Finding Your Virtual Voice In the Mobile Age

Social media represents the most powerful communication invention of the new millennium. It’s only 2015, granted, but go with me, here. Leveraging smartly, a single social media manager can effectively reach millions. Done right, that clever manager’s work may convert a good percentage into profitable customers. Casino marketing can embrace social media to cultivate loyal friends and followers. Let’s examine the structure of Facebook as an example. Then we’ll explore some strategies to leverage social media in general to drive new player acquisitions, return trips and goodwill. Afterward, we can take a picture of lunch and show our friends.

Gone are the days where you can think about your marketing as a single channel of communication. The new mobile world has many devices and there are many social media platforms to leverage on those devices. You need a strategy. There are many good social media companies that would be happy to help you create a content strategy. Ironically, the place to find one is probably on social media… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

What is Social Media Anyway?
Social media is an array of communication tools above all else. For a new generation of young people, social media has become the normal mode of communication. Let that sink in. Using a website, mobile application or other visual interface, registered members can access content that they subscribe to and interact with that content in the form of commenting and sharing. Registered members are not only the consumers of content, but they are creating content for others to consume. This is why the right content can be so powerful, sometimes dangerously so. A very popular person can be quite influential with their audience, simply by making a recommendation. We used to call this the “Oprah Effect,” referring to Oprah Winfrey’s book club, where she leveraged her fame to drive a recommended book from obscurity to the best-seller list. These new tools have made it such that one does not need a talk show to hold court with an audience. Simply sign up for a free account and start engaging with your content. Like all things, it takes time, skill and a little luck to develop a position of true influence, but rest assured, people are listening.

Consider Facebook
Let’s examine Facebook. The numbers are pretty staggering: As of March 31, 2015, Facebook reports more than 1.4 billion monthly active users, and 1.2 billion of those users were on a mobile device. Stands to reason, many of your existing customers are on Facebook. The customers you haven’t met yet likely have Facebook accounts. There are connections waiting to be made. Let’s look a little closer.

On Facebook, think of the two main types of users as personal or business. A personal Facebook page is used for making friends with other personal users. Each personal user registers their name, birthdate, gender, orientation, preferences and any other defining demographic minutia volunteered (from a favorite television show to music preferences). Users mutually agree to connect their personal pages and to be listed as your friends. If it’s your Uncle Steve, he may ask you to confirm him as family and that he’s your uncle (in addition to his friend status). These are called connections. In this way, Facebook has created one of the most comprehensive databases in the world. Using the billions of active users, the social media structure is a map of the nuances of the relationships and the behavior inherent in how people interact. Moreover, Facebook (and other platforms) continually experiment with algorithms that curate the most relevant content in front of each type of user. Think about your Facebook presence as a business page. Rather than friends, you are attracting likes to your business page, which are unlimited. Fans are subscribing to your news feed, and when you post new content, it will populate into the respective news feeds of your fan base. Facebook friends become your third-party referral audience. Sometimes just by liking a photo you have posted or engaging in a contest on your business page, other friends will see this activity and follow suit. This is the magic of making new connections on social media. Compelling content is king.

With this type of “hive mind” interaction in mind, here are some ways to drive new player acquisitions, return trips and good will by using social media as an extension of your current marketing mix:

Use a Clear Call to Action
On Facebook, people are asked to like, share or comment, and in each case, the more interactions, the more eyeballs will see your content. On Twitter, your fans can re-tweet your tweet. Regardless of the social media platform, your goal is to make your content as sharable as possible. The best way to do that is to keep it simple and direct.

Find Your “Voice”
The voice of your business is the flavor of your content and the way it is perceived. Are you light and whimsical? Direct and serious? Flashy? The type of customers you are trying to attract will respond reflexively to the voice you use to communicate. Have a look at “Mr. Clean” on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll get a sense of the playfulness they’ve injected into cleaning toilets. Imagine what you can do with gambling and compelling offers.

Post Often and Be Consistent
People respond well to businesses that can deliver a consistent experience. This is true for drink service as well as social media messaging. Your aforementioned voice and the frequency of the content you’re sharing should be as reliable as the service on your casino floor.

Have fun exploring your identity on social media and don’t get too locked into routine. Listen to your audience. Let them guide you in the areas you need to improve. Each interaction as a way to reassure your customers that you care about them, and an invitation for them to tell their friends that they like what you have to offer.

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