dimming performance varies from 100%-1% relative to system design, wiring, number of lamps on a circuit, etc
3 Source Data: United States Environmental Protection Agency.

About Lexicon
Lexicon is recognized as the global leader in the advancement of Solid State Lighting solutions. The entire Lexicon LED lamp portfolio is custom designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States. They bring a peace of mind and level of security and sustainability required with the adoption of this proven technology.

If you’re in business, you’re in the energy business. Allow Lexicon the opportunity to demonstrate how your organization will benefit and bring you the same competitive advantage as Greektown Casino-Hotel.

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