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GiroPay Bank Transfers – Payment Method Info Page
Payment Method: GiroPay
Payment Type: Online Banking Payments, Online Banking Transfers
Region/Country: Germany
GiroPay pros:  

  • Widely available at reputable online casinos worldwide.
  • Available to account holders at over 1,500 bank locations in Germany.
  • Typically no fees for deposits.
  • No transaction fees charged by giropay.
  • Instant online gambling deposits.
  • Easy, fast, and convenient to use.
  • Safe, secure, and private transactions.
  • No giropay account registration necessary.
  • Use your existing online banking login and environment to make deposits.
  • No sensitive bank account details entered online or shared with betting sites.  
  • Bank-level security.
  • Multi-factor authentication for added security.
  • Transaction details are auto-populated for easy payment approval.
  • No credit cards or bankcards needed.
  • Instant payment confirmation.
  • No TAN needed for deposits/payments under 30 euros.
  • Interoperable with Austria’s eps-Überweisung online payment method.

GiroPay cons:

  • Only available to account holders at participating banks in Germany.
  • Deposit method only.
  • Deposit payments can get declined if you don’t have sufficient funds in your bank account.
  • All payments/deposits are final. overview – giropay bank transfers:
Giropay is a popular online payment method in Germany that enables payments made directly through online accounts held at participating banks. Similar banking payment gateways include iDEAL in the Netherlands and eps-Überweisung in Austria. Giropay and eps-Überweisung share a reciprocal agreement that enables online retailers to accept payments through both providers.
A wide variety of major online retailers and brands accept giropay payments, including Lufthansa, Air Berlin, DHL, MEDIA Markt, Karstadt, and Saturn. This payment method is also honored at select online gambling sites worldwide, including casinos that cater to German players.
Giropay launched in 2006 and has grown to reach over 35 million consumers, processing an average of over one million transactions a month.
TAN-free payments
It is now possible to make giropay payments under 30 euros without a TAN (Transaction Authentication Number). This recent change helps to expedite small payments, removing one step from an already simple process. For deposits over 30 euros, a TAN is still required to confirm payments.  
Giropay / eps-Überweisung
Giropay and eps-Überweisung, a similar online banking payment method in Austria, are “interoperable” payment systems that enable cross-border transactions between German and Austrian consumers and online merchants. Germans with bank accounts supported by giropay can use their existing online banking accounts to make payments at Austrian e-commerce sites that accept eps-Überweisung, and vice-versa. Some online gambling sites may be able to accept both giropay and eps-Überweisung due to this reciprocal agreement.
Online gambling deposits
Using giropay to make online gambling deposits follows the same simple process as making online purchases. We’ve outlined the basic steps below, excluding specific instructions for the online banking portion of the process, which varies by bank.
Using giropay to make online gambling deposits:

  1. Log in to your online betting site.
  2. Go to the cashier area, choose “deposit”, and select the giropay option.
  3. Choose the bank you want to use for the payment.
  4. Giropay will connect you directly to your online banking portal. Log in using your standard online banking access info (e.g., account number/PIN).  
  5. Follow your bank’s payment instructions, including entering a TAN* to finalize the transfer. (Deposits under 30 euros do not require a TAN. For deposits over 30 euros, the TAN finalizes the deposit.)
  6. You will be redirected to the betting site after the deposit is confirmed.
  7. The funds should be available in your online player account instantly!

* TANs (Transaction Verification Numbers) are used as OTPs (One-Time Passwords) to verify online banking transactions. This two-factor authentication method used by German banks is more secure than logging in with a single password.
Acceptance at online gambling sites
A wide variety of global gambling sites and casinos that cater to German players accept giropay.
Acceptance for U.S. players
Giropay is a payment method for bank account holders in Germany only – it is not available to U.S. players.
Giropay provides a convenient gambling deposit option given that it is a common, widely available, and popular online payment method in Germany. It is not necessary to register to use giropay, and payments are conveniently made through existing online banking platforms. Giropay can also be used to make cross-border payments at Austrian (and global) sites that accept eps-Überweisung.
Giropay is available to account holders at most of Germany’s public and cooperative banks, totaling over 1,500 bank locations, including Sparkasse, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, Postbank, comdirect, BB Bank, MLP, PSD Bank, DKB, and Wustenrot Direct. The giropay website provides a handy search tool to help identify participating banks. A wide variety of major airlines and retailers, including online gambling sites, accept giropay.
The giropay website states that giropay transactions are free for consumers, and most online casinos do not charge fees for giropay deposits.
Safety / security
Giropay provides an exceptionally secure deposit method for German players.
Payments made via giropay are executed within secure online banking environments, including two-factor TAN authentication. Banking information is not shared with gambling sites, and the gateways between giropay and online banking accounts are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.
Online gambling deposits made via giropay are available instantly.
Customer service
The giropay website advises that any issues with goods and services purchased using giropay should be addressed with the merchant directly, and any financial issues should be resolved with your bank. Further, giropay advises that legal recourse is an option if issues with a merchant are not resolved.
Questions about giropay services can be submitted via online form through the company’s website. Customer support is also available via phone (0721 47666 3544), 365 days a year between 8:00 and 20:00. Additional information can be found on the FAQ page.
Giropay does not require any verification for transactions. However, the online banking transactions that giropay enables are verified by banks that use advanced technology and security protocols. Most online casinos do not require additional verification for deposits made using giropay.  
Many online betting sites accept giropay as a casino-friendly deposit method, enabling direct transfers between German players’ online banking accounts and their gambling accounts. Deposits are instant, and the payment process is convenient and secure.
Online casino bonuses
Currently, at least one major online gambling site is offering a 10% payment method bonus for giropay deposits. You can check your casino’s Banking and Payments pages for current payment method bonus offers.
Giropay deposits also count toward the deposit requirements for other promotions, including welcome bonuses. Click the Terms and Conditions link for each bonus offer to review its deposit and playthrough requirements.