Prepaid Card Online Gambling Deposits

PREPAID CARDS — Payment Method Info Page
Payment method: Prepaid cards (prepaid credit/debit/gift cards, virtual prepaid cards, physical prepaid cards, prepaid vouchers, prepaid casino cards)
Payment type: Prepaid cards
Region/country: Global (worldwide)
Prepaid cards – pros:  

  • Widely available to players
  • Variety of prepaid card types and brands available
  • Global and local/regional card options
  • Widely accepted by online gambling sites
  • Convenient, fast, and easy to use
  • Instant deposits (typically)
  • Online casinos may offer bonuses for prepaid card deposits
  • No personal financial information shared with casino
  • No bank account or credit line needed
  • Prepaid accounts can help limit spending
  • Secure and private transactions
  • Stand-alone prepaid cards and vouchers provide protection against ID theft and financial fraud
  • Cash deposit options

Prepaid cards – cons:

  • May charge fees
  • May offer limited or no withdrawal options
  • Some prepaid card types may not work at all casinos
  • Some prepaid cards are not as convenient as other payment methods overview – prepaid cards:
A wide variety of different types and brands of prepaid cards and vouchers are available for making online gambling deposits and withdrawals. Prepaid cards provide secure and private payment options with unique benefits, including high acceptance and success rates, cash payment options, and instant transactions. Prepaid cards can be grouped into a few basic categories, including prepaid credit/debit/gift cards, virtual prepaid cards, physical prepaid cards and vouchers, and prepaid casino cards.
Prepaid credit, debit, and gift cards
Major payment card companies such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, as well as banks that are partnered with these brands, issue prepaid credit, debit, and gift cards worldwide. Prepaid credit cards are not backed by a revolving line of credit (like credit cards are) or not linked to a bank account (like standard debit cards are). Instead, prepaid credit, debit, and gift cards are stand-alone cards funded with a specific amount of money. They can be one-time-purchase or reloadable cards, depending on the type of card and issuing bank.
Prepaid payment cards can be purchased online, through banks, or at retail stores. They are convenient online gambling deposit options for players who do not have a bank account or credit card, do not wish to share their sensitive bank or credit information online, or would like to manage their gambling spending by using a fixed limit card.
Convenience / speed
Gambling deposits made with prepaid payment cards are typically available instantly, and depositing money is as easy as making any purchase online. Simply enter your payment card details and submit a deposit request without any additional steps, new accounts, or logins.
There may be fees associated with purchasing or using prepaid payment cards. These charges vary depending on the card and issuing bank, so it’s a good idea to shop around for a prepaid card that it a good match for your personal spending habits and needs.
Prepaid credit, debit, and gift cards are generally casino friendly. Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted payment card brands at online gambling sites. Casinos that accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and/or American Express also honor prepaid cards from those brands.
You can find more detailed information about prepaid cards here at on our pages about Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards.
Virtual prepaid cards
Virtual prepaid cards provide players with an exceptionally fast, easy, and convenient way to make online gambling deposits without sharing any credit/debit card or banking information directly with the casino. Virtual prepaid cards can be instantly issued online and can then be used to make gambling deposits or other online purchases without the need for any credit checks or approvals.
Several companies now offer virtual prepaid cards that can be used to fund online casino accounts, including EcoPayz, Astropay, and Entropay. For example, the ecoVirtual card from EcoPayz is a single-use virtual card that can be issued instantly through an EcoPayz account and may be used at any online gambling site that accepts EcoPayz. Entropay issues virtual prepaid cards that are reloadable but can also be deleted or canceled for additional security. These cards can be used at online casinos that honor Entropay and on any site that accepts Visa.
Virtual prepaid cards can be purchased at your convenience using your computer or mobile device, just like playing at an online casino. Virtual prepaid card transfers are typically instant, and cards can be issued in a variety of currencies. It’s easy to purchase a virtual prepaid card and immediately fund your betting account and start playing.
