How I Got Diamond in a Day at Caesars Palace

If you have ever been to a casino that is owned by Caesars Entertainment, then you probably know about their Total Rewards program and the Diamond card. Whether you have seen one of the Total Rewards pamphlets at the casino or noticed a “Diamond members only” sign while waiting in the taxi line, you likely have a general idea of the benefits associated with being a Diamond member.

For frequent players, having a Diamond card is basically the holy grail when it comes to the Total Rewards program, next to the ultimate achievement; Seven Stars. If you have one of these cards not only will you be able to skip the lines at the cashier and taxi pickup areas, but you’ll also have access to the Diamond Lounge, comped rooms and exclusive offers, among other things.

This might all sound great, but in order to become a Diamond member in the Total Rewards program you’ll need to rack up 15,000 tier credits, which is a difficult task for most casual gamblers. These tier credits are basically reward points that players earn by gambling or spending money at the casino. In order to better understand how a player reaches Diamond status, we have outlined the Total Rewards’ Tier Credit system below.

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How to Earn Total Rewards Tier Credits

The most common way that Total Rewards cardholders earn tier credits is by gambling in the casino. Aside from gambling, however, members can also earn tier credits at any Caesars property by shopping, buying tickets to a show or spending money at one of the casino shops. Below we have listed how players earn Total Rewards tier credits:


Slot Machines: 1 tier credit for every $5 wagered

Video Poker: 1 tier credit for every $10 wagered

Table Games: Varies (rated by the pit boss based on length of play, average bet amount and the type of game)

Poker: Varies (the amount of tier credits are based on length of play, limit and type of game)

Entertainment and Other

Entertainment: 1 tier credit for every $1 spent

Dining: 1 tier credit for every $1 spent

Hotel: 1 tier credit for every $1 spent

Amenities: 1 tier credit for every $1 spent

Total Rewards Cards (in order of status)

Gold > Platinum > Diamond > Seven Star

Diamond in a Day Promotion

The most efficient way to become a Diamond member with Total Rewards is to utilize their Diamond in a Day promotion. This promotion awards new players a 10,000 tier credit bonus if they earn 5,000 tier credits within the first 24 hours of signing up. That means you’ll only need to earn 5,000 tier credits (instead of the normal 15,000) within 24 hours of becoming a Total Rewards member.

In case you’re wondering how one can earn that many tier credits in 24 hours, we have listed some possible scenarios below:

– Wager a total of $25,000 at slots
– Wager a total of $50,000 at video poker
– Spend a combined $5,000 on entertainment, hotel rooms, amenities and/or shopping

Tracking Your Tier Credits

If you plan on taking advantage of the Diamond in a Day promo, it is important to keep track of how many tier credits you have during the first 24 hours. You can check your tier credits at one of the kiosks or Total Rewards Centers in the casino. For slots, video poker and most electronic games, points are updated in your account instantly. The only potential issue is that for table games, credits are reflected in your account after the table rating session is closed and someone enters the info into the system manually.

Diamond Card Benefits

– Receive special offers for gaming
– Earn Reward Credits
– Convert your Reward Credits into free play (200 RC = $1)
– Earn & Redeem Reward Credits on WSOP® poker play
– Free or discounted hotel rooms
– Gift up to 5,000 Reward Credits to a friend
– Get 15% off the best available advertised rate on rooms and suites
– No resort fees on any hotel stay
– Guaranteed Room with 72 hours notice in Atlantic City and Las Vegas
– Earn Reward Credits for shopping at participating retailers
– Earn Great Gift Wrap-Up points at select resorts and casinos
– Get 20% discounts at any Total Rewards casino gift shop
– Get exclusive pre-sale access to select shows
– Enjoy special member pricing at participating restaurants
– Free valet & parking at properties in Las Vegas and Atlantic City + many other locations.
– $100 Celebration Dinner dining credit
– Access to the Diamond Lounge at any Total Rewards property
– Access to priority lines*
– Use the VIP Reservations Hotline

*Priority lines are available at hotel check-in, select restaurants, casino cages and the Total Rewards Center

Now that you know all about Caesars’ Total Rewards program and the Diamond card, I’ll explain how I actually became a Diamond member during my first trip to Las Vegas via the Diamond in a Day promotion.

