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Maestro cards are accepted at a variety of reputable online casinos and betting sites worldwide. However, they are not as widely accepted at online casinos as Mastercard and Visa cards. Similar to issues with some Mastercard and Visa cards, some Maestro cards may not work at all online gambling sites that accept Maestro due to the terms and conditions of specific cards and the local gambling laws where cards are issued.

Maestro cards are not as available or popular in the United States as they are in Europe and other regions/countries around the world. If you are a U.S. player who happens to have a Maestro card, the card may or may not work at online casinos, depending on your location and where the card was issued, due to the UIGEA restrictions on online gambling and banking in the United States. If your Maestro card does not work at one online gambling site, it may work at the next gambling site you try.

Best Online Casinos That Accept Maestro Deposits

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Maestro is relatively casino-friendly, similar to Visa and Mastercard debit options. While this payment option is honored at select online casinos worldwide, Visa and Mastercard are more widely accepted. To see if a casino accepts Maestro, check on the Banking or FAQ pages at the casino for accepted deposit methods.
Some online casinos also display the logos for accepted payment methods, including Maestro, at the bottom of the homepage or in the footer of the site pages.
If a casino is offering a bonus for making a deposit with Maestro, the bonus information should be listed on the Promotions/Bonuses pages of the site. Online casinos may also run bonus offers for making deposits with credit/debit cards of any brand, prepaid casino cards that can be funded with Maestro, and alternative/e-wallet payment methods that can be funded using these cards.
If a casino is offering a payment method bonus for making a deposit, check the Terms and Conditions to check the deposit and playing requirements.

Making a gambling deposit with Maestro

Using Maestro cards to make online casino and betting site deposits involves the same process as in in the case of Mastercard or Visa debit cards.

How to make online gambling deposits using Maestro:
1. Log in to your online gambling site.
2. Go to the cashier and choose the Maestro option in the credit/debit payment method options.
3. Choose your deposit amount.
4. Enter your Maestro details including the card number, expiration date, and the CVV code (the three-digit code on the back of your card).
5. Submit your payment.
6. Start playing as soon as the funds are available in your account.
Online casino deposits made with Maestro cards are typically available in your account immediately. Select casinos may support withdrawals to Maestro cards. Your casino should indicate whether Maestro is available on its Payment/Withdrawals or FAQ page, along with any fees associated with using this payment method

Types of Maestro Cards You Can Use for Online Gambling

Maestro debit cards can be used anywhere Maestro is accepted for purchases and ATM withdrawals. Like Mastercard, Maestro does not issue cards directly but instead partners with banks and brands in countries worldwide to issue its cards.
Maestro debit cards work like Mastercard debit cards; they are linked directly to bank accounts, and purchases are deducted from the available bank balance when transactions are made.

Maestro debit card fees
There are typically no fees for making debit card purchases, and the same is true for Maestro debit cards. Banks may charge fees for the bank account associated with the debit card, however, including overdraft fees if a debit card purchase dips a bank account balance into the red. The fees associated with a debit card, if there are any, and the associated bank account fees vary by bank and card issuer. Banks/payment providers that issue Maestro cards should provide a fee schedule in the card information and the cardholder agreement.

Maestro prepaid debit cards, including Everyday Money ones, can be used anywhere that Maestro is accepted. Unlike debit cards, prepaid cards are stand-alone cards not linked to a bank account or line of credit. No bank account or credit check is necessary to obtain a prepaid debit card.
Maestro prepaid cards can be reloaded, or “topped up,” using bank transfers, online transfers, and by using cash at select banks and retail locations. Reload options, including top-ups and their minimum/maximum limits, vary depending on the card issuer and country. Check the terms and conditions for specific cards, or check with card providers for details.

Prepaid Maestro fees
Maestro prepaid cards may charge different types of fees, including card application fees, monthly service charges, card reload fees, and ATM withdrawal charges. The fee types and amounts depend on the card issuer and the card’s terms. Check the terms before applying for a prepaid card or go over your existing cardholder agreement for detailed information about the card fees.

