Trustly Online Casino & Gambling Site Deposits

Trustly online banking payments and transfers from consumer bank accounts across EuropeTrustly positions its services as being “fast, simple and secure.”
The company provides payment services to facilitate transfers between banks in the European Economic Area, including most of Europe and the United Kingdom, including online merchants such as real money casinos and gambling sites.

Trustly has developed a strong position as a preferred payment method for online casinos by providing seamless integration for online bank transfers, including instant deposit and withdrawal options for players.

Trustly Bank Transfers – Casino Payment Method Info

Payment method: Trustly
Payment type: Online bank transfers
Region/Country: European Economic Area (29 countries)

Trustly bank transfer pros:

  • Widely available at reputable online casinos.
  • No transfer fees (typically).
  • Accepted for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Very easy, fast, and convenient to use.
  • Instant online gambling deposits for players in most eligible countries through most banks.
  • Instant withdrawals possible in some countries.
  • Safe, secure, and private transactions.
  • No registration necessary.
  • Use your online banking login details to make transfers.
  • No sensitive bank account details input online or shared with online betting sites.
  • Make deposits directly on the casino’s website
  • Bank-level security.
  • No credit cards or bank cards needed.

Trustly bank transfer cons:

  • Only available to players in countries in the EEA (European Economic Area).
  • Only available to players that hold a bank account (at participating banks).
  • Deposit payments can get declined if you do not have sufficient funds in your account.
  • Bank statements list gambling deposit and withdrawal transactions
  • Limits may be lower than for other available payment methods due to anti-money laundering and regulatory considerations.

Using Trustly for online casino gambling deposits

Using Trustly to make online bank transfers is an easy and straightforward process.

Trustly acts as an intermediary to enable transfers between your online banking account and your gambling account. The exact steps may vary depending on the betting site you’re using, but the general steps are outlined here for reference.

Steps for using Trustly to make online gambling deposits:

1. Log in to your online casino or betting site.
2. Go to the cashier area. Choose “Deposit,” then select the Trustly option.
3. Select the bank you want to use to transfer the funds, then log in using your online banking login details (username and password).
4. Once you are logged in, choose the account you want to use, confirm the payment amount, and finalize the transfer.
5. Confirm your payment.
6. Your funds will typically be available in your player account instantly!
Deposits made using online bank transfers through Trustly are usually available instantly. Instant withdrawals are also possible in some countries where Trustly operates. If Instant withdrawals are unavailable, then fast or standard withdrawal times apply depending on the country and bank brand.

Trustly acceptance at online casinos and gambling sites

A wide range of online casinos and gambling sites worldwide accept Trustly deposits, especially at casinos that cater to European players. Trustly currently only provides payment services to 29 countries in the European Economic Area via approved banks in those countries.
Trustly acceptance for U.S. players
Trustly currently only provides payment services for players in Europe and is not available to U.S. players.

Trustly Casino Deposit Review

Authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) as a Swedish payment institution, Trustly operates in accordance with the regulations dictated by the Payment Services Act (2010:751). Trustly is authorized to provide cross-border payment services within the EU/EEA/UK, which allows it to legally handle bank transfers between players and online gambling sites in the European Economic Area.

Founded in 2008 in Sweden, Trustly began serving Swedish customers, slowly introducing its services to other countries.

In 2015, Trustly expanded into 21 new countries in the European Economic Area and was processing one million transactions a month. By 2016, the company had grown to handle two million transactions a month. In 2017, Trustly surpassed over 10 billion euros worth of transactions. The company has won numerous awards and recognitions, including being named as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe by the Financial Times for the past two years (2017 and 2018).

Trustly introduced cutting-edge payment technology to the online gambling world, including Payout Express, which allows instant deposits as well as instant (or fast) payouts throughout the EEA. The company’s Pay N Play service enables new players at online casinos to start playing instantly by combining the registration and first deposit steps into one quick and seamless process.

Trustly is an exceptionally casino-friendly payment option for online players in the European Economic Area. The company markets its services directly to the online gambling world and has developed technology to expedite payments for online gamers. Instant deposit and withdrawal options that are a secure and convenient help to position Trustly as a desirable payment option for players.