Virtual prepaid cards may charge fees for activation, maintenance, currency conversion, or transferring funds to and from accounts and prepaid cards. Fees vary depending on the brand, and some prepaid services like EcoPayz offer different types of accounts that charge varying fees.
Virtual prepaid cards are generally casino friendly and widely accepted at online casinos.
Prepaid physical cards and vouchers
Players can fund online gambling deposits using physical prepaid cards or vouchers that can be purchased using payment cards or cash. Prepaid physical cards or vouchers are a unique option for players who want to securely fund their casino account via cash deposits.
PaySafeCards, widely accepted prepaid physical cards, are available worldwide at a variety of retailers, including grocery stores, drug stores, and gas stations. PaySafeCards can be purchased in different denominations, and they provide a secure 16-digit PIN code. Input the code at an online casino that accepts PaySafeCards to make a secure and private deposit. Regional prepaid cards like the Postepay prepaid card in Italy may also be available and accepted at betting sites.
Ukash used to be an option for players to make cash payments at retail locations in exchange for vouchers bearing a secure code. However, the company was acquired by Skrill and merged with PaySafeCard. Any outstanding Ukash vouchers expired in 2015 and can now be exchanged for PaySafeCards.
EcoPayz offers prepaid voucher options, ecoVouchers, which give players the option of purchasing payment vouchers at retail locations using a card or cash. ecoVouchers display the value of the voucher that was purchased and a secure 18-digit PIN code. Input the code at any online casino or site that accepts ecoVouchers to make a secure and private payment.
PayNearMe is accepted by many legal online gambling sites in the United States, namely in regulated markets like New Jersey. A player can submit a deposit request through the cashier at their online casino that accepts PayNearMe. The user then receives a voucher including a barcode for the transaction, which can then be scanned at any retail location that accepts PayNearMe payments, like 7-Eleven and CVS retail locations.
PayNearMe vouchers can be paid with cash at these locations, and the funds are transferred to the associated casino account quickly. One online casino in New Jersey advertises that PayNearMe payments are available within 30 minutes, for example. PayNearMe deposits boast a very high success rate at legal online casinos in New Jersey.
Payments made using prepaid cards and vouchers are convenient and usually instant. Making payments with cash at a retail location can be more time intensive, but it is a viable option for players that prefer to use cash. Prepaid cards and vouchers that can be funded with cash are available at numerous retail outlets for added convenience.
Physical prepaid cards and vouchers typically don’t come with transaction or usage fees, but some may carry initial purchase, currency conversion, refund, or maintenance fees. Any potential charges associated with a prepaid card can be found on the site of the card/voucher issuer. Online gambling sites typically do not charge fees for depositing with a prepaid card or voucher, but any potential fees should be listed in the casino’s payment section. Alternatively, you may be notified before submitting a payment.  
Prepaid physical cards and vouchers are exceptionally casino-friendly and are accepted by a variety of online casinos worldwide. Select prepaid cards and vouchers actively advertise that their cards can be used for online gambling.
Prepaid casino account cards
Many legal online casinos in New Jersey offer branded prepaid casino accounts and prepaid cards. There are no credit checks or credit limits on the prepaid casino accounts or prepaid cards, and account approval and funding are typically quick.
Prepaid casino accounts can be funded via credit/debit card or bank account/echeck, and transfers are instant between the prepaid account and the wagering account at the casino. Most casino prepaid accounts issue prepaid Discover cards to account holders, so players can also use the funds from their prepaid casino account anywhere Discover is accepted.
Successful transactions are virtually guaranteed using prepaid casino accounts and boast higher success rates than credit or debit card deposits made directly through the online casino cashier. Deposits and transfers from wagering accounts to prepaid cards are usually instant as well.
Applications are submitted directly through the casino site. Online casinos in New Jersey that offer prepaid accounts list benefits and all relevant Terms and Conditions on their website.
Prepaid casino cards are exceptionally convenient and fast to use after an account is set up. Deposits onto prepaid casino cards are instant, and transfers between casino wagering accounts and prepaid casino accounts/cards can also be processed right away depending on the casino.