Using Maestro to Gamble Online for Real Money (Summary + Pros & Cons)

Note: When our team searched for details about Maestro cards, the website that used to provide specific information redirected us to the UK Mastercard website, which mostly includes information about Mastercard branded cards. Mastercard’s website information about Maestro may vary by country, however. For example, the Mastercard site in the Netherlands provides some dedicated information about Maestro cards in Dutch.
Payment method: Maestro Debit Cards, Maestro Prepaid Cards
Payment type: Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards
Region/country: Global (Worldwide)

Maestro Card pros:

  • Maestro debit and prepaid cards are accepted anywhere Maestro is accepted.
  • Maestro is accepted at 15.5+ million locations worldwide.
  • Available in select countries worldwide.
  • No credit checks necessary for Maestro cards. No bank account needed for prepaid cards.
  • Some card options have low or no fees.
  • Fast, easy, and convenient transactions.
  • Cards can be used to make withdrawals at Maestro ATMs worldwide.
  • Owned by Mastercard, the second-largest global payment card brand.
  • Accepted at select online casinos worldwide.
  • Online casino deposits are available instantly (usually).
  • Prepaid Maestro cards can help to limit spending.
  • Only play with funds that you have.
  • Prepaid cards are reloadable.

Maestro Card cons:

  • Not as widely accepted at online casinos as Mastercard and Visa.
  • Note as widely available to players as Mastercard and Visa.
  • Some Maestro cards charge fees.
  • Some Maestro cards don’t work at online casinos.
  • Some casinos don’t accept Maestro for withdrawals.
  • Physical cards can be lost, stolen, or used for fraudulent charges.

Maestro Gambling Deposit Method Full Review

Founded in 1992 and now owned by Mastercard, Maestro is a global payment card brand for debit and prepaid cards. The Maestro and Mastercard logo look very similar, and the two companies are often grouped due to their partnership.
Generally, Maestro offers a more limited selection of payment cards compared to Mastercard. It does not provide credit cards or prepaid travel cards, for example.
It also relies more heavily on PIN code authorization for purchases than Mastercard does.
Maestro is currently accepted at over 15.5 million points of sale worldwide. As a point of comparison, in 2012, Visa and Mastercard (combined) were accepted at approximately 36 million locations.
American Express was accepted at roughly the same number of locations (16 million) as Maestro.
Maestro card usage and acceptance varies by country, depending on local banks, regulations, and adoption trends. The top five issuers of Maestro cards in 2013 were ING in the Netherlands (#1), Commonwealth Bank in Australia (#2), ABN Amro in the Netherlands (#3), Itaú Unibanco in Brazil (#4), and Banesco Banco Universal in Venezuela (#5).
In recent years, major banks in some countries have replaced Maestro cards with the more common Mastercard debit cards. However, Maestro card availability and usage remain strong in many countries, such as the Netherlands and Venezuela.
Like Mastercard and Visa, Maestro does not issue cards directly but instead works with bank and brand affiliates that issue Maestro debit and prepaid cards. Maestro cards are accepted at a variety of online gambling sites, and using them for online gambling transactions is as quick and convenient as using Mastercard and Visa cards. We’ve outlined the debit and prepaid card options that Maestro offers below.

Using Maestro cards for making online casino deposits is as easy and convenient as using Visa and Mastercard. Simply enter your card number and associated card details, and submit your deposit request at your online casino’s cashier.

Maestro cards are available in most countries; however, availability and popularity vary more by country compared to Mastercard and Visa, which are more consistently available worldwide. Major banks in some countries have replaced Maestro with Debit Mastercard or V Pay (Visa) payment systems in recent years, which are more common globally.
Maestro enjoys popularity and a strong presence in a variety of diverse countries. For example, Maestro is very popular and widely available in Venezuela and the Netherlands. In some countries, Maestro cards are co-branded with local banks/payment providers, as in Belgium, where they are co-branded with Belgium’s Bancontact. In Germany, some Maestro cards are co-branded with Giropay cards, which can work with either system. In other countries, like Greece and Denmark, Maestro cards were widely used until they were replaced with Mastercard debit cards.
Maestro cards can be obtained from local banks, online banks, and retailers, or at select retail stores where Maestro is available. Maestro cards are currently accepted at over 15 million locations worldwide.