Trustly is a convenient payment method for players in the European Economic Area, including the United Kingdom. The company provides a convenient way for players to make instant deposits using bank transfers without needing to register for a new payment service or leave the casino website. Use the login details for your existing online bank account to process and confirm your deposit payment through the Trustly interface embedded in the betting site.


Trustly is a widely accepted payment option at many online casinos worldwide. Currently, Trustly services are available to players in 29 countries in the European Economic Area. The company supports most of the major banks in those countries. The Trustly website features a handy interactive tool that allows you to select your country and see which banks are supported as well as check the deposit and withdrawal processing times.
The countries that Trustly is currently available in are:

According to the Trustly website, France, Greece, and Luxembourg can make Trustly withdrawals, but not deposits. The service is not available in Switzerland for deposits or withdrawals.


Bank transfers through Trustly are usually free. Most online casinos do not charge a fee for online bank transfers through this service, and Trustly does not charge players any fees.

Select betting sites may charge fees to players in some countries, however. For example, one online casino charges a 1.5% fee for players in Finland and a 2% fee for players in Lithuania only. The casino does not charge any fees for players in other countries. Check your gambling site’s Banking or the FAQ section to confirm if it charges any fees for online bank transfers through Trustly.

Although most banks do not charge fees for online transfers, potential charges can vary by country and bank. Check with your bank to see if you may incur any fees for making online transfers.


Trustly provides safe and secure payment options for players that wish to use online bank transfers for gambling deposits and withdrawals. Trustly transactions are safely contained within your secure online banking site environment. No sensitive bank account details are shared with your betting site. You never have to disclose bank account information, which limits your exposure to identity theft and fraud.

Trustly itself is a payment service provider licensed through the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and operates following the formal guidelines of the Payment Services Act (2010:751).


Trustly boasts high-speed bank transfer services for both deposits and payouts. Instant deposits are available through most banks in most countries, and instant withdrawals are possible in select countries.

An interactive tool on the Trustly website allows you to click on your country to see which banks are supported and the transfer speed you can expect. For example, instant deposits as well as withdrawals are available through all of the banks that Trustly supports in the U.K., including Barclays, Clydesdale Bank, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, Metro Bank, Nationwide, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, The Co-operative Bank, TSB, Ulster Bank, and Yorkshire Bank.

Conversely, in the Netherlands, Trustly deposits are instant, but withdrawals are “fast” instead of “instant” or “standard” through all participating Dutch bank,s including ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, iDeal, ING, Knab, Rabobank, SNS Bank, and Triodos Bank.

Customer service

If you have any questions about online gambling deposits or withdrawals made using Trustly, the company advises you to contact your betting site for customer support. You can also reach out to your bank’s customer service department directly, depending on the nature of the issue. Trustly essentially provides a payment gateway between your online banking account and your gambling account to facilitate transfers. It is not directly responsible for any transactions issued between the banks and online betting sites.

Trustly provides an FAQ section on the User Support page of its website. It is also possible to contact the company using a form on the site.


Since you use your bank’s login for transactions, Trustly does not require verification for using its services. In most cases, banks do not require additional verification.

Your casino may require verification if you are making your first withdrawal using Trustly for bank transfers, for example. In addition to identity verification, your casino may ask for a copy of your bank statement or another form of verification. This is to validate that the account from which you want to withdraw funds from belongs to you.

Online casino bonuses/Casino-friendliness

Trustly is an exceptionally casino-friendly payment method for players in the European Economic Area. The company markets directly to the online gambling world and partners with online casinos to provide payment solutions for betting sites and gamblers alike, boasting instant payment methods.
Payment method bonuses for Trustly deposits are uncommon. However, you can check your online casino’s Banking or Promotions section to see if there are any payment method bonuses available. Deposits made via Trustly are eligible for other online casino bonuses including welcome bonuses. Be sure to check the Terms and Conditions for each bonus offer to see the deposit and playing requirements for claiming the bonus cash.