Ortiz Gaming has created the next evolutionary step in the slot floor with the Ortiz Standard. Using a complex combination of our proprietary unbendable math and hold models, an often-imitated game configuration, denomination control, a series of time-inchair methodologies, and a revenue-expanding buy-a-pay extra bonus ball feature, the Ortiz Standard not only increases win-per-unit but redefines the expectation of your floor average performance. Different from simply adding new machines to your product mix and comparing floor or location averages, introduction of Ortiz Gaming machines represents not just an increase in win per unit, but an evolution in the thinking about revenue models.

Proven in 14 countries, the Ortiz Standard redefines the expectation of game average performance. The new standard sets a new history for slot floor metrics, just as the move from steppers to video slots was a huge change in expectations and business models, the Ortiz Standard is that next evolutionary step of slot floors. We are all accustomed to the evolutionary process that dramatically changed revenue models over the years: Initially most games were three-reel 25₵ steppers with a maximum daily theoretical of only $642 per day (at the national average 8½ % hold). The next evolution of the slot floor was 25-line “penny” games with a maximum daily theoretical of $1,652; an insane increase of more than a thousand dollars per game. The Ortiz Standard creates a new set of expectations: a maximum theoretical of untapped potential gains.

The Supply and Demand of the Slot Floor
The Ortiz Standard creates an entirely new metric for expectations of game performance and a new set of expectations for the slot floor. Where other games have a low maximum ceiling for theoretical win, the Ortiz Games have a significantly higher potential maximum daily theoretical. This key difference redefines ‘what is the floor average’ as it is no longer defined by some arbitrary threshold of how much a machine can make. Using the common 25-line Penny reel, figure one shows there is no actual standard economics supply and demand curve, because there is a max profit per player which can be made on the machines. With Ortiz Gaming machines, maximum theoretical is much higher than any other game; creating a true supply and demand scenario, allowing a player’s wallet to determine what their true floor average actually is.

The Math of the Games
This revelation is made possible by a shift in mathematical models which is possible only in Ortiz Gaming machines, with the Ortiz Standard. The Ortiz Standard delivers complex math models in fun and engaging bonuses for customers, creating the ultimate combination of revenue generation with customer focus. Much of the Ortiz Gaming library is made up of bingo themed games, these games allow players to play up to four bingo cards at once, as well as make bets on each card from 1 to 20 credits, meaning the initial max bet can be up to 80 credits on a bingo game. Unlike, slot reel games which have multiple games at once, the bingo cards do not cause players to focus on multiple confusing games at once, since the cards are being marked from one ball drop, similar to playing multiple games in person.

The 3-reel stepper started out with one line, with an average of 7 games per day, the 25-line penny reel slowed down the game speed resulting in less maximum games per day, but a much higher theoretical. Ortiz Gaming’s ability to have four games at once, times 6 games per minute, quadruples the total maximum games per day, and increases the Maximum Daily Theoretical. Note that the Maximum Theoretical calculated in Table 1 is only based on the use of four bingo cards.

The Key is the Extra Bonus Ball
After the initial bingo ball draw, an additional bonus is available for players, this bonus is the Extra Bonus Ball. The Extra Bonus Ball allows players a chance to increase their bet in exchange for an additional chance at winning. Players will receive the opportunity to purchase an extra ball towards a possible winning combination.

Every slot player who has ever been one symbol short of a jackpot, bonus game, or big win would pay a portion of their potential winnings to for a second chance at that prize. The Extra Bonus Ball, offers a second, third, up to ten extra chances to win. The cost of this extra ball is calculated based on the bet and the new odds of winning, the first few bingo balls may be free or a lower cost, motivating the player to continue. Winning combinations will be highlighted on the screen allowing the customer to see what prizes they are playing for, in combination with crisp sounds and graphics, the Extra Bonus Ball engages players to continue to increase their bet versus starting a new game. This engagement creates on average 9 times the initial bet in Coin-in.

Increase in Slot Floor Revenue
The combination of these seemingly simple, yet complex addition of math models create an increase in revenue held.

The Ortiz Gaming Machines Extended Lifecycle
Just as the move from steppers to video slots was a huge change in expectations, there was also a huge change in player reception. Players initially hesitated to play the video slots because of perception and unfamiliarity, meaning that the introduction of video slot machines started well below floor average. Fast forward to now and we find players easily accept video slots, a new game will start off above floor average, but quickly fall as players become bored with them, or excited by the next genre of movie themed games.

Ortiz Gaming machines in their introduction to the market find the same challenge of starting below the floor average, but rather than a downtrend in the lifespan of games, the Ortiz Games turn that chart completely upside down, growing over time and creating new revenue.

Ortiz Gaming has proven that this math works in more than 14 countries. In every venue, the Ortiz Games surpass the floor average and represent the highest income for the casino. Again, the secret is the Ortiz Standard which raises the performance of every single operator who adopts its.

Ortiz Gaming machines generate new revenue rather than cannibalizing old revenue with simply a new tile or new bells and whistles. For example, when a new game comes on to the slot floor, the expectation is that it should exceed the machines performance it’s replacing. With a typical machine that has a short lifecycle, the machine will start off above the floor average, and appear to outperform the previous machine, but this is just an illusion. To see past the illusion, you must use a more accurate form of measurement: the floor as a whole; did the new game generate an increase in the floor average? Did your overall revenue increase in the month which the new game was introduced? This data is typically obscured by looking at individual game performance rather than looking at the floor as a whole.

Casino Revenue Add A Game Ortiz Standard
Ortiz Gaming has created the next evolutionary step in the slot floor with the Ortiz Standard. The math of the game structure has made leaps in redefining a slot floor, coupled with exciting graphics and vibrant sounds the Ortiz Gaming is ‘raising expectations’ and profits. Proven in 14 countries, the Ortiz Standard redefines the expectation of game average performance. The Ortiz Standard, creates a true supply and demand curve of the slot floor, changing expectations of floor average. This is done in two parts, allowing seamless play of 4 games at once with the Extra Bonus Ball functions both parts independently increasing revenue, while generating time-in-chair. Ortiz Gaming machines are truly the next evolutionary step of slot floors.

About Ortiz Gaming
Ortiz Gaming is a multinational developer of Electronic Slot and Bingo gaming machines. The Ortiz Gaming business model and standard is an evolution not just of real money games but of the very thinking of revenue metrics. The Ortiz Standard not only increases win per unit, but redefines the expectation of game average performance. Our gaming concepts are a proven model in more than 14 countries, encompassing North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Additionally, Ortiz Gaming’s highly-experienced professionals working in numerous countries, are constantly adding innovative products and services to our cabinets, library of games, and wide range of gaming offerings. Raise Your Expectations!

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