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EasyEFT Bank Transfers – Payment Method Info Page
Payment method: EasyEFT
Payment type: Online banking payments, online bank transfers
Region/country: South Africa
EasyEFT pros:  

  • Widely available at online casinos in South Africa and select casinos worldwide.
  • Available to account holders at most major banks in South Africa.
  • Typically no fees for deposits or withdrawals at betting sites.
  • No transaction fees charged by EasyEFT.
  • Instant online gambling deposits.
  • Supports both deposits and withdrawals, depending on the gambling site.
  • Easy, fast, and convenient to use.
  • No account registration necessary.
  • Use your online banking login credentials to make payments/deposits.
  • No sensitive banking information shared with gambling sites.
  • Bank-level security via online banking portals.
  • No credit cards or bank cards necessary.
  • No currency conversion fees (transactions are made in the South African Rand).

EasyEFT cons:

  • Very little information is provided about the company and services on the EasyEFT website.
  • Only available to players that hold a bank account at participating banks in South Africa.
  • Some banks may charge fees for electronic funds transfers.
  • Deposit payments can get declined if you have insufficient funds in your bank account.
  • All payments/deposits are final.

RealGamblingSites.com overview – EasyEFT bank transfers:
The EasyEFT website provides very little information about their services and how they work. The website lists an address in Mauritius as the corporate address, but no additional information about the company’s location, history, or governance is provided. We were also unable to find other resources about EasyEFT, except through gambling sites and gambling information sites.
Much of the information provided in this overview was obtained from online casinos that accept EasyEFT as a payment method.
EasyEFT on gambling sites
When our team researched EasyEFT, most Google search results were about EasyEFT as a payment method for online casinos. Several gambling sites state that EasyEFT supports electronic funds transfers (EFT) directly between bank accounts, providing the gateway for payments to be initiated using existing online banking logins and platforms. Betting sites also affirm that EasyEFT supports players that hold bank accounts at all the major banks in South Africa, including ABSA, Nedbank, FNB/RNB, Standard Bank, Capitec, and Investec.  
Several online casinos state that EasyEFT is a new service, but we were unable to verify a launch date. The sites also claim that EasyEFT is a service developed by South Africans specifically for South Africans. However, we were unable to find any official information on the company’s ownership or management. Further, we found no information about security protocols, history, or payment features.
EasyEFT vs. SiD Secure EFT
EasyEFT and SiD Secure EFT appear to provide similar online EFT services for the South African market. The SiD website is transparent and features detailed information about their service offering, product benefits, security protocols, and corporate ownership. The EasyEFT website is loosely directed toward merchants but does not provide any detailed information about the company or its services.
Using EasyEFT for online gambling deposits
EasyEFT transactions are done through your online banking portal, so the exact steps for making a payment may vary depending on your bank. The basic steps for making an online gambling deposit are outlined below.
Steps for using EasyEFT to make online gambling deposits:

  1. Log in to your online betting site.
  2. Go to the cashier area, choose “Deposit”, and select the EasyEFT option.
  3. Choose how much money you want to deposit.
  4. Select your bank.
  5. Log in to your online banking portal using your standard username and password and choose which account to use for the payment.
  6. Follow the payment instructions from your bank and finalize the payment.  
  7. The funds should be available in your online player account instantly!

Acceptance at online gambling sites
EasyEFT is accepted at most online gambling sites in South Africa and at various global betting sites, including ones that cater to South African players.
Acceptance for U.S. players
EasyEFT provides payment services for players in South Africa only and it is not available to U.S. players.
EasyEFT does not provide any details on their website about the convenience of this payment method.  
Several online gambling sites that accept EasyEFT payments state that EasyEFT is available to players that hold a South African bank account at ABSA, Nedbank, First National Bank (FNB), Rand Merchant Bank (RNB), Standard Bank, or Capitec.
EasyEFT is available as a deposit and/or withdrawal method at most online casinos in South Africa and select global gambling sites.
Online casinos that we reviewed state that EasyEFT does not charge players any fees for their services, and those casinos do not charge fees for EasyEFT transactions.
Some banks may charge fees for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) transactions. Check with your bank to find out if your payment is subject to additional charges.
Safety / security
The EasyEFT website states that “preservation of sensitive, private information is assured with EasyEFT.” However, EasyEFT does not provide any additional or supporting information regarding the safety and security of their services.
Electronic transfers made through online banking portals are secure within those banking environments. However, EasyEFT does not provide any information on the security of their gateway or how they handle sensitive banking login information.
Online gambling sites that accept EasyEFT affirm that deposits are instant, but withdrawal times vary. Most casinos provided an estimate of 48-72 hours for processing time.
Customer service
The content on the EasyEFT website is directed towards merchants, and there is an inquiry form for merchants on the site. An email address, info@easyeft.co.za, is posted in the contact section. No phone number or online chat options are provided.
We were unable to find any information about whether EasyEFT requires verification beyond what online banking platforms provide.
Similarly to other online payment methods, betting sites that accept EasyEFT as a payment method may require verification when you make your first withdrawal request. Examples of verification information that may be requested include photo ID, bank statements, and/or proof of address. If your gambling site requests any verification, you can avoid potential payment delays if you provide the information promptly.
Online casino bonuses / casino-friendliness
EasyEFT provides a casino-friendly payment method for players in South Africa.
You can make instant deposits at online casinos using your secure online banking environment without sharing sensitive financial information with the casino.
Our team did not find any current bonus offers for EasyEFT deposits. Payment method bonuses can typically be found on the Promotions and/or Banking page. Even if there are no specific EasyEFT promotions, deposits made via EasyEFT should count towards the deposit requirements for other bonuses offered by the casino. Each bonus offer should link to its Terms and Conditions to provides details about the deposit and playthrough requirements.