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Online Bank Transfers (U.S.) – Payment Method Info Page
Payment method: Online bank transfers
Payment type: Bank transfers
Region/Country: United States
Online bank transfers (U.S.) – pros:

  • No fees for deposits.
  • Instant online gambling deposits.
  • Fast, easy, and convenient to use.
  • Safe, secure, and private transactions.
  • Accepted at many licensed online gambling sites in the U.S.
  • Transactions are tracked on your bank statements.
  • No new account registration necessary to make transfers.
  • Use your own online banking login info (username and password) to make transfers.
  • No personal bank account numbers shared with online casinos.  
  • Online banking login and access done through the casino cashier window without leaving the website.
  • High success rate for deposits at legal U.S. online gambling sites through approved banks.

Online bank transfers (U.S.) – cons:  

  • Deposit method only.
  • Only available to players that hold an account at select U.S. banks.
  • Deposit payments can get declined if you do not have sufficient funds in your checking account.
  • Gambling deposit transactions are listed on your bank statements.
  • Limits may be lower than ACH e-check transfer limits. overview – online bank transfers (U.S.):

Many licensed betting sites that operate in U.S. states where online gambling is legal, especially in New Jersey, accept online bank transfers for gambling deposits. Online bank transfers are made without leaving the casino site, using your banking login details to confirm payments.
ACH e-check transfers are more common for making payments with bank accounts at U.S. online casinos, and ACH e-checks can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. However, some players prefer online bank transfers because they do not need to input sensitive bank account information or share any banking details with the casino. The transactions are done entirely within the online banking environment instead of the casino. With ACH e-check transfers, checking account and routing numbers must usually be entered and processed via the online casino cashier.
Online bank transfer terms

The following is a list of banks that support online bank transfers at licensed online casinos in New Jersey: Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One 360, Chase, HSBC Bank USA, New York Community Bank, PNC, Regions, Santander (Sovereign) Bank, Suntrust, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo.
To use the online bank transfer option, you must hold an account at one of the banks on this list as well as have online bill pay set up and enabled for that bank account.
Online bank transfer processing
Although your online gambling deposits will appear on your banking statement, they may not be labeled with your casino’s name. For example, one reputable betting site in New Jersey advises players that “online banking transactions will appear on your online banking statement as ADW Services or” ADW Services is a payment services provider that processes online banking payments for e-commerce sites, and Mazooma handles online payments specifically for licensed online gambling sites in the U.S.
Online casinos in the U.S. offer a generic “Online Bank Transfer” deposit option, and different betting sites use various payment processing companies to handle online bank transfers, as in the above-mentioned example. These companies are not branded or referenced on the online casino sites, unlike offshore/global betting sites that offer branded online bank transfer options, like Trustly, iDebit, and iDEAL.
Online bank transfers are a casino-friendly deposit method at many licensed betting sites in the U.S. Transfers are instant and initiated securely through your online banking environment without ever leaving the online casino’s cashier area.
Using online bank transfers (U.S.) for online gambling deposits
Different betting sites use various payment processing companies to enable online bank transfers that may involve different steps. However, the general guidelines are listed below for reference.
Steps for using online bank transfers (U.S.) to make gambling deposits:

  1. Log in to your online betting site.
  2. Go to the cashier area. Choose “Deposit,” then select the Online Bank Transfer option.
  3. Specify the amount you want to deposit.
  4. Select your bank brand from the drop-down menu.
  5. Log in using your online banking details (username and password) and finalize the transfer.
  6. Your funds should be available instantly in your online player account!

Deposits made using online bank transfers are typically available instantly. Withdrawals through Online Bank Transfers are currently not supported at licensed casinos in the U.S.
Online bank transfers acceptance at online gambling sites
Most legal gambling sites in the United States, particularly in New Jersey, accept online bank transfers as a deposit method.
Online bank transfers acceptance for U.S. players

Online bank transfer payments are an accepted deposit option at most licensed online gambling sites in the U.S. Players must hold an account at one of the recognized bank brands, and online bill pay must be enabled for that bank account.

Online bank transfers can be a convenient deposit method for players in regulated markets in the U.S., particularly in New Jersey. Betting sites seamlessly integrate the login screen and online banking console for select banks into their cashier area. Deposits are conveniently made through direct transfers between bank accounts and online player accounts with no need to register for a new service, input payment/bank account information, or log into third-party payment provider accounts.

Online bank transfers are available at many legal online gambling sites in the U.S to players that hold an account at any participating bank brand. Gamblers must have online banking and online bill pay set up to use the service.

Online bank transfers are typically free. During our research, we did not encounter any fees advertised for depositing via online bank transfers at any of the casinos that accept this payment method. Most U.S. banks do not charge any fees for online bank transfers. You can check with your bank to confirm if online transfers are free or if you might incur any fees.

Online bank transfers provide a safe and secure way to transfer funds from your bank account directly into your online player account.
By logging in to your online banking account from the casino site, you avoid having to input your bank account numbers, which helps protect you from identity theft and fraud.
If you use online banking and the online bill pay feature to pay your bills, utilizing this option to make online gambling deposits carries the same level of safety and security. The transactions are encrypted throughout the process, and online casinos do not register or store your login information.
In most cases, online bank transfer deposits are instant.
Customer service

Questions about gambling deposits using the online bank transfer option can be directed to your casino’s customer service team or your bank, depending on the source and nature of the issue.
The payment processing companies that provide the gateway for online bank transfers are mostly unknown and not directly responsible for any initiated transactions.

Additional verifications are typically not required for making online gambling deposits using the Online Bank Transfer option, and withdrawals are not supported. Logging in to your banking account verifies your account ownership and identity.
Online casino bonuses/casino-friendliness

Online bank transfers are a casino-friendly deposit option for U.S. players. Licensed betting sites provide seamless integration between the cashier and online banking environments to safely and securely transfer transactions. Plus, deposits made with online bank transfers are instant and fee-free.
Our team did not find any payment method bonuses at U.S. sites for online bank transfers. Current promotions should be listed on your betting site’s Banking or Promotions page. Deposits made using online bank transfers contribute to the requirements for any other bonuses actively offered by casinos. Check the Terms and Conditions for each bonus offer to see the deposit and playing requirements you need to fulfill to cash in on the bonus money.