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ECOPAYZ – payment method info page
Payment method: ecoPayz – ecoAccount e-wallet, ecoCard, ecoVirtualcard, ecoVoucher
Payment type: e-Wallets, Prepaid Mastercard, Prepaid Virtual Mastercard, Prepaid Vouchers
Region/country: Global, Prepaid Cards for EU/EEA
ecoPayz pros:  

  • Global online payment solutions.
  • Prepaid cards available in 31 EU/EEA states.
  • Payment cards and virtual prepaid cards are Mastercard branded cards.
  • Accepted anywhere EcoPayz and/or Mastercard is accepted, including online casinos.
  • Accepted for both deposits and withdrawals at select online casinos.
  • Instantly create virtual, single-use use Mastercard cards online.
  • Prepaid physical Mastercard cards are reloadable and easy to manage online.
  • Convenient, quick, and easy to use.
  • Instant online gambling deposits (typically).
  • Secure and private online transactions.
  • No sensitive personal or financial data shared with online casinos/sites.
  • Prepaid cards are separate from your personal and financial info to help protect against indentity theft and fraud.
  • Compliance with stringent Payment Card Industry standards.
  • Advanced online security measures.
  • No fees for online payment transactions/purchases/deposits.
  • Online management tools for e-wallet and prepaid cards.
  • Prepaid cards can help to limit spending.
  • Prepaid cards available in GBP, EUR, and USD.
  • Prepaid vouchers available in CAD, GBP, EUR, and USD.
  • Prepaid vouchers can be purchased with cash.

ecoPayz cons:

  • Prepaid cards only available in 31 EU/EEA states.
  • Not available in the United States.
  • Fees charged for transfers into and out of ecoPayz e-wallet accounts from bank accounts and credit/debit cards.
  • Currency conversion fees and maintenance fees for inactive accounts.
  • Some online casinos may not support withdrawals using ecoPayz and/or Mastercard.
  • Some casinos that support ecoPayz withdrawals may require that deposits be made via this method before using it to make a withdrawal. overview – ecoPayz:
ecoCard, launched in 2000 as one of the earlier e-wallet and prepaid card options and rebranded as ecoPayz in 2013, now provides a wide range of payment services, including e-wallet accounts, prepaid Mastercard cards, virtual prepaid single-use cards, and prepaid payment vouchers. ecoPayz also offers special promotions for ecoPayz account holders.
ecoPayz prepaid ecoCards, ecoVirtualcards, and ecoVouchers, similar to other prepaid card and voucher options on the market, are not linked directly to bank accounts or credit lines. Stand-alone cards and vouchers provide players with convenient ways to safely deposit funds into online gambling accounts by reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.
All aspects of ecoPayz e-wallet accounts and prepaid cards can be managed online through the ecoAccount dashboard. Users can send and receive funds electronically from friends, family, and ecoPayz merchants, apply for and manage prepaid debit Mastercards, create virtual prepaid Mastercards, and manage transfers between e-wallet accounts and outside funding sources.  
ecoPayz is available worldwide (some countries excluded); however prepaid Mastercard and virtual prepaid cards are available to residents of 31 EU/EEA countries and territories. ecoPayz is online gambling-friendly, and their payment options can be used at betting sites. We were unable to find specific information about where ecoVouchers are available.
Prepaid cards – purchasing and using ecoPayz cards and vouchers
ecoPayz provides a suite of different prepaid card and voucher options, including:

  • ecoCard – prepaid reloadable cards (Mastercard),
  • ecoVirtualcard – single-use, disposable virtual prepaid cards (Mastercard), and  
  • ecoVoucher – prepaid paper vouchers purchased at retail locations.

