In the Spotlight, November 2012

SHFL entertainment Makes its Debut

Even in the shuffle of October’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E), attendees were certain to notice a buzz around one company’s booth. Shuffle Master Inc. formally debuted their new company name—SHFL entertainment Inc.—at the heavily attended Las Vegas trade show.

According to Julia Boguslawski, vice president – investor relations & corporate communications, G2E was the perfect time and place to debut the brand update. “We decided to time the release concurrent to G2E because of its broad appeal; you have a guaranteed audience of key industry people, casino operators, gaming magazines and trade publications, and investors,” she said.  “People always anticipate that we’ll do something different and exciting in our booth.  The name change seemed like a perfect event to formally unveil at G2E, because we were able to match the theme of our booth with our new messaging. Our booth was bigger than it’s ever been—sleek and clean—with a modern yet classic feel; similar to our new name and logo.”

Boguslawski points out that the refresh was done in a minor, subtle, yet effective way. Perhaps the only somewhat confusing aspect of the change is the use of the NASDAQ ticker symbol—SHFL—in the actual company name, but Boguslawski informs that it’s still pronounced “shuffle.” “(The ticker symbol) has become a commonly abbreviated way to refer to our company,” she said, and explained the reasoning behind its usage. “Shuffle Master had very strong brand recognition so we wanted to retain some of the original brand; however, the company has evolved so much since its inception in 1983. ‘SHFL’ pays homage to our founder, John Breeding, and our early beginnings in card shufflers; we will never forget where we came from and wouldn’t be where we are today without our shufflers.”

The second half of the company name—entertainment—Boguslawski says, better describes all that the company has to offer both today and in the future. “With five unique product categories (utility, specialty table games, e-tables, slots and i-gaming), we are truly an entertainment company, providing products that encourage and support a dynamic gaming experience for players, and innovative solutions for our customers.”

Other small changes that came about were a logo update, which involved refreshing the card suits in the logo, and changing to a sans serif font. “This creates greater brand distinction by giving the logo uniqueness, and the clean font lines look more contemporary,” Boguslawski said. “Our former branding was edging on 30 years old and a lot has changed since then, particularly in our business.  The scope and the pace of technology have enabled us to do things we didn’t think were possible initially and have touched every single one of our product segments.  Our new branding needed to reflect that SHFL is at the forefront of those changes and is consistently evolving.”

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