Potential fees associated with Maestro cards depend on the type of Maestro card (debit or prepaid), the country the card is issued in, and the bank/payment provider that issues the card. Information about fees for specific cards should be provided by the card issuers and should be listed in the cardholder agreement (Terms and Conditions) for the card.
Online casinos typically don’t charge any fees for making deposits using Maestro. If a casino accepts Maestro for withdrawals, it may charge a withdrawal fee. You can check on the Banking or FAQ pages of the casino site for a list of accepted withdrawal methods and any associated costs.

Currently, the safety and security pages on the Maestro card website redirect users to the Mastercard website. We were unable able to find any information about the specific security measures and protocols employed by Maestro. We couldn’t confirm that Maestro offers the same security measures seen at Mastercard. However, the company operates as a subsidiary of Mastercard, and most Maestro cards are enabled with secure EMV chips and support contactless payments.
Mastercard provides advanced security measures to protect cards from fraud and identity theft. More information about Mastercard safety and security is available on our Mastercard Payment Method page.

Fees associated can vary depending on the type of card and the issuing bank. A schedule of potential fees should be available from your bank or financial institution.

Many casinos do not charge fees for transactions made with Visa cards. However, you can check on the banking or FAQ pages to see if they charge any fees for deposits and/or withdrawals.

Visa cards are protected by advanced anti-fraud technology, including computer analytics and integrated smart chips. Visa’s Advanced Authorization program uses complex analytics to screen all transactions for suspicious activity. With programs like this in place, the overall fraud rate across their network has declined by over 66% in the past twenty years.

After they rolled out cards equipped with smart chips in the American market in 2015, counterfeit fraud dollars processed through the Visa network dropped 75 percent by March 2018. As of June 2018, 97% of their overall U.S. payment volume was processed via EMV chip cards. Biometric chips are also being introduced into select markets, which enable features like using fingerprint identification instead of PIN codes.

Despite rigorous payment card security measures, some cardholders are concerned about fraudulent charges being made to a debit card that is linked directly to funds in a bank account.

Using Maestro cards to make an online gambling deposit is one of the fastest ways to play. Maestro deposits are usually available in your account instantly.
If your casino accepts Maestro for withdrawals, withdrawals typically take several days to process, like other debit cards. The Banking or FAQ pages on your online betting site should provide a list of accepted withdrawal methods, along with their processing times.
Applying for a Maestro debit card is a straightforward and quick process, and purchasing a prepaid Maestro card is nearly instantaneous at the point of purchase.

Even though the company does not issue debit or prepaid cards directly, Maestro (through Mastercard) offers 24/7 phone assistance worldwide for lost or stolen cards, identity theft issues, emergency replacement cards, emergency cash advances, help with finding ATMs that accept Maestro brands, and other relevant questions.
The banks that issue Maestro cards directly also provide customer service to cardholders. The customer service phone number and 24/7 emergency number can be found on the back of Maestro cards.
Non-emergency questions or issues with Maestro cards may be limited to customer service support during regular business hours, depending on the issuing bank and country. Many banks and payment providers also provide online support options.

Verifications for using Maestro cards to make online gambling deposits are usually similar to verifications required for using Visa and Mastercard debit cards. The first time you use a Maestro card, you may need to provide the casino with payment and identity verification, including a copy of your Maestro card, a copy of your photo ID, and proof of address, for example.
Some online casinos publish their verification requirements for credit/debit transactions on the site, some list the required verification information during the payment process, while others contact you to request verification information. Submitting any required verification information to the casino in a timely manner will help you avoid payment delays.

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