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Starting Out at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

A few months after my 21st birthday, I took a short trip to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to meet up with a few friends. I didn’t have much experience gambling at that time, so I was unfamiliar with how player reward programs work. Needless to say, I didn’t have a Total Rewards card so I ended up paying about $100/night for a standard room at Caesars.

Since this was my first time in Las Vegas and it was only the first day of a 3 day trip, I started out slow in the high-limit slots room playing $10/spin Wheel of Fortune. Before I started playing, one of my friend convinced me to get a Total Rewards card, so I went to the desk and signed up for one. With my new card, I began playing various $10/spin slots and ended up just about even.

After not hitting anything big in the high limit room, I made my way over to the main table games pit to play some blackjack ($25 min). After about an hour of betting $25-$100 per hand, I ended up with $600 from the original $1,000 I started with. So, before I lost all my money on the first day, we decided to get a taxi over to Old Vegas and play at The D.

When we got to The D, we immediately found the high limit blackjack room (which was completely empty). They had two 6-deck blackjack tables open, but no one was sitting at either one of them so we decided to play there. I decided to buy in for $600; the remainder of my bankroll. The minimum for blackjack in The D’s high limit room was $25 at that time with a $1,000 max.

During the first shoe, I started out betting pretty low, but slowly increased my bets. After a few shoes, I was up a decent bit so I started betting $100-$500 per hand. By an act of god I went on a big run and must have won something like 100 out of 125 hands. At the end of the session my bankroll was up to $10,000. After playing some normal low/medium limit blackjack at a few other non-Caesars properties in Old Vegas I ended up the night with ~$11,000.

Diamond in a Day Promotion

For the rest of the night I didn’t stray far from Caesars Palace, playing high limit Wheel of Fortune slots for $100/spin. As you can imagine, it didn’t go very well. I was about $4,000 in the hole, until I hit a bonus spin for $5,000 so was unstuck. I also played a little blackjack and pai gow, but eventually I started to slowly lose all of the money that I won in Old Vegas at Caesars and Flamingo (both of which are Caesars Entertainment properties). I then became aware of the “Diamond in a Day” promotion. The way it works is during the first 24 hours of getting your first Total Rewards Card, your points get multiplied by three. So I would now just need to hit 5,000 points to get a diamond card.

One of the annoyances of doing this in a 24 hour period is that your credits don’t fully update for 24-48 hours, so you don’t have a full grasp on how many points you have. It just means you have to really put in the effort. Knowing the many benefits of holding a diamond card, I tried my best. I would play blackjack betting $100/hand along with high limit slots. By the end of the next day after losing close to $10,000, I reached 15,000 tier credits and was now a Diamond Card owner. It was probably one of the most memorable moments that I’ve had at a casino, and I think it was worth it.

Aside from getting Diamond in a Day, they will comp your room and all charges associated with it. Once you have a Diamond Card, you also get comped rooms on all of your next visits to any Caesars Entertainment property.

Take-away: To get diamond in a day you do need to bet frequently during the first 24 hours and bet in high amounts. This means you will often lose a lot of money, but it might be worth it depending on how often you visit Caesars’ casinos and the games you play.

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  1. How to I get 900 tier credits before the end of December I have 4100 and I will lose that and have to start over next year. I did’t know I would lose them at the end of the year.

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  3. I use to always get cash back But now Im diamond at 43,000 and have only gotten cash back one time. The reward credits deff don’t add up to what the cash back use to give you back I use to have enough cash to visit a store and actually bring something home but now Im lucky to get 10 dollars when I earn 2000 their credits and it doesn’t make sense Can someone explain please You can email me at It just seems like something is wrong I get the offerers in the mail the bonus if you come on a certain day But where is the cash a k for my play?

  4. The new 75,000 Diamond Elite Level may not be good for an incentive for all gamblers.
    Me for one
    I do not reallybfly and am not really interested in going to Vegas
    So if one is not interested in going to vegas..there is no motivation after 25,000 points.
    Why not progrss the celebration dinner amount.
    For example..ebery increase of 15,000 points earns an addotopnal $100 celebration dinner?

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