Las Vegas Strip Hotels to be Given Multiple Upgrades

According to now numerous sources, there are quite a few changes coming to the Las Vegas Strip. Local news outlet KTNV is reporting that a number of the many resort casinos along the Las Vegas Strip are due to undergo some pretty extensive renovations in the near future. As opposed to the stories of new properties being built, this one centers on the fact that up to 8 large resort casinos are going to be upgrading rooms on a fairly massive scale.

A Sign of a Flourishing Time

The biggest takeaway from the fact that casino are upgrading their rooms and amenities is that, clearly, Las Vegas has been on the up and up in recent years. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, at least 8 casinos are going to be undergoing massive renovations with totals edging in on $1 billion. In fact, that $1 billion price tag actually excludes any upgrades that might be made to the gaming floor itself or the variety of other amenities boasted by places such as The Cosmopolitan and Caesars Palace.

As room occupancies at hotels all over The Strip continue to rise, those very hotels now have more disposable income. They are using this extra cash flow to up the ante and give themselves an edge over the competition. All of this renovating will ultimately improve the customer experience and make some of the most breath-taking hotels on the planet that much more attractive.

An Operation of Massive Scale

Though these are all estimates, the currently accepted figures say that in upwards of 9,000 hotel rooms will be renovated within 12 months. If you work out the math, that means close to 30 rooms are being completely redone each and every day; a truly shocking amount.

As for the specific hotels, Caesars Palace, The Cosmopolitan, Flamingo, Bally’s, Planet Hollywood, Palazzo, Monte Carlo, and Harrah’s are all going to be renovated or are currently in the process of being renovated.

Caesars is a bit ahead of the game as it recently announced the completion of more than 1,100 room renovations in its Palace Tower. In total, the renovations totaled more than $100 million. Thought The Cosmopolitan has not yet started their renovations, they have announced plans to spend $150 million and upgrade nearly 3,000 rooms in total. Finally, we have the Palazzo. The incredibly popular resort hotel opened its doors a decade ago and has not been renovated a single time. As such, there is a massive overhaul being planned that will really change the overall look and feel for guests. Every single one of the 2,867 rooms at the Palazzo are scheduled to be upgraded, and upgrades are due for completion by this upcoming January. Figures have not officially been released for this project, but conservative estimates place a price tag of at least $100 million on this one as well.

Richard Branson Sets Eyes on Strip

Though the focus of this article has very much been existing casinos, there are rumors that the Las Vegas Strip may see yet another destination pop up. This time, the man behind the venture would be Richard Branson, billionaire businessman most well-known for his plethora of Virgin companies.

This time, it is Branson’s Virgin Hotels that is at least exploring the idea of owning a resort and casino. Though this is nothing more than a nice rumor for the time being, it is definitely something to think about. The Virgin brand name has been all over the world, but Las Vegas is one place it has yet to make a real impact. Branson is known to get the wheels moving quickly, so there is sure to be more headlines relating to this in the near future.