Gaming Goes Mobile

As tablets and smartphones become more popular among customers, it is inevitable that the gaming industry will eventually have to go mobile to satisfy customers’ desires. Whether you are a casino operator interested in more information on mobile gaming or if you are skeptical about the advancing technology, these reviews are here for you. No matter what size your casino floor may be, making sure your property is outfitted with the proper mobile gaming option is essential. Below you will find four featured mobile gaming companies that are already outfitting properties with their unique mobile solutions. Read on to find out what Bally Technologies, SPIELO G2, International Game Technology and Zukido can offer your company!


Bally Technologies

Customers have the ability to inform, entertain, educate and interact with key audiences on their mobile devices, thanks to Bally Mobile. A different approach, a very open platform and a content management system that works with multiple formats are the three major elements that Bally Technologies believes sets them apart in the mobile gaming arena.

The first of these three elements is a different approach. Bally Technologies does not create a project and then walk away. After developing a project, they offer customers unlimited updates for the apps offered in order for them to stay relevant with the constantly changing technology. Bally sees themselves as a partner that assists in formulating a strategy for success with the customer, and has a track record of generating these desired returns with clients.

The second element is the open platform that can interface with numerous games and system products from more companies than just Bally. Casino customers have the freedom to choose the vendors and developers they want and Bally’s platform then becomes the glue that brings everything together.

The final element is their content management system that works across mobile devices in numerous formats. Whether your mobile device has a native format or a HTML5 format, Bally’s content management system will work. This allows customers to control their content management system from whatever mobile device they are utilizing.

Bally Technologies works with some of the most respected gaming properties in the world when it comes to mobile gaming, ranging from single properties like Red Hawk Casino and 7 Cedars Casino, to larger groups like MGM and Pinnacle properties. Bally is focused on building relationships with their clients through creating trust and results. While developing these customized mobile solutions for clients, Bally provides previews of the project every step of the way to reach the desired outcome. But after the solution is finished, the relationship does not end. Training, analytics reports, recommendations, best practice insights and ongoing updates are provided for the client in order for them to reach their goals.

When it comes to educating and persuading the hesitant customer about mobile gaming, Bally relies on its powerful analytics. Operators can now see how guests are interacting with their apps, providing them with insight on ways to boost revenue, increase efficiency, improve services and advance other metrics. From ticket sales and hotel bookings, to boosting coin-in on the floor, Bally has a proven track record of making profitable solutions for casinos.

More than anything, Bally wants customers to know that mobile is so much more than just gaming. Non-gaming features are just as important because they allow customers to interact with the casino. If a property does not combine both gaming and non-gaming amenities, then it will miss out on the multiple avenues of revenue that are available.

Mobile gaming is an exciting industry to be in and it is not just a tech fad. Bally has the freedom to get creative with the mobile gaming experience to make it more fun and interactive for users—the possibilities are endless!

Quick Facts: About Bally Technologies
Year founded:  1932
Number of employees: 2,900
Headquarters/locations: Las Vegas and more than 25 offices around the world
Current management: Richard Haddrill, chairman of the board; Ramesh Srinivasan, president and CEO


SPIELO G2 provides the i-gaming and sports betting industry with premier full service solutions. Success for the company comes from a two-part formula. The first ingredient of this formula is lowering the cost of acquisition. By providing promotions that can excite even the most hardened gamer, customers are converted into active players. The second piece to this formula is being able to drive up lifetime player values with market-leading products. SPIELO G2 wants to have more players playing their games than ever before, anytime and anywhere.
When it comes to setting itself apart from competitors in mobile gaming, SPIELO G2 provides games that are specifically built for a certain mobile device. Their games are built contextually, with games that are one-handed for smartphones and two-handed for tablets, and both are built to be used on the go. SPIELO G2 recognizes that smartphones and tablets have not just changed the game, but also completely invented a whole new one.

Smartphones now account for nearly a quarter of all mobile devices, with certain countries even reporting more than half of mobile devices being smartphones. It is estimated that by the end of this year, 2 billion smartphones will be sold worldwide. Therefore the potential of mobile gaming for operators is unlimited. These are all reasons why SPIELO G2 has ventured into mobile gaming.

When working with clients, SPIELO G2 has an inviting, collaborative approach including insight, requirements, design, usability and acceptance. Multiple clients can ultimately have the same product, but through their offering of extensive customization, the product can be tailored to fit any brand or customer type. The creation process that they go through may entail a night in the arcade or swimming through post-it notes in a boardroom, but either way ideas are running wild.

With decades of experience in i-gaming, SPIELO G2 has established trust and responsibility in producing high-quality products for customers. The most important aspect of mobile gaming that they want operators to know would be that apps provide a better gaming experience overall, but HTML games serve more of a purpose on the business end of things. When both are used together, you provide your end customer with a complete offering.