ecoCards are physical prepaid cards linked to ecoPayz e-wallet accounts that are also branded Mastercard debit cards. ecoCard can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted for online and offline purchases and deposits, as well as ATM withdrawals. ecoCards are reloadable and can be conveniently topped up from your online ecoAccount. Users are allowed up to three ecoCards in different currencies at the same time.
ecoCard fees
ecoPayz does not charge any fees for issuing and activating ecoCards or for online and offline purchases. However, there are fees for some transactions, including withdrawing cash and getting a replacement card.
ecoVirtualcards are single-use, prepaid virtual Mastercards that can be created and funded instantly through your ecoPayz e-wallet account. ecoVirtualcards are available in three currencies: USD, GBP, and EUR. They expire after one use, providing a very secure online payment option that cannot be lost or stolen.  
ecoVirtualcard fees
ecoPayz charges a small fee for issuing and activating an ecoVirtualcard, but beyond that, most card transactions are free.  
ecoVouchers are prepaid physical vouchers that can be used for secure online payments. They can be purchased at a variety of retail locations and are available in four currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, and CAD. ecoVouchers have an 18-digit PIN printed on them, which you enter on the payment screen of any website that accepts ecoVoucher.
ecoVouchers can be a good option for people who want or need to use cash for online payments since no credit/debit card or bank account is necessary.
Note: Be sure not to lose your ecoVoucher; they are the same as cash and cannot be recovered.
ecoVoucher fees
We could not find any information about potential fees charged by ecoPayz for ecoVouchers. There is a note on the ecoVoucher website stating that resellers may charge a small commission fee.
EcoPayz e-Wallet accounts
ecoPayz offers five different ecoAccount levels including Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. All ecoAccount levels are free to register and maintain; however ecoPayz charges fees for some types of transactions including depositing money via credit card and withdrawing funds to a bank account. The charges are mostly the same for all ecoAccount tiers, with some lower fees for higher-tier account levels. However, the higher-tier levels offer much higher limits on transactions including transfers, deposits, and withdrawals. The ecoPayz website provides a comprehensive table showing fee structures for the different ecoAccount levels.
Note: Players who wish to use ecoPayz prepaid virtual cards and/or ecoCard prepaid Mastercards must maintain an ecoAccount Silver account level or higher to qualify for those cards.
ecoAccount upgrades
Silver ecoAccounts are free, but you must verify your identity to receive a free upgrade from a Classic to a Silver account. ecoPayz requires a copy of your photo ID and a copy of an account statement or bill that includes your mailing address.
To upgrade to a Gold ecoAccount, in addition to the verifications you provided for the Silver tier, you must have held a Silver ecoAccount for 30 days or longer, verified a credit or debit card, and met minimum amounts required for deposits into your ecoPayz account and transfers to merchants through your account. Upgrading to Platinum and VIP ecoAccounts carry similar requirements: at least 30 days at each tier before upgrading to the next, and increasingly higher minimum amounts deposited or transferred using your ecoAccount.  
Funding ecoPayz cards and vouchers:
ecoCards and ecoVirtualcards are linked to and funded by ecoPayz e-wallet accounts. ecoAccount, the ecoPayz e-wallet, can be funded using transfers from your bank account online, credit/debit cards, ecoVouchers, and transfers from a physical bank location and other local services.

  • ecoVirtualcards can be created and funded instantly using your ecoPayz e-wallet account.
  • ecoCards can be topped up quickly and conveniently through your online ecoAccount e-wallet since they’re linked.
  • ecoVouchers can be funded with payment methods accepted by specific retail locations.

Using ecoPayz for online gambling deposits
ecoPayz e-wallet and prepaid Mastercard options can be used to make online gambling deposits. You can make these deposits directly from your ecoAccount e-wallet if your online casino accepts ecoPayz. If not, you can use one of ecoPayz’ prepaid Mastercard options at casinos that accept Mastercard. Using a prepaid physical or virtual Mastercard from ecoPayz works the same as using a standard Mastercard to make a deposit.
How to get an ecoAccount and ecoCard (prepaid physical Mastercard):

  1. Create a free ecoAccount by filling out the online form on the ecoPayz site or app.
  2. Log in to your ecoAccount.
  3. From the menu, select “ecoPayz prepaid cards,” and then select “ecoCard.”
  4. Click on “Get Your Card.”
  5. Verify your details and mailing address for the card.
  6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  7. Click “Order Your Card.”
  8. Your application will be processed and the physical card mailed to you.
  9. After you’ve received your card, activate it and get your new PIN code online.

How to get an ecoVirtualcard:

  1. Create a free ecoAccount by filling out the online form on the ecoPayz site or app.
  2. Log in to your ecoAccount.
  3. From the menu, select “ecoPayz prepaid cards,” and then select “ecoVirtualcard.”
  4. Click on “Get Your Card.”
  5. Choose which account to link to the card and your preferred currency (GBP, USD, EUR).
  6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  7. Click “Order Your Card.”
  8. Your new ecoVirtualcard will be created immediately, ready for you to use!

How to make an online gambling deposit with an ecoAccount:

  1. Log in to your online casino.
  2. Go to the cashier area of the casino.
  3. Choose the ecoPayz option for making a deposit.
  4. Select how much money you want to deposit.
  5. Enter your ecoPayz username and password.
  6. Click “Next” or “Submit” to finalize your deposit request.
  7. Funds will be automatically transferred to your casino account from your ecoPayz account.
  8. As soon as the funds are available, you can start playing!

How to make an online gambling deposit with a prepaid ecoCard and ecoVirtualcard:

  1. Log in to your online betting site.
  2. Go to the cashier area of the casino.
  3. Choose the Mastercard credit card option for making a deposit.
  4. Select how much money you want to deposit.
  5. Enter the credit card number for your prepaid ecoCard or ecoVirtualcard, the CVV code, and the expiration date on your card.
  6. Submit your credit card deposit request.
  7. Start playing as soon as the funds are available in your account!

