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DISCOVER — Payment Method Info Page
Payment method: Discover payment cards (Discover credit cards, Discover debit cards)
Payment type: Credit / debit cards
Region/country: United States (Worldwide acceptance through payment partners)
Discover card pros:  

  • Available to US cardholders
  • Dedicated customer service based entirely in the US
  • Global coverage in 190+ countries through strategic partnerships
  • Cashback on all purchases made with Discover cards
  • No annual fee on Discover cards
  • Variety of credit and debit card offers to choose from
  • Fast, easy, and convenient transactions
  • Can be used to fund select prepaid online casino accounts and e-wallets
  • Discover issues prepaid cards linked to select prepaid online casino accounts
  • Funds from deposits available instantly

Discover card cons:

  • Cards issued primarily to US cardholders
  • Smaller brand than Visa and Mastercard
  • Not widely accepted at online casinos overview – Discover cards:
According to the Nilson report, in 2017, Discover (Discover/Diners Club) claimed two percent of the total credit and debit card market in the U.S. Discover’s two percent market share positions the company as the fourth largest payment card provider in the United States, exceeded by American Express at 13 percent, Mastercard at 25 percent, and Visa at 60 percent.  
Discover issues credit and debit cards directly to consumers through its own bank – Discover Financial Services – unlike Visa and Mastercard, which license their brands to issuing banks. Discover primarily issues cards in the United States, yet it boasts broad acceptance globally due to strategic partnerships with other payment card networks, including UnionPay in China.
Discover has been a disrupter in the payment card industry – for example, it offers cashback on all credit card purchases and no annual credit card fees. Discover debit cards also offer cashback on purchases, no-fee bank accounts, and other features that are unique to the US banking industry.
Compared to Visa and Mastercard, Discover is not widely accepted at online casinos. However, some online casinos in the United States accept it as a funding method for prepaid online casino accounts.
Discover card types
1) Discover credit cards
Making purchases and deposits via Discover credit cards is no different than using Visa or Mastercard cards – all are attached to a revolving line of credit.
In 2017, according to the Nilson Report, Discover credit cards processed $128.8 billion in the United States, which accounts for 4% of the US credit card market share. Discover’s credit card purchase volume is on par with Wells Fargo, for example, which also captured 4% of the market share with $125.8 billion in purchase volume.  
Because Discover issues their own credit cards directly to consumers instead of licensing the brand to different banks worldwide, the selection of Discover credit cards is limited compared to Visa and Mastercard.
Discover is best known for their cashback credit card, which pays cardholders one percent back on all purchases and five percent back on qualifying purchases during quarterly promotions.
The company also offers credit cards that are focused on incentives for travel, entertainment, and special offers for students. Regardless of the specific terms, all cards come with cashback on purchases, and none of them charge annual fees.
Discover credit card fees
Discover does not charge annual fees for their credit cards. The provider waives the late fee on your first late payment only, but it charges a fee for subsequent late payments. However, making a late payment does not result in other penalties like a higher interest rate on your card. Discover also does not charge foreign transaction fees for international transactions.
2) Discover debit cards
The company issues debit cards directly through Discover Financial Services for its bank account holders. Debit cards are linked to a Discover bank account, with purchases funded directly from the bank account balance. The provider also offers one percent cashback on debit card purchases, although the five percent back promotion is only available for credit cards. Discover debit cards are accepted at all locations that honor Discover credit cards.
Discover debit card fees
Discover does not charge any fees for debit cards or transactions.
Debit cards are linked to Discover bank accounts that boast no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum balance requirement fees. The company also provides over 60,000 ATMs with no fees for cardholders.
3) Prepaid Discover cards
Discover issues prepaid cards through select merchants and online casino prepaid accounts.
4) Discover gift cards
The company stopped issuing new gift cards in 2015. Existing Discover gift cards can still be redeemed.
Acceptance at online gambling sites
Our team conducted extensive research, but we were unable to find online casinos that accept Discover cards as a direct payment method. This may change as online gambling regulations in the US continue to evolve, however. will keep you informed about any new developments.