In order to give users what they want on demand, technology needs to be employed. The content is important, but speed and accessibility are proving to be right there along with it in importance. Learning how users prefer to see that content, not just the content that is accessed, can help providers serve up the most relevant content for the customer. Mobile and tablet offerings are showing that they are highly profitable, growing channels, not just a miniature version of a website.

Quick Facts: About SPIELO G2
Year founded:  2009
Number of employees:  900
Headquarters:  London
Current CEO:  Walter Bugno, CEO
For sales information, contact:

International Game Technology (IGT)

Established in 1981, International Game Technology (IGT) has been specializing in the design, development, manufacture, distribution and sales of gaming machines and systems products worldwide. IGT not only does this for gaming machines and system products, but also for online and mobile gaming solutions for regulated markets. Recently, IGT acquired DoubleDown Interactive, a company that provides casino-style entertainment for more than 5 million players each month. With this acquisition, IGT is able to offer casino partners with a path to serve up social entertainment to their players on an array of different platforms. This relationship also grants casino partners access to the largest social casino site in the world.
IGT’s quality of content sets them apart in the area of mobile gaming. They are focused on taking the quality of games offered to land-based properties and want to deliver that same quality through their mobile gaming. For those that believe this transition into online gaming may be a tedious process, think again. For through their Remote Gaming Server, IGT can seamlessly integrate their solution into an operator’s existing gaming platform.

There were an estimated 2 billion mobile devices sold around the globe in 2011, with more than 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. With these estimations, it is no surprise that mobile gaming has been seeing major growth. IGT saw this growth happening back in 2008 when they acquired Million21, enabling them to enter the market with a mobile content solution, as well as a platform.

There are several operators in Europe that are already utilizing IGT’s mobile platform solution. Those operators include Rank, Sky, Virgin and Paddy Power, among many others. IGT sees nothing but growth for the future in this area.

For those operators that are hesitant to jump on board with IGT’s mobile content solution, take into consideration the quality of product they offer land-based operators. IGT offers the same quality of product in mobile as they do with land-based games, so players can trust that they will be able to have the same gaming experience on the go with their mobile devices. IGT wants operators to know that the channel for mobile is not going anywhere; in fact it is exploding. Casino customers are going to have a desire to play their favorite games on their mobile devices and IGT can be that partner to provide that same best-in-class content and experience for them. Mobile devices are quickly becoming the player’s preferred method of gaming, and you can join IGT and grow along with this change.

Quick Facts: About IGT
Year founded:  1981
Number of employees: 4,500
Headquarters:  Reno/Las Vegas
Other locations:  San Francisco, Beijing, Sydney and Stockholm
Current CEO:  Patti Hart
For sales information, contact:


Starting out making games for various platform providers, Zukido is a digital agency in the sports betting and i-gaming world. The company has now added another branch to the company in consulting. Not only does Zukido produce sports betting solutions, horse racing products, casino games and social gambling products, but they also assist gaming operators with the design and development of their products. Integrating Zukido’s casino product could not be easier for an operator. No matter what your existing gaming platform, Zukido’s product can be plugged in and utilized with ease.

Zukido strives to be different, nimble and innovative. They will tailor any product for an operator in order to create a unique differential for that client. Zukido will also cut down on the time it takes to create that product, when compared to some of their larger competitors, due to being such a lean and efficient group. Zukido has been producing content for the web since it was founded in 2006, so the evolution to cater to those operators wanting mobile web content was an easy one. The company provides content for many customers that are now all focused on a multi-channel strategy, with four of them going live by the end of 2012.

The partnership between Zukido and their customers happens on a development and account management level. Zukido is very agile in their process of development and can tailor to the customer’s needs. Their content is easily customizable, including branding and sizing, and their games are run in more than 25 languages. Even though there are many unique challenges when it comes to mobile and the support of devices and operating systems, Zukido makes sure that its content is specialized for an operator’s specific market and is a catch-all for generic devices.

Zukido can offer a tailored product that coincides with an operator’s brand and customer base, has proven ROI, can be integrated directly to their wallet and complements their existing operation. These characteristics alone should extinguish any bit of hesitancy in a customer’s gut. Zukido is determined to remind operators to concentrate on targeted design and user experience when it comes to mobile gaming. Taking a land-based game and simply translating it to mobile will prove to be unsuccessful. Targeted experience is a must for the mobile and tablet user journey. Zukido predicts that mobile will become the dominant digital channel for users, and they aim to keep up with the challenge of providing top-notch content for casinos in this area.

Quick Facts: About Zukido
Year founded:  2006
Number of employees: Eight
Headquarters:  London
Current high-level executives: Allan Robinson, technical director; Andrew Robins, operations director
For sales information, contact: David Sargeant,