Funds from ecoPayz accounts and prepaid card deposits are usually available immediately. Withdrawals can take several business days to process. You can check if your online betting site accepts ecoPayz or Mastercard for withdrawals in the Banking or FAQ areas of the casino site, and if so, what the estimated processing times are.
ecoPayz acceptance at online gambling sites
ecoPayz is honored by a wide variety of online gambling sites; their prepaid cards can usually be used at any site that accepts Mastercard. Most reputable online betting sites accept ecoPayz, Mastercard, or both.
You can find out if your online casino accepts ecoPayz and/or Mastercard for deposits and withdrawals in the Banking or FAQ sections of the site as well as associated fees. If it does, the site may require you to make a deposit using ecoPayz before your first withdrawal.
ecoPayz acceptance for U.S. players
ecoPayz services are currently not available for U.S. residents. A team member in the U.S. tried to register for an ecoAccount, but the sign-up form states, “ecoPayz accounts are not currently available for residents in this country.”
Registering for a free ecoAccount, including an upgrade to the Silver tier to qualify for prepaid ecoCards and ecoVirtualcards, is a simple and convenient process. Once you’re set up with ecoPayz, using the prepaid physical and virtual Mastercard options is as convenient as using a standard credit or debit card to make online purchases and deposits. Enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV code to pay and play.
Using ecoAccount e-wallets is similar to using other e-wallets, with an account login required to confirm your payment. Purchasing ecoVouchers at retail stores can be more time intensive, but they provide a relatively convenient option if you want to use cash to make online payments.  
ecoPayz has a global presence. However, ecoCard and ecoVirtualcard options are only available to the residents of 31 EU/EEA states who hold a Silver ecoAccount or higher ecoAccount level. ecoPayz accounts and products are currently not available to residents of the United States.
The ecoPayz website provides a comprehensive and transparent list of the fees associated with ecoAccount e-wallets and prepaid ecoCard and ecoVirtualcard products for the ecoAccount tiers. ecoCard fees and limits are the same for all ecoCard account holders. The charges for ecoVirtualcard are the same for all ecoAccount holders, but the limits are higher for higher status cardholders. Higher-level ecoAccount holders benefit from some lower rates and higher limits as well.
Most online casinos that accept ecoPayz and/or Mastercard do not charge fees for deposits, but some casinos may charge fees for withdrawals using these payment methods. More details about possible charges for using ecoPayz and/or Mastercard for deposits and withdrawals should be available in the Banking or FAQ sections of your online gambling site.
Safety / security
Prepaid cards and vouchers like ecoCard, ecoVirtualcard, and ecoVoucher provide private and secure payment options that allow you to make payments and deposits online without sharing your personal and financial details. This provides an additional layer of protection from identity theft and fraud.
ecoPayz promotes advanced security and anti-fraud protocols and complies with strict security and encryption guidelines: the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). EcoPayz is also authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.
Online gambling deposits made using ecoAccount e-wallets or any of the prepaid ecoPayz payment options are usually immediate. If your casino accepts ecoPayz or Mastercard for withdrawals, the processing time could take several days depending on the casino. Your online casino should publish their estimated processing time for ecoPayz withdrawals on their casino site.
Customer service
The ecoPayz customer support team is currently available 24/7 via email/contact form or live chat through the company’s site. We did not find any estimates of response time for email inquiries. Our team contacted ecoPayz through the online form on the Contact page, and we received a response in approximately three hours.
ecoPayz FAQ
The ecoPayz site features a robust Help & Support FAQ that provides information on a range of topics, including how to get started using ecopayz and how to set up and manage an ecoAccount, ecoCard, ecoVirtualcard, and more. The FAQ information and contact form for ecoVoucher are located on a separate website.
ecoPayz verifications
ecoPayz does not require verification for creating a Classic account. However, if you want to upgrade to the ecoAccount Silver level, you must provide a copy of your ID and a copy of a bank account statement or utility bill, for example, to verify your mailing address. To upgrade to a Gold account, you must successfully verify a credit or debit card.
Online casino verifications
Online casinos may require additional verification of your identity and your prepaid Mastercard if you use one of ecoPayz prepaid Mastercard options to make online gambling deposits, similar to using a standard Mastercard. Online casinos usually require identity or payment method verification the first time you use ecoPayz or Mastercard to request a withdrawal. Verification requirements should be listed on the casino site, or the casino will contact you to request specific information.
Online casino bonuses / casino-friendliness
ecoPayz is a casino-friendly payment method, and the company markets its services specifically to online gamblers. At online casinos that honor this payment method, players can use ecoPayz e-wallet funds. At casinos that accept Mastercard, they can use ecoPayz prepaid cards to make deposits. ecoCards and ecoVirtualcards are currently available to residents of 31 EU/EEA countries and territories that maintain a Silver ecoAccount level or higher.
Online betting sites may offer special bonuses for players that use ecoPayz or Mastercard to make online gambling deposits. Bonus offers for specific payment methods should be listed on the Bonuses/Promotions or Banking pages at online gambling sites. If there are bonus offers available for ecoPayz or Mastercard deposits, check the Terms and Conditions for possible deposit and playing requirements. Gameplay using deposits made with ecoPayz and Mastercard can usually also be used to fulfill playing requirements for other promotions.