Graton Casino Opens New Hotel

Graton Resort and Casino is a top gambling destination for people living or travelling to Northern California casinos. The site exists less than an hour North of San Francisco so it is one of the most accessible casinos for residents of the Bay Area. The casino is massive too. It features more than 130 table games, over 3,000 video poker and slot machines, and a full range of live poker with a wide array of stake levels at play. In addition to all of this, Graton has always featured a long list of bars and restaurants. While this is all fine and good, up until very recently there was what many viewed as a major deficiency on the part of Graton—it was missing a hotel. That was true up until a short while ago, because the resort and casino now plays host to a 200-room hotel. graton-casino-hotel

The casino aspect of Graton has only been open for about three years, but it did not take long for owners to realize that a hotel was necessary. For this reason, the $825 million casino saw a $175 million addition break ground in late 2015. Now, barely a year later, the casino can now host guests for multi-night stays. With that being said, the expansion involves much more than the addition of a few hundred hotel rooms. In addition to the 200 rooms, there is both a 20,000 sq. foot multipurpose space as well as an absolutely massive pool area.

The addition of the hotel not only makes the lives of players looking to spend more than a day at the Sonoma County (wine country) casino easier, it also makes Graton the first casino in the area to have a hotel attached to the casino. Generally speaking, Northern California casinos do not have hotels.

Graton Room Rates

Right now, rooms can be booked for prices as low as $200-$300. When you consider that the average nightly cost of a full-service hotel in Sonoma County is right around $250, Graton is as affordable as it is convenient.

Despite the hotel portion just recently being opened to the public, people have been staying in the rooms for a few months now. Casino employees and an assortment of invited guests have tested out the hotel’s services and accomodations in order to help Graton work out any kinks that may have surfaced. Of all the things that were “corrected” during the test run of hotel rooms, the volume TVs are automatically set to was one of the biggest. Biggest, not because it was seen as overly important, but because almost all of the invited guests complained that the TV’s default volume was unbearably loud. All told, it is clear to see that Graton left no stone unturned before unveiling the hotel to the public.

Right now, the reviews are wholly positive as the new hotel is stunning in its design and functional such that casinogoers can quickly and easily make their way from casino floor to hotel room. At many Las Vegas casinos, the distance one might have to walk to get from poker table to bed is unbelievable. Graton’s management wanted to make sure the life of every guest is as easy and painless as possible, and early indications are that they got most everything spot on. It will be interesting to see how this resort and casino fares going forward and if more Northern California casinos opt to follow its lead and establish an attached hotel.