Acceptance for US players
Despite casinos not accepting Discover cards directly for online gambling deposits, the company partnered with select prepaid Play+ casino account cards in the US. In states where online gambling is now legal and regulated, like New Jersey, Discover cards can be used to fund prepaid accounts at select online casinos.
Those casino accounts are linked to prepaid Discover cards that can then be used to make purchases at any location where Discover cards are honored. They can also be used to withdraw cash at ATMs. Similarly, several New Jersey online casinos that accept Neteller promote that Neteller’s Net+ prepaid card is a prepaid Discover card linked to Neteller accounts in the US.
Like other major credit cards, Discover cards are very easy and convenient to use for making online gambling deposits as the process is similar to making any other online purchase.
Discover cards are primarily available in the United States and are issued by Discover Financial Services only. You can review card options and apply online through Discover’s website, over the phone, or through direct mail offers from the company.
Despite the provider’s focus on the US market, Discover cards are widely accepted globally. To help ensure that US cardholders can use their cards while traveling internationally, Discover landed agreements with various international payment networks, including Diners Club International, JCB in Japan, and UnionPay in China.
Discover does not charge an annual fee, over limit charges, or foreign transaction fees for cardholders traveling internationally. Credit cards incur a late fee, although the first one is waived.
Debit cards linked to Discover bank accounts do not come with a monthly maintenance fee or minimum balance penalties. There are some fees associated with debit card transactions, including insufficient fund fees; however, those are capped at one per day, compared to Discover’s competitors that cap fees at three or four fees a day. Check the terms and conditions for information about potential fees and fee-free services.
If your online casino accepts Discover as a payment method to fund prepaid accounts, it should disclose any fees associated with using this method. The online casinos that we researched do not charge any fees for funding prepaid accounts with Discover cards.  
Safety / security
Discover looks for suspicious and fraudulent activity using its own 24/7 monitoring of all purchases processed through the payment card system. When the company flags a suspicious purchase, it temporarily blocks the card and/or contacts the owner to verify if they made the charges.
If a fraudulent charge slips through the system, Discover offers a $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee – the cardholder is not responsible for any purchases they did not authorize. Discover cards are also chip-enabled for enhanced security.
Like other credit cards, Discover is a fast way to make a deposit into your online gambling account. US casinos that accept Discover deposits to fund prepaid accounts promote that deposits made via Discover, Visa, and Mastercard are instant.
Instant withdrawals may also be possible when transferring funds back to your prepaid casino account that is connected to a prepaid Discover card.
Customer service
Discover provides comprehensive 24/7 customer service to cardholders through a team based entirely in the United States. Because the company issues its own cards, this centralized customer service team serves all Discover cardholders.
Discover’s customer service contact information is available on its website and on the back of its payment cards.
Online casinos that accept Discover cards for prepaid accounts may ask you to provide verification to confirm your identity and age. You may be required to provide copies of your Discover card, photo ID, official bills showing your mailing address, and a credit card authorization form.
Your casino should clearly list the required verifications or contact you with details about any additional information they need from you. Be sure to provide all the requested information to avoid payment delays.
Online casino bonuses
Discover cards issued in the United States are not casino-friendly due to federal online gambling legislation in the country. However, there are ways to fund online gambling accounts using Discover cards in states that have legalized online gambling.
Discover bonuses at New Jersey casinos
Currently, there are online casinos in New Jersey that offer a cash bonus for making your initial deposit using their prepaid casino account, which can be funded using a Discover card.
At casinos that allow you to fund your prepaid account with a Discover card, your gameplay also counts toward playing requirements for other bonuses and promotions. Check the Promotions and Banking sections of the site for detailed information on payment methods, payment method promotions, and the terms and conditions of cashing in on the bonuses offered at the casino.