Prepaid casino cards typically do not charge fees for casino transactions. Some cards may charge monthly maintenance fees, foreign transaction fees, or charges for using a prepaid casino card to make a withdrawal at an ATM. A list of possible fees should be found in the Terms and Conditions for the prepaid card on the casino site.
Prepaid casino cards are incredibly casino-friendly as each one is specific to the online casino that issued it. This results in almost guaranteed acceptance and high success rates for players. Some casinos also offer prepaid card deposit bonuses and instant transfer options for withdrawals from wagering accounts to prepaid cards.
Using prepaid cards for online gambling deposits
Using prepaid cards to deposit money into an online casino account is generally quick, easy, and efficient. The exact process depends on the card’s type and brand. Specific details and instructions can be found on our individual information pages for prepaid cards.
Prepaid card acceptance at online gambling sites
Prepaid cards are widely accepted at reputable online casinos, and select prepaid card brands actively market their products for online gambling. With so many prepaid card options available, most sites accept at least one of them, such as prepaid credit/debit/gift cards, prepaid casino accounts, virtual prepaid cards, physical prepaid cards, and prepaid vouchers.
Check your casino’s site for information on the types of prepaid cards it accepts, what the estimated processing times are, and whether there are any fees associated with using different prepaid card options.
Prepaid card acceptance for US players
Prepaid cards generally have a high acceptance rate for US players as some providers have successfully navigated around the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) restrictions on financial institutions and online gambling, particularly in legal, regulated markets like New Jersey.
Some players have had success with select prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards at legal online casinos in the US. Higher success rates have been seen using credit or debit cards to make deposits through prepaid casino cards, however, and cash payments can be made through prepaid vouchers like PayNearMe. Prepaid card options continue to change in the US as the legal online gambling landscape continues to shift.   
Prepaid cards offer players a convenient casino deposit and withdrawal method. Different prepaid card and voucher options offer varying levels of convenience depending on their type and funding source.
Various prepaid card types and brands are widely available for players around the globe. Prepaid card and voucher options can be purchased online or in person at retail locations.
Prepaid cards may carry fees, which vary widely depending on the card’s type and brand. Information on fees for specific prepaid cards can be found on our individual prepaid card payment pages, at your casino, or with your prepaid card provider.
Safety / security
Prepaid cards are inherently safe and secure payment options because they are not linked directly to sensitive bank account, identity, or credit card information. Prepaid cards/vouchers can provide additional layers of security by serving as an intermediary between your personal details and finances and online casinos/retailers.
Prepaid cards provide some of the fastest options for making online gambling deposits and withdrawals – many of the options are instant. Specific deposit and withdrawal processing times vary and depend on the prepaid card type and brand.
Customer service
Prepaid cards are backed by customer service for the issuing card or brand. Additional details about customer service support are provided on our individual prepaid card information pages, on the back of your prepaid card, or on the site for your prepaid card service provider.
Online gambling sites may require verification of your deposit/withdrawal method and your identification, depending on what type of prepaid card option you choose to use and what the casino’s policies are. You may be asked to verify that you are the owner of the prepaid as well as provide a copy of your ID, a copy of your card, or a payment authorization form. Your gambling site should feature this information in the cashier/payment area or may contact you for additional verifications. Be sure to provide the requested information as soon as possible to avoid potential processing delay.
Online casino bonuses
Prepaid cards are generally casino-friendly and widely accepted at online gambling sites around the world. The types and brands of accepted prepaid cards vary by casino and depend on the site itself as well as the laws that govern online gambling for both the casino and the player. Check the Banking or FAQ section to see which prepaid cards are accepted at your casino.
Online casinos may offer special promotions and bonus cash for using prepaid cards to fund your online gambling account. For example, select casinos in New Jersey offer cash bonuses for making deposits using prepaid casino cards. Bonus offers for deposits made with prepaid cards should be listed in the Promotions and/or Payments sections of the site. Be sure to check the Terms and Conditions of any bonus offer to learn about the cash out requirements and eligibility restrictions.