ICE Totally Gaming and Casinomeister London 2019

ICE Totally Gaming

ICE Totally Gaming 2019 held at the London Excel between 5th February – 7th February 2019, well what can I say? I missed the show last year, having last attended in 2017 and my does it seem to have grown.

I mean it was a big show in 2017, hence why they moved it to the Excel ( Notwithstanding the fact that the previous venue at Earls Court was getting demolished ) and for those of you that have ever been to London Excel, you will truly appreciate the size of the place.

Apart from being completely the other side of London at least from my perspective, being  from the South West of England. London Excel, well there is nothing there other than hotels a plenty and well the Excel. It is huge and ICE Totally Gaming has completely so it seems taken over the entire acreage available.

Seriously if you wear a fitbit or an apple watch or such similar device, you will have smashed your previous daily steps total, by visiting the show.

In all honesty, it was far far too much to take in. But I did yet again manage to record, in stealth mode of course, so no large gimbal unfortunately, a walk through of the show. Apologies for positioning and the shakiness, but I really wanted to see the stands and had a few meetings, so didn’t want to be chucked out unceremoniously. Hopefully next year I can obtain a Press Pass!

Whilst there I sat down and had a good old catchup with Anthony from the GPWA and also JTodd from This Week in Gambling, check out his site if you haven’t already. It has been a while since we last met and it was really good to see them. Topics discussed were primarily affiliate issues, of which there are many.

Whilst at the show I caught up with Michael Corfman from CasinoCity, who has been a good friend and who I have known for a long time. Plus I bumped into Dunover who has the distinction of being in the most watched video on our YouTube Channel. In excess of 6000 views and counting!

Another highlight of the show was meeting up with Adam from Best Gambling, who were exhibiting at the show for the very first time. Adam and I go way back, as we worked for Ladbrokes in Gibraltar back in the day, which seems like a lifetime ago.

Casinomeister Meet

Then it was onto Leicester Square and the annual Casinomeister Meet, which again I last attended back in 2017. It was great to catch up with old friends and make new acquaintances, including the lovely reps from Trada Casino.

Trada of course won the Casinomeister Best Casino for 2018, in the recently published Casinomeister Awards. As such expect to see a review of Trada Casino appearing on CR in the very near future.

For those of you that were there that I didn’t manage to speak to. I was the one with carrying around the tripod and camera.

Ice Totally Gaming and Casinomeister Meet Video

Below is the video put together of the footage I shot throughout the day. For more videos and to be notified as and when CR uploads more content to our YouTube channel, make sure you subscribe to our channel and whilst there, smash that notification bell!