Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati Fined $125,000 by Control Commission

One of casinos’ biggest concerns are violations, particularly those that carry penalties from the gaming boards that they are monitored by. Those fears were realized Wednesday by the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati, Ohio as the Ohio Casino Control Commission found the property in violation of multiple rules and guidelines.

Some of the more typical fines that casinos face are due to serving alcohol to minors or allowing ineligible gamblers to play (those who are self-banned from casino play, for example). This was not the case with Horseshoe, however. In one of the more interesting citations in gaming, the casino was found guilty of not using proper surveillance. Instead of angling the cameras so that players faces can be seen (so as to catch cheaters, banned players, or otherwise disallowed visitors), the casino instead had them facing down and out of the players face.

The twist to this case is that the actual fines were a product of Horseshoe Casino not listening after they were initially warned about and told to correct the issue. Part of the fines were due to the fact that follow up checks were conducted and revealed that management had not made the necessary effort to correct the problems that they had been warned about.

In addition to this primary issue, the casino was also in hot water for messy handling of credit that it lent to players. Instead of completing and filing the proper paperwork that is required by the Ohio gaming commission, Horseshoe was giving out credit on skint details, and in some cases, issuing credit to players who may not have been entirely eligible for it in the first place.

Horseshoe C asino in Cincinnati is one of many nationwide properties owned by Caesars Entertainment (formerly known by and branded as Harrah’s). Beyond this location, another Horseshoe can also be found in Cleveland within Ohio. Caesars has been in repeated legal and financial trouble over the past few years and has seen their stock price tumble. These new revelations do not bode well for their management on a micro level, and are an indication of broader issues for the company. How Horseshoe in Cincinnati deals with and learns from this latest issue will only be found in time.