Hospitality Redefined: How Self-Service Technology is Transforming the Industry for the Mobile Generation

Hospitality Redefined: How Self-Service Technology is Transforming the Industry for the Mobile Generation
In today’s increasingly mobile and web-savvy generation, self-service technology has become pervasive in just about every segment of the consumer marketplace—increasing consumer convenience while padding businesses’ bottom lines. As consumer demands and technology options rapidly increase, the global hotel industry is now beginning to understand the positive impact on guest satisfaction and company finances that self-service options offer to their operations.

A complimentary white paper published by Ariane Systems, the global leader in self-service check-in/out technology for the hospitality industry, highlights the growing demand for self-service options from today’s traveling consumers and delivers advice for hoteliers on implementing self-service to maximize profit. Besides being a revenue generator, self-service technology can serve as a critical market differentiator in today’s increasingly commoditized hospitality industry.

Never before have hoteliers had so many self-service options to choose from, and never before has the traveling public been so expectant of having self-service options. This white paper, titled “Hospitality Redefined: How Self-Service Technology is Transforming the Industry for the Mobile Generation,” helps guide hoteliers to the self-service technologies that will best grow their bottom lines. It offers real-world solutions and best practices to enhance revenue and improve the guest experience.

The hospitality industry is faced with an abundance of self-service options. Whether online, via mobile devices or through kiosks, self-service technology has begun to impact all phases of the hotel experience—from pre-arrival to checkout, and every stage in between. This white paper examines self-service in depth, analyzing which options affect a hotel’s bottom line most and how they are being implemented, along with offering real-world solutions and best practices to increase profitability while maximizing guest satisfaction and convenience.

“By taking an extraordinarily detailed look at the operational efficiencies and the revenue opportunities posed by self-service technology, we sought to help hoteliers navigate this important and evolving guest expectation,” says Laurent Cardot, CEO of Paris-based Ariane Systems. “Our white paper delves into the trends in the self-service space, as well as the societal and generational changes that are motivating adoption of self-service technology in unprecedented ways.”

The white paper concludes that widespread adoption of self-service throughout the hotel industry is inevitable. Moreover, early adopters of self-service technology are claiming an enviable position as industry leaders, reaping the rewards of enhanced guest perception while using self-service as a market differentiator to build bottom-line success.

Some of the major uses and business implications of self-service technology discussed in the white paper include:

Check-in and check-out. Guests want to complete this often tedious transaction on their terms, and emerging technologies are making it possible to activate mobile phones as guestroom keys, allowing them to proceed straight to their room upon arrival.
Automated service requests. The proliferation of web-enabled mobile devices is simplifying automated service delivery, allowing guests to order roomservice or request extra towels from the tap of a screen. Opportunities are infinite.
Self-service as an amenity. Self-service is a tangible way for hotels to stand out from the crowd and to drive gains in market share. All demographics, but particularly the younger generation of travelers, indicate a willingness to seek out and even pay a premium for hotels with self-service offerings.
Additional communication opportunities. Mobile push notifications, automated upsell features and pre-check-in messages can be packaged with self-service offerings, adding new opportunities for hotels to communicate with guests before, during and after stays. Each communication offers hotels valuable branding and upsell possibilities.
Enhanced revenue generation. Return on investment is easily quantifiable for hotels. Self-service holds the power to stem the pricing power of online travel agencies while enhancing upsell opportunities and reducing staffing requirements.

Click here to download the complete white paper, sponsored by Ariane Systems, the world’s leading provider of self check-in/check-out technology solutions for the hospitality industry.

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