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eps-Überweisung Bank Transfers – Payment Method Info Page
Payment Method: eps-Überweisung
Payment Type: Online Banking Payments, Online Banking Transfers
Region/Country: Austria
eps-Überweisung pros:  

  • Widely available at a variety of online betting sites worldwide.
  • Available to account holders at most banks in Austria.
  • Instant online gambling deposits.
  • Typically no fees for gambling deposits.
  • No transaction fees charged by eps.
  • Fast, easy, and convenient.
  • Safe, secure, and private transactions.
  • No eps account registration necessary.
  • Use your online banking environment to make deposits.
  • No sensitive banking information shared with online gambling sites.
  • Bank-level security, including multi-factor authentication.
  • No credit cards or bankcards needed.
  • Secure servers are located locally in Austria.
  • No data is transferred to or through unknown third parties.
  • Encrypted communications and advanced security protocols.
  • Supports making different payments through different banks and accounts.
  • Transaction details are auto-populated for fast and easy payment approval and to eliminate possible errors.
  • Payments are made directly from your bank account instead of a prefunded intermediary account like an e-wallet.
  • Interoperable with Germany’s giropay online payment method.
  • Developed for the Austrian market by Austrian banks.

eps-Überweisung cons:

  • Only available to account holders at participating banks in Austria.
  • Deposit method only.
  • Deposit payments can get declined if you have insufficient funds in your account.
  • All payments/deposits are final.

RealGamblingSites.com overview – eps-Überweisung online bank transfers:
Eps-Überweisung (Electronic Payment Standard-“Transfer”) is an online payment method that facilitates direct transfers between online banking accounts and online merchants in Austria. Similar to the iDEAL payment method in Holland and giropay in Germany, eps was developed in conjunction with banks in Austria as a national standard to provide secure online bank payments. No sensitive bank account or personal information is shared with merchants, and payments are handled directly through trusted and familiar online banking environments.
Eps-Überweisung was developed as a payment standard in Austria by STUZZA [“Studiengesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit im Zahlungsverkehr” (Association for Cooperation in Payment Transfers)], an association of Austrian banks founded in 1991. Eps-Überweisung supports over 25 Austrian bank brands and is currently available as a payment option at over 1,000 sites in Austria as well as international sites, including casinos. Eps is also the official Austrian eGovernment payment method and is widely accepted for business transactions in Austria.
Eps-Überweisung / giropay
Giropay provides online payment services to bank account holders in Germany, similar to the services eps-Überweisung provides to Austrian bank customers. Giropay and eps-Überweisung are now “interoperable”, enabling cross-border online payments between Germany and Austria. German customers can use their giropay account to make payments on Austrian sites that accept eps-Überweisung, and Austrian customers can make payments on German sites that accept giropay. Due to this reciprocal agreement, some betting sites may accept both payment methods.
Online gambling deposits
Making gambling deposits with eps-Überweisung is as easy as making any other online banking payment. The exact steps for making eps payments are determined by individual banks. Below, we’ve outlined the basic process for making deposits.
How to use eps-Überweisung to make online gambling deposits:

  1. Log in to your online betting site.
  2. Go to the cashier area, choose “Deposit”, and select “eps-Überweisung”.
  3. Choose your bank.
  4. Eps will connect you directly to your online banking portal. Sign in to your online banking platform using your standard login details.  
  5. Follow your bank’s payment instructions, including two-factor verification* prompts, and finalize the transfer.  
  6. The funds should be available in your gambling account instantly!

* Banks may require verification via one-time passwords (OTPs) including TAN (Transaction Authentication Number), PIN, or in-app digital authentication.
Acceptance at online gambling sites
A wide variety of betting sites accept Eps deposits, particularly casinos that cater to Austrian and German players.
Acceptance for U.S. players
Eps is available to account holders at banks in Austria only; it is not available to U.S. players.  
Making online betting deposits via eps-Überweisung is particularly convenient given that eps is seamlessly integrated with the Austrian banking system and is a widespread and popular payment method. It is not necessary to register to use eps, and players can use their secure and comfortable online banking accounts to make payments.
Eps is available to account holders at over 25 different bank brands in Austria: Bank Austria (UniCredit), BAWAG P.S.K., Erste Bank und Sparkassen, Raiffeisen, Bankengruppe, Volksbanken, Oberbank, BTV Vier Länderbank, BKS Bank 3 Banken Gruppe, Hypo Alpe Adria, Hypo Noe, Hypotheken Banken, Bank Burgenland, Österreichische Arzte & Apotheker Bank, Bankhaus Spängler & Co., Bankhaus Schelhammer & Schattera, Schoellerbank, VR-Bank Braunau, Volkskreditbank, Austrian Anadi Bank, easybank, Capital Bank, Brüll Kallmus Bank, Dolomiten Bank, Marchfelder Bank, Immo-Bank, Sparda Bank, and VKB Bank. The current list of participating banks is available at the bottom of the eps-Überweisung website.
Eps is available as a payment method at over 1,000 e-commerce sites in Austria as well as at German e-commerce sites that display combined eps/giropay logos. A wide variety of global merchant sites, including casinos, also accept this payment method.
The eps-Überweisung website states there are no fees for making eps payments. Most betting sites do not charge fees for making eps-Überweisung deposits.
Safety / security
Eps-Überweisung redirects you to your online banking platform to make payments, and it is not possible for any information to be accessed or queried by a third party during that process. None of your banking information is shared directly with gambling sites when you make deposits using this payment method, helping to protect your identity and financial accounts.
The eps-Überweisung website states that the eps gateway employs SSL encryption technology and MD5 fingerprinting, and their dedicated servers are hosted locally at secure facilities in Austria.
Online gambling deposits via eps-Überweisung are instant.
Customer service
The eps-Überweisung website advises that any issues or questions about eps transactions should be directed to your bank. eps-Überweisung features a helpful contact list for participating banks on their site, including links to bank websites, email addresses, and phone numbers. The names and contact information for many specific customer service representatives are also provided.
Questions or inquiries about eps-Überweisung services can be submitted via online form on the eps website.
Eps-Überweisung provides the gateway for consumers to make payments using online banking accounts where the banks perform identity and transaction verifications. As such, eps does not perform any additional verification. Most online casinos do not require any verification for eps deposits either.
Eps-Überweisung is a casino-friendly payment method for Austrian players, enabling instant gambling deposits through secure and convenient online banking accounts at a variety of casinos worldwide.
Online casino bonuses
At least one major online gambling site is currently offering a 15% payment method bonus for deposits made using eps-Überweisung. Check your casino’s Banking and Payments pages for payment method offers like this.
Deposits made using eps also count toward the deposit requirements for other types of bonus offers. Click the Terms and Conditions link for each bonus offer to see its deposit and wagering requirements.