IGT Floor Manager sbx™ Implementation Strategies

Your casino floor is full of savvy players looking for a unique entertainment experience. Your ability to offer them a memorable gaming experience is critical to differentiating your property. The right blend of new technology, great game themes and innovative marketing promotions can create an experience that secures player loyalty and increases your bottom line.

IGT Floor Manager together with the IGT AVP® platform and IGT Secure Progressive Controller make it easy to offer your players an experience they won’t soon forget. Now you can:

• Instantly download new themes with a monthly subscription to the IGT Game Library
• Offer players an on-demand library of game themes to choose from
• Create your own property-branded mystery jackpots

Thunder Zone server-based machines perform at three times house average and generate $100,000 coin-in per day.

Three Rivers Casino & Hotel in Florence, Oregon uses a combination of IGT Floor Manager, IGT AVP machines and the IGT Secure Progressive Controller to create a sensory explosion in the “Thunder Zone,” a room dedicated to maximizing their investment in the latest server-based technology and server-based-ready machines.

This dedicated room was converted from a high-limit area performing at 60% house average to one of the most popular areas of the casino floor performing at three times house average and generating $100,000 coin-in per day. The Thunder Zone features:

• 30 AVP machines managed by IGT Floor Managerand refreshed monthly with the newest themes
• 15-20 IGT game themes offered on each machine in an on-demand, multi-game configuration
• A four-level, rapid-hit mystery jackpot managed by the IGT Secure Progressive Controller
• Colored lighting and thunderous sound effects that telegraph jackpot levels throughout the room
• Spotlights that highlight jackpot winning machines

“We are the first property in Oregon to have IGT’s sbX™ technology, so we wanted to create something really unique, something no one else could offer,” said Shawn McDaniel, Director of Gaming Operations at Three Rivers Casino & Hotel. “The Thunder Zone concept combined with IGT’s products gave us the ability to create a total experience, one that really takes our players beyond the game. It transformed an out-of-the-way room that traditionally didn’t see much traffic to a player hot spot.”

10% of revenue growth is attributed to the Thunder Zone alone. The investment paid for itself in 147 days.

“We now have more themes than we can physically put on all the machines, and we can offer them to players in what we’ve called an “on-demand library” configuration,” continued McDaniel. “And because those new themes are all in a room with rapid-hit jackpots, lighting effects, sound effects and even carpet effects our players are going there to play. I attribute 10% of the recent growth in revenues we’ve seen to that room alone. We invested a total of $1.2 million dollars in the Thunder Zone, and it paid for itself in 147 days. It totally exceeded my expectations.”

Rich Colton, Marketing Director, uses an integrated marketing campaign to generate excitement about the Thunder Zone and the “next generation of slots” in that room. “We want players to know that Three Rivers Casino & Hotel has this unique experience waiting for them. Our staff wear buttons, we have posters, we run media spots, our NexGen® player tracking displays feature ads across the floor – every outlet is leveraged. And it works. Guests line-up to play.”

In late 2011, the Thunder Zone will be upgraded to incorporate IGT Media Manager and Service Window technology. The rest of the Three Rivers Casino & Hotel floor will soon follow. “The Service Window is really going to open up a whole new realm of possibilities for us,” said Colton. “We have a lot of ideas, a lot of things we’ve wanted to do that just haven’t been possible before. Having the Service Window on the game screen is going to make communicating with players easier, and we’re going to be able to take our food ordering service – another unique and important offering here at Three Rivers Casino & Hotel – to the next level. I can’t wait.”

Three Rivers Casino & Hotel is just one of the many casinos around the world optimizing its operations with IGT’s sbX server-based experience applications. More than 40 different casinos in nine states and nine countries have partnered with IGT for this server-based technology that delivers results to the bottom line.

Bank-by-bank, partial floor and floorwide implementations are available, giving you the flexibility to transition to the latest in server-based technology at your own pace.

For more information contact your IGT Account Manager or visit www.IGT.com/sbX.

Three Rivers Casino & Hotel

• Operated by the Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians
• Florence, Oregon
• 24,000-square foot gaming floor
• 725 machines
• 12 table games

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