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Gambling Insider – CR Responds

Gambling Insider Update | 29th June 2018

During the past ten days since this article and video concerning CR’s response to Gambling Insider went live, their owners Players Publishing Limited have been in touch.

They have confirmed to us that they have no intention whatsoever in working with Affiliate Edge or the Club World Group of online casinos, either now or in the future.  Furthermore, Gambling Insider are interviewing Dave Sawyer from CR, with the interview appearing in their next issue of Trafficology.

Have to say big thanks to Alex from iGB for putting in touch with us the owner of Players Publishing Limited. Plus a big thanks to Players Publishing and also Julian from Gambling Insider who listened to what we had to say.

The power of social media is alive and well or so it would seem. Seriously, we at CR are pleased that Gambling Insider listened to what we had to say. It is apparent that by doing so and their subsequent actions, they do indeed hold the interests of iGaming affiliates dear. Thank You!

19th June 2018 – In March 2018, leading casino portal, Gambling Insider, published what can only be deemed an advertorial from the casino affiliate programme Affiliate Edge. Affiliate Edge of course being responsible for the Club World Casino group.

In a two page piece in the March edition of Gambling Insider’s Trafficology Magazine, titled “Back from the Edge” – Gambling Insider allowed Affiliate Edge to put to bed some rumours concerning their programme. However, the owners of Gambling Insider, Players Publishing Limited have deemed it not fitting for the affiliate referenced in the ‘advertorial’ a right of reply.

Hence why we at CR are doing so now, seeing as Dave Sawyer the webmaster of, is the affiliate referred to in the article within the Trafficology Magazine.

Our biggest issue we have with the advertorial is the fact that Affiliate Edge assert that they did not detag any players. Well, contrary to what they would want affiliates to believe, this is actual bullshit.

We have irrefutable proof that in February 2017, over 1000 players were wilfully removed from the accounts of their affiliates. Now Affiliate Edge, in this Gambling Insider publication, would like affiliates to believe that this was indeed a software problem.

This is complete and utter bullshit. We at have seen first hand the proof as to what actually occurred. The owners of Gambling Insider will have some serious egg on their face as and when it all comes out in the wash.

To use a phrase that Stuart Ferster, one of the owners of Affiliate Edge and the Club World Group likes to describe the situation. “Affiliates can’t live on past glories”.

This so it would seem also applies to those families of deceased affiliates, such as my old friend Ted Loh among others.

Players Publishing Limited aka Gambling Insider, I am easily reachable. Perhaps, you may want to finally reach out and get in touch.